Presidential Candidates And The 2nd Amendment...

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So everyone on the left, and even some on the right, are in an uproar over a comment that Donald Trump made regarding the 2nd Amendment.  As always, the Clinton biased media is twisting his words, this time to suggest he was somehow inciting violence.

In case you haven’t heard what he had to say; this is the quote: "By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

Was it perhaps not the best way to get gun owners out to vote..?  I dare say yes, but not because of what he said, only how open to misinterpretation it was to those with an anti-Trump agenda.  Certainly, no law abiding citizen that owns a firearm should consider voting for her, and there are absolutely enough people who understand the 2nd Amendment and what it was designed for that will turn out in large numbers to vote against a woman, and by extension her husband, who have done everything in their power to undermine the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

I also find it amazing that the media focuses so much attention on some of Mr. Trump’s comments and so little on Mrs. Clinton’s antics.  While he certainly can be a bit mouthy and obnoxious, he has never left anyone to die, or put every American in dire risk by handling classified emails in an unsecured manner.  Nor has he committed any crimes that I am aware of, while she has been on an almost fifty year crime spree with among other things, a string of dead bodies so long, they should name a casket model or cemetery after her.

Don’t be deceived, the petty attacks on Mr. Trump are merely a distraction from the growing evidence and scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton, and her crimes must become the focus of this, the most important election in our history.  The same people who say he is "dangerous" give the current POTUS a pass on many acts of treason and Mrs. Clinton a pass on multiple crimes. 

By the way, I hope things never escalate to the level of an armed revolt, but I talk to people and hear things, and I believe that any astute observer of public sentiment should be able to recognize that there is a lot of hostility brewing and people are very unhappy with the way our leaders run roughshod over We the People.  The same kind of hostility that our Founders experienced, and the reason they inserted the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  

The 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with hunting and had everything to do with ending tyranny. For anyone that doesn’t understand that; I would suggest having a look at the Federalist Papers which essentially is a detailed series of articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison explaining the reasons for the different parts of the Constitution.  

It’s too bad they stopped teaching that “Constitutional Manual” to our children, because certainly very few elected officials read or apply it.  Wake up America, and look Up.

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America at 240...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

On Monday, most Americans will gather on beaches, at back yard BBQs, water front venues like NYC, the Esplanade in Boston; downtown Nashville, Washington D.C., and thousands of other cities and towns across this great land to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the day when fifty-six of the arguably bravest men in the history of the world drew a line in the sand and said enough is enough.  

For years our Founders and countless thousands of other men and women had been gathering in mostly smaller groups in places like churches, parks, private homes, the back rooms of taverns, and any number of various locations to discuss the increasing tyranny of British rule.  Much like today’s Patriots, they rallied and protested in front of government offices and were met with nothing but more severity; more taxes, more rules and regulations, and more tyranny.

So they painstakingly put their list of grievances on paper and after agreeing that the document did indeed include the major points of contention, those fifty-six brave men affixed their signatures and thereby with full knowledge of the ramifications of doing so, instantly made themselves enemies of the most powerful nation in the world at that time.  That document, The Declaration of Independence, was their concise notice to the King of England that they would no longer be subjected to his rule and they were effectively an independent nation.

From what I can tell, the contents of the Declaration are not taught in schools anymore; certainly not in its entirety.  However, I suggest that everyone, especially the “millennials,” read it over a few times; it isn’t very long and the average reader should be able to go through and comprehend it in about twenty minutes.  What one will find is that just about everything our founders were upset enough to “pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” for is now being wrought upon We the People by the new government they subsequently formed after defeating the British.  The only real difference is that they listed twenty-seven grievances, and we are faced with many, many more than that.

Our Founders were brilliant men and after the war with England they constructed our baseline laws in the form of the U.S. Constitution, which is another document that isn’t taught in our schools anymore.  The first ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights, made it very clear how serious they were that the new federal government of the United States should never become a tyranny.  That Bill of Rights ensured that We the People would not become the servants of the government by virtue of building in our absolute, God given right to defend ourselves from such a government with the 2nd Amendment.

