'Stand down'...words from the mouth of a traitor

Written by Diane Sori on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Once again Diane Sori has written a no hold barred, to the point article.  The questions remain...and We the People deserve and will not rest until we get the answers.

Diane Sori:  Benghazi…NO diversions, distractions, or ‘supposed’ phony scandals that are anything but, will take my focus off Benghazi. Benghazi…where four Americans were willfully, deliberately, and with malice left behind to be slaughtered, and that is indeed grounds for treason and NO one can convince me otherwise.

At the heart of Benghazi are two critical issues…first, why was Ambassador Stevens silenced (and I believe his murder was a silencing), and second, who gave the infamous order to ‘stand down’ when help could have arrived in time to save him and the others.

The first issue is easy…Ambassador Christopher Stevens had to be silenced to stop him from going public with information he found out about our traitor of a president, for I believe, and have said since day one, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama was smuggling guns and weapons under the table to the Syrian rebels…rebels supported and funded by al-Qaeda. And that is a clear cut case of ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’…TREASON.

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'Stand Your Ground', racism, and Eric Holder

Written by Diane Sori on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  As per usual, Diane is dead on target.  This isn't about George Zimmerman or even Trayvon Martin, both of whom have become pawns in the greater agenda of the plan Diane so accurately lays out.

Diane Sori:  George Zimmerman has been found NOT guilty in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin yet two very important ramifications have occurred because off this verdict.

First, while this case was NEVER about 'Stand Your Ground'...it was always a case about self-defense...Barack HUSSEIN Obama and crew tried to make it just that so they could use the tie-in to work towards getting Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law repealed…which is something Obama desperately wants as doing so would accomplish what his failed gun control law couldn’t…that is disarm ‘We the the People’ because if Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is repealed the other 30 states that have a form of this law will also most likely face repeal.

Passed by the Florida legislature in 2005, ‘Stand Your Ground’ allows Floridians to use, if necessary, deadly force in cases of self-defense when they believe their lives are at risk or their person is at risk of severe bodily harm. But the main difference between ‘Stand Your Ground’ and what’s known as ‘common-law self-defense’ is the matter of ‘retreat’. While ‘Stand Your Ground’ removed the necessity to ‘retreat’ (pull back), ‘common-law self-defense’ does require an individual to ‘retreat’ if it’s safe to do so to avoid violence, especially to avoid the need to use deadly force.

So simply, ‘Stand Your Ground’ means that a person may justifiably use deadly force in self-defense if there’s a reasonable belief of a threat being made against their life or person without having to pull back first, and ‘common-law self-defense means you must pull back if you can.

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Progressive Liberalism Disorder...P.L.D.

Written by Rich Avallone on . Posted in Guest Articles

From the Publisher:  Yet another of my readers has put thought to paper, and I found this amusing and insightful.

Progressive Liberalism Disorder 12.12 by Rich Avallone

Progressive Liberalism Disorder or P.L.D. by definition is a condition that affects the mind of 20% of the population.  Signs of someone with P.L.D; a strong disconnect with reality and complicating situations that could otherwise be solved by common sense solutions. 

They suffer from strong delusions lending to believe problems, particularly violence, can be solved by creating laws that do nothing more than create more victims and weaken our rights.  Another sign is the belief the government can solve all their problems.

In addition they have a rose color tint over their pupils that obstruct their vision of reality.  Further still, they suffer from a knee jerk reaction to all serious situations by calling the otherwise law abiding intelligent citizens vile names such as, racist, or hater, and use terms such as dog whistle.  

Less noticeable signs are a thirst for cool aide, and other highly sugared drinks that enhance the condition. Please, if you know anyone with this condition please ask them to seek help or sit them down and smack the bejesus out of them till they come back to reality. 

Thanks; this has been a public service announcement from Sane Citizens of America.

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Raising Rooney's, a tribute to Sandy Sully Rooney

Written by Josie Weeks-Elliott on . Posted in Guest Articles

I have heard it said, "Behind every good man, is an even better woman."  It is always so intriguing to hear a person's life story, certainly that of highly accomplished people, and learn how they came to be the person that they are.  In Florida, we are fortunate to have some really great elected officials. Through observation of two of them, one person began to emerge in my mind as a woman I would really love the opportunity to be able to meet and come to know. 

Watching these two brothers and their leadership abilities, knowing they came from a large family, it struck my interests even more.  If these two men were able to accomplish so much, what have her other children achieved?  How was the mother of these people able to raise them with such amazing success?

The woman I am speaking of is Sandy Sully Rooney.  Recently, I was able to have a lovely conversation with her, and I can tell you that it was a very enjoyable experience; I laughed and I learned. She gave me great insight into how these two men were molded into the leaders they are and the strength the Lord gives to a Mother who would seek His counsel.  She is a devout Catholic and has raised her children that way.  

Mrs. Rooney is the mother to 7 children, and helped raise another niece that she was blessed with when the child was 5 years old, (her sister had fallen ill, and was not able to care for her full time, but was an active part of her life) bringing the total up to 8.  By today's standards, this is a truly amazing accomplishment.  Just being able to raise 8 children in and of itself is an accomplishment, but that they have all gone on to be successful in each of their chosen professions, as well upstanding citizens is truly remarkable. This charming lady has gone above and beyond in the raising of her children and has made her family and marriage her life's success story, her legacy for the world, and I am so thankful to be able to share the secret of her success with you.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rooney, Sr. recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Georgia, with all of their children and grandchildren in attendance.  Between Pat, Joe, Terry, Chris, Brian, Tom, and Molly, she has 24 grandchildren including one on the way, due in October and the oldest turning 21 in May.  She grew up with only one sister, and marrying into the Rooney family, she immediately gained 4 brothers in law and one big family! 

As she reflected back on the experiences they shared as a family, she told me that her first born Pat Rooney, Jr. was the first baby born on her side of the family in 30 years, and there was never a time when he was not being tended to.  Someone was always there to hold him, chase after him, and he was treated like the Prince of all Princes.  She spoke of his birth as him being "the experiment" since neither she, or her husband had previous experience with babies, and were very young at the time; “…he was the first one and the only one I devoted my whole time to.”  She told me she bathed him often, laughingly adding that “the poor kid stayed puckered from bath water.”

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Why Our Schools Are At Risk

Written by Leah Palomita/Conservative Daily News on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note: I have only recently met Leah Palomita, and I am grateful that she has given us permission to re-post her very insightful article on one of the most important topics of the day.  Her no nonsense approach is very clear and concise, and she hits the nail on the head with her commentary.  I trust our readers will respond to it as well as we have, and we look forward to more of her contributions.  

Why Our Schools Are At Risk, Leah Palomita

It would behoove us to consider, when pondering the option of equipping teachers with fire-arms, that Americans in favor of such proposals are not suggesting the distribution of weapons in the same manner that the students receive their books on the first day of school.

No one recommending that administrators call the teachers down to the shop class to pick up their Glocks, holsters, and loaded bullet cartridges before the students arrive in the morning.

What is being suggested (and not strongly enough, for it is this writer’s opinion that it should be DEMANDED) is for teachers to be permitted to carry in states whose laws prevent such measures.

I have learned of only four states that allow individuals to carry licensed concealed weapons to school: Utah, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Hawaii. In fact, ABCNews.com posted an article in December displaying pictures of teachers during a training session.

If there are only four states in this union that permit the lawful carrying of concealed weapons on school property, then that means there are forty-six states that do not.

Do Americans; do YOU, fully realize the implications of this? Do we stop to count how many children are at risk, I wonder…?

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