A Political Race and A Nation Divided...

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Unless you live in a cave in the Highlands of New Guinea or have appeared on Watters' World, you are probably aware that something is brewing in America’s political scene, specifically the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

There is also a little farce being played out for the Democrat Nomination; however that choice between being shot or stabbed with its forgone conclusion is a topic for another day.  The only other thing I will say about that race right now is that my cat should be able to beat either of those candidates, so it should not be hard for any other candidate to wipe the floor with them. 

Which brings me back to the Republican debacle.  It doesn’t matter which of the candidates you like or despise, or maybe just tolerate; the big picture is that it looks like the GOP is preparing to subvert the will of many of its members and the rest of We the People via contesting, brokering, or otherwise steering the direction of that race to suit their desired result and agenda.  

For all of the rhetoric to the contrary, they are very aware that a victory over either of the Democrat choices would be a walk in the park for the current front runner, however their desired result is a candidate they can shape and control.

To date, they and the media machine have attempted everything they can to derail the front runner, which has not only failed; each attack has propelled him in the polls.

I might add, this should concern you regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof because while you may not like the target of all this vitriol, the next time it could and very likely will be your candidate of choice.  They even brought out the two time feckless loser Mitt Romney to attack him which prompted among others, the following questions from me to the Governor.  

Weak as it is, where was that vigor when it was needed?  

How is it you didn’t stand up for yourself, or We the People when you were on the stage debating the current occupant of the White House?  

How come you didn’t even attempt to get a recount when there was certainly doubt as to the veracity of the vote?  

Governor, you displayed not an ounce of intestinal fortitude during your lackluster campaign in 2012, and now suddenly you enter the arena pretending to possess some new found bravado?!  Instead of finally growing a set of cajones and offering to help, you appear to have developed a vagina and your milquetoast carping resembles nothing less than a woman during "that time of the month.”  I can think of nothing more helpful for you to do than shut your whining pie hole and crawl back under the rock you’ve been hiding under these past four years.  At a time in our nation’s history when we desperately need a serious shot of testosterone in the Oval Office, you are assisting those who would conspire against perhaps the only person who might restore the respect of our allies and enemies alike.

In short, you are a petulant little bitch that makes Lindsey Graham look like John Wayne.

In the first place, the Republican race started with way too many hopefuls and took far too long to cull down to a manageable number.  As of press time, we are left with three candidates, of which only two have a chance of garnering the needed support to win the nomination under normal circumstances.  Of those two, only one has the sheer fire in his belly to face off against the expected, if very un-qualified Democrat candidate who should be made to face charges for her litany of crimes, instead of given the opportunity to pardon herself from a seat in the Oval Office.  In the unlikely event that she IS brought to justice before the general election, the Republican nominee should have a very easy time against her opponent for the Democrat nomination; an elderly, misguided communist who has promised the world to a very dumbed down, low information, entitlement minded generation of young people who won’t understand the trap he proposes until it is too late and they are ensnared for life.

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Bumpy Election Ride Ahead....

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Just a quick and easy presidential prediction while I'm doing some prep for next week's show.

Come November, it's going to be between Bloomberg and whichever of the Republicans manages to emerge victorious.  Depending upon what may happen to #killary with all the heat; I believe that Bloomberg, (whether he runs as a Democrat or an Independent) will be the guy facing the Republican opposition.

My reasoning is simple.  I think #killary's baggage is becoming too heavy even for her friends in the media to carry anymore.  On the other hand, even if she or Bernie does make it to the final round, Bloomberg will outshine them via his relative youthful and healthful appearance; and his extreme liberal views will make the left very happy.

Not to mention that he could outspend even Trump by a 4 - 1 margin if he chose to.  By the way, whether you love or despise Trump, it is hard to imagine anyone, with the possible exception of Cruz that would stand a chance against Bloomberg.

In the end, We the People are in for a very bumpy ride leading up to Election Day; and I pray that we stop focusing and bickering about how bad Trump is, how ineligible Cruz or Rubio are, or how soft spoken Carson is; and concentrate on how unimaginable a #killary, Bernie, or Bloomy presidency would be.

The current potus has put us in a coffin; any of the Democrats or Bloomy will nail the lid shut and lower us into the ground.  

Wake up America.


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America owes Richard M. Nixon an apology….

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If you’ve been around as long as I have, or you know someone that has been and therefore lived through the Nixon years and doesn’t have to rely on today’s revisionist history; you’ll understand why I’m correct.  

I won’t go into all the details; however I will offer a nutshell refresher of what happened.  Nixon orchestrated, or at very least knew about the break-in of the DNC Office at the Watergate Complex in DC, and he attempted to squash the investigation of said break-in; missing tapes, etc.  The reason for the break in was to gain intel on the DNC plans for the election.  In the end, he was forced to resign the Presidency.

