Quitcha bitchin'...

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Publisher’s note:  I love reading some of the day to day comments of people I know on the various social media.  I just happened to be scanning a few that popped up when I came across this little ditty.

I don’t know if Christy was sounding off at any particular individual or simply in general, however it occurred to me while reading it that is applies to most of us at least some of the time.

Mind you, from everything I know about her, Christy is a hard working lady that is, like most of us, just doing her best to overcome the daily struggles we all face.  She goes to work every day, pay bills, watches the country and world fall apart, and generally just minds her own business. In short, she’s a class act, and I think her brief “rant” speaks for a lot of people.

Christy Shelton:  Some days it's all I can do to make myself function.  But I press on.  I know people that I've tried to help and motivate that can't even leave the house.  I'm tired of being everyone's cheerleader!  I have no one cheering me on but I get up and go because if I stop I may never start up again. 

I can't carry you!  You at some point have to motivate yourself.  Your life may not be easy but neither is mine.  I have all I can handle and some people are such a drain on me.  If you want better, do better; hell do something! Start by not complaining constantly and talking about your problems.  They don't help being talked about and they weigh me down too.  Maybe if you encourage someone else while you're having your pity party you may feel better. I know the rest of us would.  Some of you have so many people that care about you and you don't even pay attention.  Have you ever thanked them or tried to pay them back? Maybe just honor them with a small gift?

I'm tired of hearing it.  I have no one but the Good Lord helping me and some days are a struggle like you don't know!  So when you piss and moan constantly yet do nothing to change things, don't be surprised that at some point I just spit out the truth. 

You're not the only one with issues or lonely or tired or whatever!  Sometimes I'm a bitch and usually when I've reached my point of overload of playing second fiddle, being treated like crap etc.  I am not white privileged or any other thing.  I'm a woman trying to live my life with minimal drama and BS. I can't fix you!  You have to do something to help yourself.  I can encourage you but I can't do the work for you!  You're capable…just put forth the effort and stop blaming and whining!

That is all.

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Mom of the year...no kidding

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Most of us have seen the images of the mom that smacked her teenage son all the way to the car removing him from the protest in Baltimore.  She has gained the title of Mom of the year for her parenting.  There were even cartoons saying "forget the police, bring in the moms"....the solution to all of this is right there, in a joke. 

Can we really blame slavery from almost 2 centuries ago, or oppression, or lack of opportunities, or should we blame the undeniable deterioration of family values that by coincidence seem to be more dominant in poorer areas? 

Coincidence?  Maybe not. Under the guise of compassion the welfare system has created a cycle of dependency that rewards broken families and single mothers.  One receives a lot more assistance if the father is absent from the home and if the mother is unwed, thus creating a huge incentive against families. 

The "war on poverty" did absolutely nothing to eliminate poverty, we actually have a bigger problem today 50 years later.  The "war on poverty" did accomplish what they didn't reveal as their goal.  It kept people poor, it kept them needing help, it taught them that the head of the household is the welfare office, that moms are better off single, that dads are not needed, that being a victim, although undesirable, is the only way to survive. 

If all moms started to discipline their kids like the so called mom of the year, if all moms actually took their responsibility as educators, mentors, healers, and partners with God in the formation of these young minds, there wouldn't be crime infested neighborhoods, there wouldn't be Mike Browns, Freddie Grays, and the thousands looting and rioting. 

Sure there are bad cops, but the majority are good cops that sadly have to deal with a side of life that most of us never see, a side of life that makes it very hard to always know how tolerant one can be before becoming the victim. 

One brave mom, that has not forgotten her role in a child's life, and her instant fame for doing what all moms should be doing, might just be the best thing that came out of Baltimore! 

It is not a racial problem, it is a lack of family values problem. So yes! Bring in the moms, and dads, and grandparents!

Sybele Capezzutti

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Decision in Baltimore....people are talking

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Publisher’s note:  On Friday, several friends of mine were discussing on a Facebook thread what I refer to as the “racial crisis du jour” up in Baltimore.  Specifically, they were responding to the decision to charge the officers involved in the case of Freddie Gray made by the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby.  

