The Ten Worst People in Politics in 2015

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Publisher's note:  Once again, Tim takes a subject, analyzes it, and comes up with a great and very readable article.  How he was able to whittle this down to only 10 I'll never know, however I have to believe there were lots of runners up.

Rest assured that you'll be seeing a lot of Tim's stuff on these pages and several others over the coming years.

Tim Dunkin:  Let’s face it – 2015 was a pretty bad year, all things considered.  The United States of America, and indeed the whole world, became poorer, more corrupt, less stable, and less free as a result of the actions of a relatively small number of people. While there are many, many people who could be included in a list of the “worst people in politics” because of their systematic badness, these are a few especially reprehensible individuals who have gone above and beyond in the effort to make our country and the world an appalling place for those who actually care about human freedom and progress. Below is a list of ten of these worst offenders who especially stood out for their “contributions” in 2015.

#10 – Paul Krugman

Where to begin with Paul Krugman, the Nobel-prize winning economist who is nevertheless consistently wrong on just about everything he says, economic or otherwise? He wins a spot on this list for his recent assertion that, contrary to all evidence, global…climate change is a greater threat to human civilization than is terrorism, even as we saw record coverage for Antarctic ice and the Northern hemisphere is seeing record snowfalls.  Krugman deserves his spot, however, because he isn’t merely blinkered. He knows full well that global warming is nothing more than a scare tactic designed to get people to go along with the destruction of jobs, wealth, and industrial civilization – he wants those things to happen, and lent his weight of support to the hoax worthy Paris climate conference, even as Paris was recovering from one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in recent years.  Talk about a clueless, tone deaf moron.  This is despite the fact that there is actually no consensus on the reality of man-made climate change, and indeed, a majority of actual accredited scientists in the relevant fields are skeptical of in it.  

#9 – Justin Trudeau

Canada’s new prime minister, known in some circles as “Canada’s Obama,” demonstrates all the same cluelessness coupled with arrogance that we have come to know and love in our own Pres__ent.  Like Obama, Trudeau has a number of uncomfortably close ties to radical Islamic groups, and is known for his recent defense of the anti-female hijab, a face covering used in some Islamic countries that indicates a husband’s ownership of his wife – something about which feminists would normally be upset, except when it involves Muslims and popular left-wing politicians.  Trudeau has also ended Canadian involvement in air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, something which caused Islamic State supporters to cheer his election as prime minister back in October.  Anyone who gets the enthusiastic support of 7th century Islamic barbarians cannot be a positive force for good, in this world or in any other.

#8 – Paul Ryan

What can we say about Paul Ryan?  In just three short years, he has gone from hero to zero.  Supposedly he was this great, free market, fiscally responsible conservative.  Now, he is just another cog in the Washington machine that perpetually removes liberty from the people and the states, and centralizes it into the hands of the DC bureaucracy.  This was most recently shown by his complete abandonment of any fiscally responsible principles when he handed the Democrats a budget which Nancy Pelosi could scarcely have made any worse.  If there’s one saving grace for Paul Ryan, it’s that we can thank him for showing us once against why you just can’t trust any of these Washington politicians.  

#7 – Debbie Wassermann-Schultz

The Florida congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair is living proof that anyone will say anything, no matter how stupid or ham-fisted, so long as they’re either being paid or aren’t troubled by the need to think for themselves.  This woman is so dumb that even left-wingers in the media can’t help but make fun of her.  If her influence on the American political culture was limited to being the butt of late night comedy jokes, that would be fine.  Unfortunately, however, she has the real ability to direct the activities and ideology of one of the two major political parties in this country. Which means she can spread the stupid around but good.  At least we can take some comfort in the fact that on her watch, the Democratic National Committee is going further and further into debt.  Until they get a taxpayer-funded bailout, of course.