Were his actions wrong?  Was it criminal?  Were careers destroyed?

Yes to all of the above.  However, at the end of the day, “Watergate” amounted to a very minor crime; a B & E.  No one was killed; there was no breech of national security; no ally was endangered; no embassy was attacked, nor was any ambassador killed.  But it didn’t matter because the socialists in academia and the media had begun taking a stronghold and there was a Republican to destroy; they set him up like a carnival shooting gallery duck and never let up.  Without a doubt, had President Nixon been a Democrat, the incident would have been brushed under the rug and no one would have ever heard of it.

Fast forward to today.  The egregious and treasonous crimes committed by many at the highest levels of government by both parties, albeit the democrats do seem determined not to be outdone, are brushed off as trivial.  Even when over-whelming evidence is presented, we are witness to the same trite 'dog and pony show’ every time.  The individuals involved are hurled in front of congressional panels, they are cross examined by this one and that one for all eyes to watch and listen to.  The pundits on all the major news outlets discuss it and rehash it ad nauseum; all for naught, because the guilty parties, with the exception of the rare scapegoat, walk and wind up well taken care of.  

Before you start accusing me of any kind of favoritism, let me bring a few of the 'minor’ criminals to mind. I’ll start with Congressman Charlie Rangel of NY.  His list of offenses is long and wide, however just the tax evasion episode concerning a property he owned in the Dominican Republic was worse than Nixon.  He claimed he didn’t understand the code; at the time, he was Chair of the Ways and Means Committee which writes said code.  Slap on the wrist for that and all the rest on his rap sheet.  Now he gets to retire comfortably.

Let’s not forget “Antny” Weiner.  Took photos of his 'member,’ and shared them around.  Yes, he was forced to resign, but not to worry, he’s still got his tentacles all over the place and will almost certainly be back in politics before long because people forget and/or don’t care.  BTW, his wife Huma Abedin; guess who she still works for…?  In case you forgot, she is the right hand of Hillary and has been linked to the muslim brotherhood.

Speaking of Hillary and the Clinton Clan.  Husband Bill, y’know, #42; had such an easy job riding on the economic foundation set by the two previous administrations, that he found plenty of time to be 'entertained’ by a certain intern while on the payroll.  He may have been embarrassed and made into a temporary laughing stock, but now he is laughing all the way to the bank with honoraria from speeches and books, and finds time to spend with the likes of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his private stable of children in the Caribbean.  The “impeachment” never went through and he never had to resign. And some still love him to death even today.

As far as Mrs. Clinton is concerned; she might just be called Hillary 'Teflon,’ because not since John Gotti, “the Teflon Don” have we witnessed anyone get away with more blatant criminal activity.  As a reminder, we lost four Americans to terrorists while she was Secretary of State.  She and the administration absolutely knew what was happening, Ambassador Stevens begged for help that never came; and her response was “….at this point, what difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference to those men and their families…!  Let’s not forget the whole classified email thing which is still brewing.  There is over-whelming proof at this point that she used at least one unsecured server when opening and emailing about classified information….the type of information that puts all of our children in grave danger.  Anyone could have intercepted those messages.  But hey, she’s “Teflon” Clinton.  She gets to run for president because apparently in democrat circles, one can literally get away with murder as long as they tow the liberal line. If she isn’t elected, and I certainly hope for the sake of our country that she isn’t, maybe she could start a cookware company. 

Which brings me to the biggest political crime family ever; it’s almost laughable that he started his criminal, (I mean political) career in Chicago.  There are countless examples, however we have never seen the levels of blatant criminality and treason as we have witnessed in the past seven years.  Each of the incidents I’m about to describe would have rightfully destroyed a Republican.  

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Candidates, are you listening...?

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An open letter to the three leading Republican candidates and the rest of the herd from that party. Gentlemen, may I use your first names?  For the purposes of this very informal letter, I’ll refer to you all as “Mr. Donald/Ted/Ben/etc. Dude.”

Mr. Donald Dude, as of right now, still early in the game, even after all the dead democrats and illegals vote a couple of times, you are far and away the next likely POTUS.  If tomorrow was Election Day, I believe America would stun the world; and to quote you say, “You’re hired,” allowing you and Melania to start making some decorating choices in the White House.  On that note, you’d do well to pick a running mate like Mr. Ted Dude, and make him a de facto partner/co-president.  You might also want to consider guys like Allen West as Secretary of Defense, Trey Gowdy as AG, Jeanine Pirro as Chief Justice, and John Bolton as Secretary of State.  By the way, you really need to get completely on board with the threat of islam and make nice with Pamela Geller, as well as become friends or at very least council with Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Tom Trento, and a few others that are expert in that field.  I’ll be glad to introduce you to any or all of them.

