Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part III

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Jodi Fowler:  Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part III

"So, do George Soros and Barack Obama think it’s nothing to kill a helpless “product of conception,” as the Planned Parenthood Association sidesteps to define a viable fetus?

Part II of the article, “Who’s funding the abortion market?” states virtually all of Obama’s czars and cabinet appointments are pro-abortion, and he promotes progressive actions such as “forcing taxpayers to fund pro-abortion groups that either promote or perform abortions in other nations.” Apparently, to the President of the United States of America, abortion is merely a form of population control.

And, then there is the many Soros-funded pro-abortion 527 organizations funnelling millions to promote abortion."

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Just Because all Dems Seem to be Liberal doesn't mean all Conservatives are Republicans

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A big mistake liberals make is to think all conservatives are republicans; there are plenty of conservatives like myself who are registered independents.

I love being an independent! It means a lot to me to even say that I'm independent, I have my own mind.

I don't feel the need to embrace an ideology on its entirety just because my party says I should, or because some people of a party say I should.

I think for myself, I believe on what makes sense and follows a logical train of thought.

The biggest problem I have with liberals is that the majority simply embrace the democrat party without ever questioning the logic of anything! They'll defend things that make absolutely no sense and completely contradicts other areas of their ideologies.

And independent mind would be able to support the pro-choice ideology but still see how barbaric selling baby parts for profit is, instead of trying to justify it. Even for the atheist this should be a moral issue, not a pro-choice issue.

But at the same time it makes no sense to be perfectly ok with abortion but raise hell when someone destroys turtle eggs.

It also makes no sense to say you're against religion, criticize Christians and call all Christians religious zealots, but defend Islam and make sure that everyone knows there are good and bad ones.

It makes no sense to be against Bush's spending but fine with Obama's spending (which is more than double).

It make no sense to be against deporting illegals because they do the work that Americans don't want to do, but at the same time complain that unemployment is high among unskilled people and give them welfare so they don't have to do take the jobs that the illegals are more than willing to take.

It makes no sense to want free college for everyone, when we already have millions of unemployed or under employed college grads - we need to increase demand, not supply.

It makes no sense to ask for more government spending when we have 97 trillion of unfunded liabilities.

It makes no sense to embrace the climate change agenda without questioning geoengineering by the government.

It makes no sense to cheer the strong stock market as a sign of economic recovery when only the "evil" top 1% benefits from it.

I can go one forever with things that democrats embrace that makes no sense simply because they contradict their own ideology.

What do I wish for our Country?

People that can think on their own! People that read, research, that are curious, that understand that morality doesn't require religion to exist, people that reject dogma.

We've given up so much of our liberties that even our thoughts are scrutinized these days, one must conform at any cost.

Children are medicated into conforming, adults are sued into conforming.

A mind sure is a beautiful thing....don't let them take it away!


Sybele Capezzutti

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Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part II

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Jodi Fowler:  Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...?  Part II

"Post-Margaret Sanger, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) continued gaining strength after the Supreme Court ruling granting pro-abortion rights decision to women in 1973 via Roe v. Wade. Attorneys Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee were the Roe v. Wade plaintiff’s lawyers and needed a woman wanting an abortion. Jane Roe, a pseudonym for Norma McCorvey, became the pregnant plaintiff while Wade, the defendant, was actually Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade,representing the State of Texas.

Her first child, born when McCorvey was 16 years old, was raised by her mother, her second child raised by the child’s father, and since she gave birth before the court’s decision in favor of broader abortion rules, she gave her third baby up for adoption. McCorvey, a young, pregnant woman without funds to obtain an abortion, claimed her pregnancy was due to rape, but later rescinded that claim, stating she, “invented the rape story to make a stronger case for an abortion.”

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Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part 1

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Publisher's note:  A few years ago, a reader and good friend posed the question of "Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why?"  She did a great job answering that in a four part series of which this is part one. The entire series will be available over the next week.

She was and is qualified to ask and answer the question on the strength of a lengthy career as an RN serving in many capacities over the years.

Jodi Fowler:  Part 1

"Did a certain name pop into your mind after reading the title? If you thought George Soros, give yourself a pat on the back. Soros, often referred to as a generous philanthropist, is also said to be a “champion of the culture of death,” promoting his radical progressive agenda to include not only euthanasia via doctor-assisted suicide, and legalization of many types of illicit drugs, but, also, taxpayer-funded abortion. Maybe George is spending too much time with Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, a long-time advocate of eugenics.

Abortion has taken an astonishingly high priority in Soros’ heinous agenda. For years, this viper has wrapped his arms (and millions of his dollars), around the business of population control via the promotion of aborting millions of babies worldwide, channeling funding to pro-abortion organizations via his Open Society Institute. In an article written for ChronicleMagazines.org, Srdja Trifkovic states:..."

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A legal immigrant speaks out...

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Publisher’s note:  Sybele Capezzutti has once again put some thoughts together and states very plainly what we are facing with regards to our porous border.  For my money, we could use a lot more legal immigrants like her and a whole lot less of what has been invading and infecting our country like a viral parasite feeding off a host; oh wait…that’s what the illegals are.  

Sybele Capezzutti:  I've been asked why I'm against open borders and do not support Obama's views on illegal immigration being that I am an immigrant myself.

First, I am a legal immigrant that followed the law and as such it is an insult to someone like me that people that chose not to follow the law is being rewarded for their actions instead of being punished.

Second, and most important....the kind of people that resort to illegally entering or staying in the country are exactly the kind of people that I would have never associated with in my country of birth. They didn't follow the laws there, they were not educated in their own language, they had no skills to survive there, they did not contribute to society there, and they only come here because this government offers more than the government where they came from. 

These are people that I would have stayed away from in my own country of birth and now I'm being told that I have to be compassionate and welcome them here?

I spent years in Florida and had very few Brazilian friends because I refused to be involved with a community of illegals that couldn't even speak and write in their own language properly, that scammed the system every way possible, they were embarrassing to me!

To the ones that support amnesty, please understand something....there are only 2 reasons why someone was not able to get a passport and/or a visa: One cannot obtain a passport by their own government if they have a criminal record, it’s that simple. And if you are able to get a passport but not a visa it's because the American Consulate has done the proper background check and either found legal reasons (criminal record) or economic reasons (lack of proof of income or ties to the country of birth) to deny the visa. And honest people who are denied a visa do not resort to entering the country illegally, that's a fact. Most of the illegals crossing the border don't even have a passport, which puts them on the first case scenario.

It's not that complicated! 

And to use as a base for supporting this ludicrous immigration bill all the Irish, German and Italian immigrants of the past is not only insulting to my intelligence but plain ignorant!

Yes, they were poor immigrants, but they were LEGAL and the country wanted them here to grow both the agriculture and factory industries, we actually needed more labor at the time, and those immigrants embraced the American culture and loved this country for the opportunity they were given, something I don't see coming from illegals.

I'm sick and tired of the propaganda from the left and the tireless effort to flood America with the scum of the earth by using the compassion card! 

It is a marxist strategy, no ifs or buts about it, and all of you that support this insanity are being used through your "white guilt".

Simply pathetic!

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