#6 – Pope Francis

Some might be surprised to find the pope, of all people, on this list.  Don’t be.  This past year, Pope Francis spent much of his time circuiting the globe and selling the poisoned brew of socialism to already poor people the world over, so that they could become even poorer because of the policies he advocates.  Instead of bringing hope or goodness to their lives, he has merely helped to extend their despair.    By using his position and moral authority to assail capitalism – which is the only proven economic engine that lifts people out of poverty and makes their lives objectively better – Pope Francis has helped to ensure that people in the Third World will continue to languish in grinding poverty, with all the accompanying famines, plagues, and other ills that come with it.  Meanwhile, he heads up a religious organization worth billions and which hasn’t exactly been quick to redistribute all of its own wealth to the poor and needy, as the pope asks everyone else to do.  

#5 – Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz

You may not have heard of these two goobers, but they are the gay “couple” who, while living in Ohio, crossed the border into a completely different state (Kentucky) specifically for the purpose of finding a county clerk (Kim Davis) whom they could harass for refusing to issue them a marriage license.  In other words, these guys are enemies of the Constitution and of the American people, who made a conscious decision to try to cause trouble and attack religious liberty.  They are quite obviously nothing more than tools of the liberty-hating Gaystapo.  One can hope that when the time rolls around for them to get their “gay divorce,” that the laws haven’t caught up yet and they’re stuck with each other.  

#4 – Black Lives Matter founders

Because it is supposedly a “mass movement” (though actually, it is just controlled by shadowy elements behind the scenes), I’m going to put the entire #BLM movement in this spot.  While I actually have a lot of sympathy for those protesting legitimate excessive force and misuse of authority by the police (which I’ve written about before), the fact of the matter is that the Black Lives Matter movement is built on lies, and is being used to do nothing but create disunity between Americans and destroy our social fabric. It gained national prominence after the defensive shooting of Michael Brown, a scumbag who had robbed a convenience store and then physically assaulted a police officer while trying to take his gun away.  It has since allowed itself to morph into a great big thug sandwich that does little more than threaten people, block traffic, and harass folks who have nothing to do whatsoever with police brutality.  The only redeeming quality of #BLM is that it openly demonstrates to regular Americans the excesses and nastiness of left-wing activism.  

#3 – Bill DeBlasio

Bill de Blasio is New York City’s communist mayor and arch-hater of the Constitution. Under his watch, crime has greatly increased, making the lives of average citizens in the city that much more dangerous and difficult.  De Blasio has also used his position to undermine educational and economic freedom.  Most egregiously, however, is his support for New York City’s new fine of $250,000 on business owners who do not refer to transgendered employees by the employees’ “preferred gender pronoun.”  Yes, thanks to Bill de Blasio, a business owner can potentially have his or her livelihood ruined for not pandering to the fantasies of any psychologically-damaged perverts they happen to employ.  Hizzoner apparently thinks that the First Amendment ends where NYC’s boundaries begin.

#2 – Alan McCollough

“Judge” Alan McCollough is the black-robed fascist who issued the ruling against the owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon, which was fined over $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay “wedding.”  Hence, he was an active participant in the ruination of a Christian couple’s lives because he didn’t like their personal beliefs.  Despite spending years assuring us that gay “marriage” would in no way infringe on anyone else’s rights, the gay lobby is now digging up anti-constitutional thugs like McCollough to assault religious freedom and the freedom of association in this country.  Dangerous lunatics like this judge don’t belong on the bench – they belong in prison or in an asylum!

#1 – Cecile Richards

I believe that we can fairly ask the question, “Could there be a worse human being in the United States of America than Cecile Richards?”   If you don’t recall who she is, Mizz Richards is the head of Planned Parenthood, and became the public face and chief apologist for that organization during the scandal that erupted when undercover videos of their illegal activities broke to the surface.  One has to go back to 1945 to find as spirited a defense of the dismemberment of human beings and the sale of their body parts as Cecile Richards made.  And while sticking to your guns may be a good thing in some cases, it is not when it means continuing in the hypocrisy of murdering babies while pretending it’s all about “freedom.”  She is one sick individual who nevertheless gives a voice to lots of other sick individuals


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Written by Ron Tamaccio on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Ron Tamaccio is a retired professional airline pilot and senior military officer.  After leaving those professions, he worked with the USDOT as an Regional Administrative Officer in Atlanta.  He lives in Greenville with his wife, Patricia.  