One of those friends, Anne Bosworth, who is among other things a mom, an educator, and a Patriot through and through had the following to say about that decision and how it was arrived at, and I felt it needed to be seen by more than just those on that particular thread.  

Frankly, I couldn’t agree with her more on all points. 

Anne Bosworth:  I don't know what the appropriate procedures are, but my beliefs are as follows:

1. None of this happens if you don't run from the cops and resist arrest

2. Most likely, none of this happens if you're not a dude of any color with a long rap sheet and drug history.

3. If officers were negligent they deserve to be appropriately charged.

4. I heard that the whole business about required seatbelt is something different than what she is citing, and that there are legitimate, legal reasons why someone would not be seat belted in this situation.

5. If it turns out that this case is being used to appease and empower black communities God help us all. No justice, no peace is a threat against innocent and guilty people alike, and encouraging that rhetoric is dangerous.

6. The assclowns who want to keep throwing money and entitlements at these communities, without holding recipients accountable to take positive responsibility for changing their lives, are more dangerous than all the thugs and anarchists combined. 

7. In real life everywhere among us, there will always be poor people. We don't strive to keep them poor. It just is. There are poor communists, socialists, and everything else under the sun. Throwing money at them will never change that, but encouraging a society that ministers to the poor, through the tenets of civil service and religious faith, is healthier than perpetuating the rhetoric of racism, oppression, and godlessness. You cannot claim that you have inalienable rights endowed by the Creator, but then kick the Creator out of the public square. That breeds trouble faster than you can pass an act to invest billions in "progressive" agendas.

8. Some people will always be bigots. You can't legislate common sense. That said, no one is a bigot for expecting any group of people to behave like decent, law abiding citizens rather than as ignorant, entitled thugs working the system. If you are on welfare but use your limited resources for tattoos, gold teeth, jewelry, tricked out cars, drugs, alcohol, etc. don't expect to win friends and positively influence people.

9. If you are capable of effectively disabling an entire major city police force, then you are capable of standing up to drugs, gangs, and crime in your communities.

10. Unless you are faithfully attending school and doing your part to learn the essentials of reading, writing, speaking, and behaving among others whom you claim as your oppressors, don't complain to me that the racists are holding you down. If your neighborhoods' grade school attendance and graduation rate is atrociously low, then you're not doing your part to change your life.

11. (Bonus) The legacy of slavery in this country is disgusting and everyone should be appalled by any kind of slavery anywhere. Though it has been over for years, it is foolish to think that any of us are exempt from feeling its vile sting. That said, there comes a point when the apology has to be corporately accepted once and for all so healing and forgiveness and healthy relationships can be established. The vast majority of us are already doing that, but if you insist on being someone who will never be satisfied unless and until you take your revenge then there will never be justice or peace anywhere ever.

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Dr. Villar has some questions...

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Publisher’s note:  Dr. Luis Villar is an amazing guy.  Not satisfied with just being a very brilliant, successful, and sought after Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Villar is also an engineer, inventor, accomplished pilot, and curator of his own aviation museum.  

Very recently, he composed a brief piece which asks several thought provoking questions.  I am honored that he has allowed me to share it with my readers. 

Luis F. Villar, M.D., F.A.C.S.:  Is a treaty with Iran surrender to the acceptance of a nuclear terrorist nation?

Does Iran need peaceful nuclear power for energy?  Is Iran the number one exporter of terrorism?  Does Iran have territorial ambitions in Iraq and Yemen? Does Iran have the stated goal of wiping Israel off the map?  Does Iran have the stated goal of destroying infidel Western Civilization?  Would a nuclear Iran trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East?

Are 45% of Iranians under 24 years old?  Do millions of Iranian youth surf the web, love rock n roll, love western jeans, rebel against their parents, and wish to be free to follow their dreams? Do many of these occasionally take to the streets to protest, facing imprisonment, torture, and death?

Does Sharia law have a doctrine of “taqiyya” (deceit)?  Does taqiyya limit treaties to ten years? Does the doctrine of deceit allow treaties to be repudiated unilaterally before they expire, should it appear more profitable for Islam to resume the conflict?  Is it naïve to trust any entity practicing Sharia Law “taqiyya”?