The excerpt below from the Declaration explains in no uncertain terms that they understood what needed to be done to any government that would subjugate it citizens:

“…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Let that excerpt sink in; because while the celebrating and fireworks will be going on, so will the continued growth of the new tyranny we face; the new tyranny we yet again need to decide what to do about.  The voting booths have been rendered useless and if we hesitate to follow in the footsteps of our Founders, this could very well be one of America’s last birthdays.

I’ll leave it with this quote from one of those Founders; probably the most intelligent of the group, and the third President of the United States.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson

Stay safe and vigilant America.   

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An Open Letter To Senator Bill Nelson

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

I am in receipt of your canned constituent letter and have several issues to address.

First and foremost, blaming the gun and claiming this was an attack on gay people or any other special interest group is a dangerous diversion from the real reason for that attack and so many other attacks by people like Mr. Mateen. Simply put; gay or not, and born in America or not; this man committed an act of terror in the name of Islam.  If you listened to the reports and witnesses, you would know that he was yelling “allahu akbar” during the shooting; he claimed allegiance to isis on the phone to the police, and the list of evidence goes on and on.  Yet, you and POTUS, and many other agenda driven “leaders” refuse to acknowledge this.  Had he said he was doing so in the name of Christ or Israel, you and the rest would have gladly accepted that notion.

Senator, this situation fits a saying I use a lot these days when discussing this horrific subject; “if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a Muslim.”  Now before you and anyone else gets your underwear all bunched up over that comment, not for a moment am I suggesting that all Muslims are jihad minded; however at the end of the day, this young man was one of an ever growing, countless number of young Muslims whose sole purpose has become the destruction of the west.  You know it, I know it, and anyone else with half a brain knows it.  

You and so many of your comrades in the House and Senate must stop your insane, politically 'incorrect’ game of Russian Roulette.  Instead of marching in lockstep with your leader, you need to remove the scales from your eyes and recognize the very real threat we face from this scourge.  Let me remind you that the first and most important job of any government is to protect its citizens.  The gun store owner in Orlando who didn’t sell him anything did in fact do everything he was supposed to do, AND contacted the authorities to alert them weeks before.  You and I both know that nothing was done because the shooter was a Muslim and the authorities were afraid to appear to be profiling.  

You and I also both know that a jihadi like Mr. Mateen isn’t real fussy about the method used.  Had he not been able to purchase a gun, he could have gone to any local hardware store and acquired everything he would have needed to build a bomb in his kitchen sink.  And given his “solidarity” with the Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon bombing infamy, he no doubt would have.  

The real question you and the rest in DC should be asking is why the hell was he or anyone like him ever taken off the FBI watch list in the first place…?!  Scarier still, you and they are opening the floodgates to “refugees” that will allow God only knows how many more such animals in to create havoc.

Your description of the weapon is typically absurd.  Except in the minds of those who share your political leanings and thinking, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”  That is a made up term used to scare uniformed people into believing the anti-gun agenda of most in your party and too many in the opposing party.  As you know, he did not use an AR-15 as you assert.  By the way Senator, the “AR” does not stand for “assault rifle,” or anything like that; it stands for “Armalite Rifle.”  You should know that; you’re welcome. 

Finally, you suggest that: “But having a system in place that alerts the FBI if someone they once investigated is suddenly trying to purchase multiple…”   Senator, has it escaped your notice that while your queen isn’t trying to buy anything, she IS CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION by the FBI and is constantly surrounded by the same types of weapons you would deny We the People access to…?!  I might add, given that she has accepted huge donations from terror supporting nations, I would suggest that not only should she never be allowed to be around guns, she also shouldn’t be allowed to run for the highest office in the land.  

Maybe you and your cronies should think about that Senator…!

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A Political Race and A Nation Divided...

