Hate speech...a liberal term for Truth speech

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

Because I’m very open about plainly expressing my thoughts on these pages, I have my share of detractors, and I normally simply take it on the chin without getting fazed by comments while thanking the reader for their participation.  

However, one particular reader was very upset and reached out to me as a result of my recent article titled “Enough is enough”, and among other things accused me of “hate speech.”  I believe the use of that term deserves a public response.  

First of all, in the name of tolerance, the term “hate speech” and its usual partner “islamophobia” were coined by a very leftist media to be launched against anyone, usually of a conservative mindset, who dares offer the truth against any of their myriad of destructive agendas.  The terms have also been bandied about by other groups to support their own special agendas and distortions.  I’m really amazed at how many people actually try to get away with the whole “hate speech/islamophobia” nonsense and even more surprised at how many back down when the terms are hurled at them.  As you’ll see below, I’ve offered what I consider real “hate speech.”

Just for a moment though, let me return to the commentary I received and what caused it.  Was my “Enough is enough” article harsh?  To some, I’m sure it was, but I dare say not as harsh as burning that Jordanian Pilot alive or countless other atrocities.  Did it point a finger and ruffle some feathers? You bet it did.  Was it true and to the point?  Again, yes it was.

And here is the only place where I’ll soften things just a bit for any that may be offended by my remarks in that article.  For the most part, I separate islam from muslims in my thinking.  That is to say, I don’t have a problem with individual muslims.  I know many of them and I love them, including those in my extended family.  But I do have a problem with the predominant teachings of islam which cause the sort of savagery we are fed a daily dose of in the news, and have witnessed since its inception 1400 years ago, whereby a large number of the practitioners behave as directed by and like the “perfect man.”  

I know that a lot of people, both muslim and infidel, don’t like to hear it or recognize it, and this may get an even bigger target painted on my back, however it is a matter of historical fact that “the prophet” mohammed was not a very nice guy.  In fact, were he alive today behaving as he did, he would be hunted down as was osama bin laden.  Look him up!  

For openers, only God knows the exact number of those he personally murdered or had murdered, or what the exact tally of his looted plunder was.  No one likes to point to his pedophilia either…whoops, I’m sorry, maybe some of you hadn’t heard that a fifty something year old mohammed married Aisha when she was only 6 years of age and he consummated that union three years later when she was still a pre-pubescent 9 year old.  Does anyone question or challenge the truth of those statements, or is this just more “hate speech” from David?  

As a side note, I totally understand how an individual born into islam would accept it without questioning it much, although countless thousands do question and abandon it daily at their own peril; however, I’m dumbfounded as to how many otherwise very intelligent western adults find themselves sucked into it after even a minimum of fact checking.  That is to say, the reality of islam is not a hidden secret and simple enough for a child in grade school to figure out. 

Having said all that, no one that knows me believes for a second that I think all muslims are murderous terrorists.  However, therein exists a major problem for me as I’ll explain.  

We hear it over and over again that the vast majority of muslims are peace loving citizens who just want to mind their own business and lead their private lives, and I so want to believe that. However, it is estimated that somewhere between 7% and 25% of muslims worldwide are of the mindset to commit the heinous acts we see unfold daily.  Let me take a moment and put some hard numbers to those percentages.  Given that the worldwide population of muslims is said to be somewhere around 1.6 billion, that means there are between 112M and 400M worldwide who are hell bent on spilling the blood of not only “infidels” but also other muslims who are apparently not muslim enough by virtue that they aren’t willing to slice open any throat they see fit to.  Frankly, I don’t like the odds, which leads me to my, nagging, lingering thought.

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Enough is enough...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

In the wake of a video release by ISIS, our gutless potus had this to say, ""t's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization," said President Obama, who planned to meet Tuesday evening with Jordan's King Abdullah, who was in Washington. "And I think it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of the global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated.”

"This organization?!”  This horrendous act was committed by ISIS, an "organization” of men and women who are all practitioners of islam. The same islam that muslims and our gutless media and politicians right up to potus keep trying to tell us is a peaceful religion.

I say enough with the lies already.  In no way, shape, or form is islam a peaceful anything.  Since the very inception of this demonic blood cult, muslims have waged war on everyone that wouldn’t and won’t succumb to their evil.

So what happened today?  The "organization” released a video, completely in Arabic, which looks to me like it was a while in the making.  The first sixteen minutes is obvious by the photos, to be pure propaganda, and Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh is saying something scripted to promote whatever that propaganda is.  It is interjected with photos of people being bombed and babies dying, as if a warning to the west that such execution is in store for all who would rise up against this evil.

At the 16:54 point of the video, we see a beaten Lt. al-Kaseasbeh standing in a cage, doused with fuel, and then after chanting and menacingly showing the torch, members of the "organization” sets fire to the stream of fuel leading up to Lt. and the fire hits him at the 18:19 mark.  He is completely consumed by the flames within seconds and screams can be heard as he is seen frantically burning up with no chance of escape.  At the 19:12 mark, he falls backwards in a charred, dead heap.  

All of it done and scripted like a movie with what looks like credits following the execution.

For all the promises of retaliatory executions and such being made, I don’t know what the Jordanian response will ultimately be.  But I do know this; these animals to include ISIS, the MB, Al queada, and all the rest must be eliminated.  And not just them either.  

We must eliminate all of the terrorists, all of their supply chains, and all of their families to include women and children, and we must do so with a level of medieval ferocity that would make even them blush.  Enough is enough.  To quote Brigitte Gabriel, "They must be stopped."

Furthermore, we in the US/West must begin to monitor what is taught and preached in the breeding grounds of terror known as mosques.  Until we take such steps and answer them back in the only language they understand, we will remain in great peril.   