Are there two clocks running in Iran, the atomic bomb clock and the regime change clock? Does easing sanctions strengthen the ruling class, better enabling them to suppress the rebellious youth, finance and export terrorism, and secretly accelerate the bomb? 

Has there ever been a nuclear treaty that wasn’t violated?  Has there ever been an inspection program that was successful in discovering illegal nuclear weapons production?  Should we have any confidence that Iran will be the first?

Do strict sanctions, no matter how imperfect, accelerate the regime change clock?  Do constantly delayed negotiations with eased sanctions to show good faith, accelerate the atomic bomb clock?  Does a “deal” for the sake of a deal enhance the safety of Western Civilization?


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The Police Problem is Actually a Progressive Problem

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Publisher's note:  As always, Tim Dunkin has tackled a huge problem, one that a lot of people are thinking about, but no one has put into words.  Because it is a bit long I was going to make it a two part series, however I felt doing so might lose the interest of some readers and I believe it too important to risk that.  I encourage all of our readers to take a few moments and read this very on point article.  And then think about it. 

Tim Dunkin:  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who guards the guardians?) – Juvenal

Honest observers in this country have to admit that we have a police problem that is increasingly growing more serious.  While some of the stories that have come out about police brutality and police overreach have clearly been invented or exaggerated by the Left for the purposes of inflaming racial tensions and undermining American civic stability, there are nevertheless a large number of incidents in recent years which cannot simply be wishcast away.  The warrantless, no-knock, early morning, heavily-armed SWAT raid for even the most minor of things is becoming the norm all across America.  Though many on the Right want to make excuses or attribute the increasing prevalence of these types of incidents to “a few bad apples,” the fact of the matter is that the “policing problem” is becoming obvious enough that concern about it is no longer confined to a few “fringe” libertarian or “anti-police” sites, but is being recognized by more mainstream conservative outlets.  Police militarization (which is as much an issue of mindset as it is of equipment), heavy-handedness, and bureaucratization are leading to a situation where America is beginning to look less and less like the land of the free, and more and more like an authoritarian police state.  

This is apparent from the news we see coming out of Wisconsin about the “John Doe” investigations conducted by hyper-partisan opponents of Scott Walker.  In a plain and obvious effort to silence and intimidate conservatives and other supporters of Scott Walker, Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm used the extraordinary (and soon to be found unconstitutional) powers granted by declaring an investigation a “John Doe” case.  “John Doe” investigations, under Wisconsin law, allow prosecutors to bypass the usual grand jury requirements, replacing empanelled citizens with a “supervising judge” (who, in this case, was also a hyper-partisan Democrat opponent of Scott Walker).  The prosecutor is also allowed to keep targets of the investigation a secret, and said targets are restrained by gag orders from speaking to anyone – even friends or neighbors – about anything that has happened to them during the investigation.  If this sounds like the perfect set up for a star chamber, then you know human nature better than many.

That is, of course, exactly what happened – and this is where the police come in. While pursuing this technically-legal-yet-grossly-immoral-and-unconstitutional investigation, the prosecutor’s office sent in heavily-armed SWAT teams, utilizing pre-dawn raids and helicopters, to roust several conservative supporters of Scott Walker in their own homes, pointing guns at them, scaring their children, defaming their reputations in front of their neighbors, seizing all of their financial and other personal records, and then ordering them not to talk about it to anyone on pain of imprisonment for “contempt of court.”  The only reason we know about these raids is because one of the victims finally, and courageously, violated the unconstitutional gag order and broke the news wide open.  

What could have been accomplished merely by sending in a couple of county sheriff’s deputies with a subpoena and a search warrant to politely knock on their doors and serve the paperwork was instead done in a way that was purposefully intended to be psychologically and physically intimidating.  And much more dangerously, too.  What if one of the victims – many of whom initially believed they were facing a (non-state initiated) criminal home invasion - had shot at the police thinking they were defending themselves from armed robbers, and were killed, or killed a police officer, as a result?  These people were no threat to the police.  They weren’t going to come out guns blazing should a deputy simply serve them papers.  SWAT was there simply for the repression and intimidation factors, nothing more.

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