Regardless of which of you Dudes wins the nomination, all of you need to understand a few things, since some of you may well find a place in a Trump Cabinet.  “Making America great again” absolutely includes the following on our southern border: a “V” shaped 25’ or higher concrete WALL, with a 100 yard field of electrified razor wire on the Mexican side, wide enough at the top for two way armored vehicle traffic, and 24/7/365 armed military patrols.  Are you listening Mr. Marco, and Mr. Ben Dudes….?!  It does NOT include any sort of “path to citizenship,” which all of We the People recognize as watered down amnesty, or accepting ANY refugees from Syria or anywhere else in the middle-east.  It DOES include deporting as many of the 11M+ illegals as possible during construction of said wall so that the deportation is timed with completion.  Don’t say we can’t; there are lots of idle school buses and others that could be chartered.  By the way; we could build this puppy with Pre-Cast and let Sheriff Joe Arpaio supply and manage the “pink clad” labor.

Clearly, the Syrian “refugee” situation is largely a ruse to make it easy for some of the lowest dregs of humanity to migrate to western countries.  Ahem….Paris, San Bernardino, and anywhere else they choose to hit.  The numbers of refugees that potus wants to welcome changes depending on who one listens to, but let’s go with the 10K number.  The other day, I got through and spoke with Chris Fabry on his show about this.  I called because he said, loosely paraphrased, that probably only about 2% of that number might be up to no good.  First and foremost, I think the percentage would far exceed that; however even if it is only 2%, that’s 200 hard core, evil driven, blood lusting, cut throats that would be let loose in America.  Let me say that again….200 of them!!  Look what a mere eight of them did in Paris.  All of you “Dudes” need to think about that as should the democrats, even though they won’t.   

Let me make it simple.  With the exception of Israel, our friend and only real ally in the mid-east, 99% of the people in that region of the world hate us to the point of wishing every one of us death.  That includes all of you and every member of your families.  Really…they want all of us DEAD.  It’s in their 'unholy’ text, have a look.

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Tick tock, "Clock Boy" is baaaaack...!

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As if there isn’t enough real stuff to worry about…everyone’s favorite sniveling little tick, aka ”clock boy,” aka Ahmed Mohammed is back like a bad penny.  It seems that the smirky little cockroach and his smirky cockroach family aren’t content with the damage they already did a few months back, before his very well-known muslim activist dad decided to relocate the whole brood to Qatar.  Good place for them, if not far enough away in my humble opinion; but I digress. 

In case you missed it, back in September, Ahmed, no doubt prompted/forced by his dad, tore apart an older alarm clock and re-assembled it using a pencil box as a frame.  When he brought the contraption, which he claimed to have built, wires hanging out and all to school, it rightfully caused a bit of a ruckus.  

To be clear, in spite of the assertions of this very little man and his family, it didn’t cause a ruckus because of anything else except that it very closely resembled a home-made bomb.  Anyone with half a functioning brain can see that very clearly.

So now he’s back in the spotlight; not to apologize for putting his school and classmates at risk; not to apologize for putting the nation at additional risk because now most school administrators will be afraid to question whenever anyone named “Ahmed” brings such an ominous looking device to school.  No…he and his family are back because somehow, in the bizarre, upside down world of political correctness we live in, they are demanding an apology and a total of $15M from the Irving, TX authorities.  The demands come with threats including all sorts of civil suits if the town does not comply.

The letter from his attorneys states:

“Let’s face it, if Ahmed’s clock were 'Jennifer’s clock,’ and if the pencil case were ruby red bedazzled with a clear rhinestone skull and crossbones on the cover, this would never have happened,” 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  First of all the parents of a “Jennifer” or “Johnny” would probably not have allowed their child to leave the house with such an ominous looking device, however if they did, their child might very well have been rightfully arrested.  As I mentioned in my original thoughts on this incident, we live in a day and age when a student was suspended for chewing a pop tart into the general shape of what some agenda driven morons thought looked like a pistol; and they locked down the school.

But let some little turdling named “Ahmed” do a dry run and reconstruct a bunch of clock parts in a way that they actually resemble something that could do harm, and suddenly he’s being discriminated against because he happens to be a muslim; because God only knows that no muslims have done anything to raise suspicions in the last 1400 years or so.

That’s really all the time I wish to devote to this stain on society and his family.  Final note though to Ahmed and his family; do you need any help packing, and would you mind taking a whole lot of your brethren with you…?!



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