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Unless you live in a cave in the Highlands of New Guinea or have appeared on Watters' World, you are probably aware that something is brewing in America’s political scene, specifically the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

There is also a little farce being played out for the Democrat Nomination; however that choice between being shot or stabbed with its forgone conclusion is a topic for another day.  The only other thing I will say about that race right now is that my cat should be able to beat either of those candidates, so it should not be hard for any other candidate to wipe the floor with them. 

Which brings me back to the Republican debacle.  It doesn’t matter which of the candidates you like or despise, or maybe just tolerate; the big picture is that it looks like the GOP is preparing to subvert the will of many of its members and the rest of We the People via contesting, brokering, or otherwise steering the direction of that race to suit their desired result and agenda.  

For all of the rhetoric to the contrary, they are very aware that a victory over either of the Democrat choices would be a walk in the park for the current front runner, however their desired result is a candidate they can shape and control.

To date, they and the media machine have attempted everything they can to derail the front runner, which has not only failed; each attack has propelled him in the polls.

I might add, this should concern you regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof because while you may not like the target of all this vitriol, the next time it could and very likely will be your candidate of choice.  They even brought out the two time feckless loser Mitt Romney to attack him which prompted among others, the following questions from me to the Governor.  

Weak as it is, where was that vigor when it was needed?  

How is it you didn’t stand up for yourself, or We the People when you were on the stage debating the current occupant of the White House?  

How come you didn’t even attempt to get a recount when there was certainly doubt as to the veracity of the vote?  

Governor, you displayed not an ounce of intestinal fortitude during your lackluster campaign in 2012, and now suddenly you enter the arena pretending to possess some new found bravado?!  Instead of finally growing a set of cajones and offering to help, you appear to have developed a vagina and your milquetoast carping resembles nothing less than a woman during "that time of the month.”  I can think of nothing more helpful for you to do than shut your whining pie hole and crawl back under the rock you’ve been hiding under these past four years.  At a time in our nation’s history when we desperately need a serious shot of testosterone in the Oval Office, you are assisting those who would conspire against perhaps the only person who might restore the respect of our allies and enemies alike.

In short, you are a petulant little bitch that makes Lindsey Graham look like John Wayne.

In the first place, the Republican race started with way too many hopefuls and took far too long to cull down to a manageable number.  As of press time, we are left with three candidates, of which only two have a chance of garnering the needed support to win the nomination under normal circumstances.  Of those two, only one has the sheer fire in his belly to face off against the expected, if very un-qualified Democrat candidate who should be made to face charges for her litany of crimes, instead of given the opportunity to pardon herself from a seat in the Oval Office.  In the unlikely event that she IS brought to justice before the general election, the Republican nominee should have a very easy time against her opponent for the Democrat nomination; an elderly, misguided communist who has promised the world to a very dumbed down, low information, entitlement minded generation of young people who won’t understand the trap he proposes until it is too late and they are ensnared for life.

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Bumpy Election Ride Ahead....

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Just a quick and easy presidential prediction while I'm doing some prep for next week's show.

Come November, it's going to be between Bloomberg and whichever of the Republicans manages to emerge victorious.  Depending upon what may happen to #killary with all the heat; I believe that Bloomberg, (whether he runs as a Democrat or an Independent) will be the guy facing the Republican opposition.

My reasoning is simple.  I think #killary's baggage is becoming too heavy even for her friends in the media to carry anymore.  On the other hand, even if she or Bernie does make it to the final round, Bloomberg will outshine them via his relative youthful and healthful appearance; and his extreme liberal views will make the left very happy.

Not to mention that he could outspend even Trump by a 4 - 1 margin if he chose to.  By the way, whether you love or despise Trump, it is hard to imagine anyone, with the possible exception of Cruz that would stand a chance against Bloomberg.

In the end, We the People are in for a very bumpy ride leading up to Election Day; and I pray that we stop focusing and bickering about how bad Trump is, how ineligible Cruz or Rubio are, or how soft spoken Carson is; and concentrate on how unimaginable a #killary, Bernie, or Bloomy presidency would be.

The current potus has put us in a coffin; any of the Democrats or Bloomy will nail the lid shut and lower us into the ground.  

Wake up America.


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