Ron Tamaccio:  People fleeing their homes in fear for their lives deserve help.  However, the knowledgeable, thoughtful, and cautious among the compassionate think it’s better if that help comes in the form of temporary assistance, i.e., a “safe haven,” in their own, or nearby countries, with similar values and customs.  Those who take the time to “think” instead of “react” also know that what these unfortunate people do not need – and, in most cases, do not even want - is a permanent relocation to another continent!  

Regrettably, as with nearly all disasters, the charlatans and profiteers arrive.  In this case, we have nine groups of “voluntary agencies” (VOLAGS), with names that sound like they are associated with a church or some other religious entity, competing for extremely lucrative government contracts, in 181 US cities, to assist the US State Department in carrying out the reckless and dangerous UN mandate to resettle refugees from the Middle East.

Sadly, most of these VOLAGS, and their 350 subcontractors, only get involved with resettlement programs because they are paid very well for their “charitable services.”  Usually, their compensation comes in the form of a per-capita fee for each refugee they relocate.  These are not altruistic, well-intentioned entities.  They are opportunists seeking to profit from the unfortunate circumstances of others, and the unbelievably naïve largess of the US Government!   Once they get their “payday”, they will disappear, leaving behind the problems they helped create.  The cost to correct them, is, of course, left to the taxpayers!  

Unfortunately, even some of the traditional charitable organizations are succumbing to the temptation of “fee-for-service” reimbursements for their humanitarian efforts.  When compensation is involved, “charity” becomes “enterprise.”  “Good works” become “jobs,” and the “mission” becomes a high-stakes confidence game!  Real “charity” requires using your own resources, not someone else’s!

If all the Federal dollars disappeared from this program, most of the VOLAGS would disappear as well.  This is a Billion Dollar Boondoggle.  To be precise, it had a $1.059 Billion price tag for FY-2015, and that does not include subsidized housing, most healthcare, food stamps, cash assistance, public education, or the costs to the criminal justice system!  These outrageous costs are directly attributable to a group of unscrupulous scammers who are using the unfortunate situation in the Middle East to enrich themselves and their organizations.  

Shame on them and shame on the elected officials and government bureaucrats who accept their irrational arguments without challenge, and provide outrageous amounts of money to support their imprudent programs.

Furthermore, these VOLAGS, and their supporters, cleverly orchestrated a false-choice scenario to support their profiteering.  Arguments like “If we don’t relocate the refugees, they will all be killed,” obviously ignore other, much less expensive alternatives.

Next, add things like: fraudulent security reports, a wholly ineffective vetting process, and totally inadequate, or, in some cases, completely nonexistent medical screenings for communicable diseases, and you have a dangerously flawed strategy for allowing refugees from the Middle East to settle in our communities.

So, what’s the solution?  One, increasingly popular, proposal is to temporarily P A U S E the entire refugee resettlement program.  It’s not that hard to understand or implement.

Pause it.  Audit it.  Uncover the role of the UN in it.  Suspend all funding for it.  Explore other options.

Once again, just a few weeks ago, political leaders in Washington failed to take serious action to protect us from the dangerous threat of terror attacks from jihadists imbedded in the refugee population.  Instead of withholding funding from the current program, they provided 100% funding for it in the Omnibus Budget Bill!

Finally, the ultimate irony: funding for this UN mandate is more than double the total amount of discretionary spending the Veteran’s Administration requested to treat the needs of our military veterans for all of FY-2016.

Outrageous, yes; disgraceful, absolutely!

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Barack Obama – The Best Friend of America’s Muslim Enemies

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Publisher's note:  On the heels of my very recent Op/Ed, Tim Dunkin has added flesh and clarity to my brief opinion.  As always, Tim is informative and to the point.

Please sit back and enjoy another grand slam from Tim's keyboard.

Tim Dunkin:  With the passing of another week, we have seen yet another manufactured controversy involving Donald trump – this time involving his “failure” to “correct” a questioner at a campaign even in New Hampshire who asserted that President Obama is a Muslim.  The media went into spasm of joy over this supposed “gaffe” that they are now assuring us will doom his presidential campaign.  Turning aside for the moment from the possibility that the questioner was actually a serial Democrat plant who makes a habit out of trying to moby Republican events, the question he asked reignited the debate over whether Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim.  While dismissed by left-wingers with a “Pshaww!,” this is actually an interesting question whose answer helps to explain why Obama does some of the things he does, and helps us to better understand, and thus develop defenses against, the many dangerous things he has done to weaken this country, both at home and abroad.

It should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about it that whatever else he may be, Barack Obama is not a Christian.  He has never professed a genuine Christian testimony of repentance and salvation.  He demonstrates no evidences of a changed life (“by their fruits ye shall know them…”).  He hasn’t regularly gone to church since leaving the congregation of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and his anti-Christian socialistic “liberation theology” doctrine.  His support for a plethora of extremist left-wing social positions ranging from abortion on demand to gay “marriage” to radical feminism marks him out as someone who hates God.  So he certainly is not a Christian.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?  You have to admit, he definitely has some tendencies in that direction.  Start with the fact that there are little things that seem to indicate some Muslim piety on his part, such as how he takes off his wedding ring during Ramadan (which many devout Muslims will do as part of the fasting ritual) and how he basically ignores Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter while giving official recognition at the White House to Muslim festival such as Eid al-Adha.  Then there are the weird little “slips of the tongue” that many have made so much about.  Remember when he Obama supposedly gaffed by talking about our 57 states?  This wasn’t really a gaffe – there are 57 member states in the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, a group that encompasses nearly all Muslim majority countries in the world.  Likewise, remember when Obama “misspoke” about “my Muslim faith” in that interview back in 2008?  That’s a rather odd slip of the tongue for someone to make if they weren’t trying to mask that they were Muslim, don’t you think?  While they might misspeak during an interview, I just couldn’t see Mike Huckabee or Franklin Graham or some other prominent Christian personality accidentally saying “my Muslim faith” before quickly correcting themselves.  That’s the sort of fumble a person makes when they’re trying to hide something.  

Even if he isn’t a Muslim, it’s still quite obvious that Obama prefers radical Islam over America, and is doing everything he can to strengthen the former and weaken the latter.  He has appointed radical Muslim supporters of Islamic terrorism to high positions within his administration.  He is in the process of helping Iran obtain nuclear weapons.  He has consistently lollygagged in his supposed “war against ISIS,” and has even helped to allow American weapons to fall into the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. At the same time, he has consistently refused to provide support to friendly, non-radical Muslim groups in the area such as the Kurds.  He is also distancing us from the one sane, non-Muslim nation-state in the region – Israel.  On and on it goes.  One gets the feeling that if this were anybody but Obama, they’d be sitting in a cell in Gitmo while awaiting trial on charges of providing material support to terrorists.

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Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part IV

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Guest Articles

Jodi Fowler:  Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...?  Part IV

"Do abortion clinics adhere to state laws? Most do. However, one case, for example, is that of a Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, owner of the Women’s Medical Society clinic, who is accused of the death of seven babies and one woman during deplorable late-term abortion conditions and procedures.

“This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors. The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, in at least two occasions, caused their deaths. Over the many years...."

Click here for complete article...

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Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part III

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Guest Articles

Jodi Fowler:  Who's Funding the Abortion Market and Why...? Part III

"So, do George Soros and Barack Obama think it’s nothing to kill a helpless “product of conception,” as the Planned Parenthood Association sidesteps to define a viable fetus?

Part II of the article, “Who’s funding the abortion market?” states virtually all of Obama’s czars and cabinet appointments are pro-abortion, and he promotes progressive actions such as “forcing taxpayers to fund pro-abortion groups that either promote or perform abortions in other nations.” Apparently, to the President of the United States of America, abortion is merely a form of population control.

And, then there is the many Soros-funded pro-abortion 527 organizations funnelling millions to promote abortion."

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