You may view the entire twenty-two minute video here...

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Hands up...don't move!

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

The headlines read, “Man with hands up shot by police,” “unarmed black youth shot by police,” “NYC man choked to death by police,” etc.  During the past several months we have been bombarded by stories like this, and the media conveniently forget to discuss the obvious real issue, and they don’t interview police regarding what happens during confrontations.

The mayor of NYC, with the all too willing help of Al Sharpton, POTUS, and AG Holder fueled the fire of racism and hatred of police resulting in two NYPD officers being gunned down last month for no other reason except that they were cops.  At the funerals of these brave men, the vast majority of the officers assembled to pay their respect rightfully turned their backs on Mayor DiBlasio, and calls for his resignation continue.

As I write this, tensions in Ferguson, MO are probably getting ready to reignite because former officer Darren Wilson will most likely not be facing civil charges in the death of Michael Brown….because there is no evidence to suggest he did anything wrong.

And now there is this case from December 30, 2014 out of Bridgeton, NJ.  In a nutshell, a car was pulled over and there was a heated exchange between the officers and the occupants of the car. At that point it doesn’t matter the ethnicity of the officers or the alleged perpetrators, such incidents as this and those above escalate rapidly.  

Click here for video...

The very common sense lesson here is when confronted by any officer at any time is simple, obey the commands of the officers.  When an officer says “hands up” and/or “don’t move,” that means for whatever his/her reasons, you have crossed the line and the situation is dangerous for both of you, and is escalating rapidly.  All necessary force will be used to quell the situation as quickly as humanly possible.

In the story out of NJ, after observing a gun in the glove box, in no uncertain terms, the officers repeatedly ordered the suspects to put their hands up and to not move.  They did so because they saw a gun and had no way to know what else the suspects may have had in their possession, and when in the heat of a very tense moment the suspect in the passenger seat decided to ignore the command of “don’t move” and exited the car…push went to shove, and he is now dead.  Bad day for everyone.  

Just like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and so many others…if they did not resist and simply complied with the officers, they would likely still be alive today.  Sure, they might have been arrested, paid a fine, possibly done some time, however they would probably be ALIVE.

I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat for this closing statement, but the bottom line is this.  Cops have a tough job, and yes there are some bad ones out there, however in the majority of cases, the day could end well for LEO and perp if the perps don’t resist.  I for one am fed up with the constant race baiting that goes on in these cases that have nothing to do with race and everything to do with obeying the law.


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Time for a real leader in the White House again

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and listening lately.  Like most Americans who are observant of the political landscape, I am very concerned about the direction our nation and the world are heading in, because while I really don’t care about myself, I am gravely concerned about my grandchildren and their generation.  

No matter which way one looks, we have created a colossal, chaotic mess, and it is becoming harder and harder to find any good in the world, and for all of the best intentions of a few people here and there, things are getting worse all the time.  In short, as I have said many times before and will continue to say until the day I die. I believe and know in my heart of hearts that there is ultimately only one answer to our problems.  That answer is Jesus, the Christ.

Now, having laid that brief ground work, I have reached an earthbound conclusion.  

My circle of influence is made up of many different people from different walks of life, with different faiths and philosophies.  While most of them are Christian, there are many Jews, agnostics, and others in the mix.  Many of them are uncertain of what is going on, but almost all agree that there is something very other worldly afoot in our nation and the world in general.  Regardless of their given faiths, most astute observers of world conditions agree or at least acknowledge that we are likely witnessing what is generally termed “End Times” prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes on a daily basis.

Okay, while I have a lot of thoughts on that subject, I don’t want to go too far down that rabbit hole, because that’s a story for another day, however, I mention it for a reason.  None of us knows how much time is left.  Could be tomorrow or the next moment, could be hundreds of years from now.  My point today is simply this.  Just as it has been for every generation, it is incumbent upon us to live in the now and do our individual best to make our lives and those of our children as decent as possible in every area while we are waiting for His plans to unfold.  

My friends, I think everyone can agree that we as a nation are in a very bad place, on every level.  While time and space do not permit me going into all the details, the focus here is on our lack of leadership and what I think we can do about it….at least at the highest levels of government.

For my money, we have not had a real ‘top of the heap’ conservative leader since Ronald Reagan.  Love Reagan or not, there is no denying that he had and applied a lot of good, old fashioned, common sense and was a real leader that did what he knew was right for America, and followed the law, regardless of the shifting winds of public opinion.  

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Missing the Reason for the Season

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

What happened to Christmas?  Did the Grinch actually get successful and steal it?  Did some sort of switch get thrown to diminish it?  I don’t really know, however I do know that as I drive around at night, in the neighborhoods, shopping districts, and pretty much everywhere else, I’m seeing less and less of the lights, smells, and signs of what I used to identify with Christmas.  

I think that may be what bothers me the most…seeing less of the stuff that had/has nothing to do with Christmas.  When I was a kid, we didn’t even consider Christmas until sometime after Thanksgiving.  Those who remember back in the day when I was coming up will remember the start of the school year in early September; we weren’t even thinking about Halloween, because we were too busy trying to keep our new classroom schedules in order. It was sometime after we got that memorized that Halloween was upon us, and even then, Thanksgiving seemed a long way off….let alone Christmas.

In the ensuing years, as the commercialization intensified, Christmas started earlier and earlier, to the point that people stopped noticing that the whole Christmas blitz was beginning as early as July.

Here’s where this commentary is going to grow a little hair.  Let me start by saying that while I recognize they are really meaningless except to remind people to spend money, I like the pretty lights, the aromas of the special foods, the caroling, and the crispness of the winter air that many have come to associate with the season.

But here it is, the 17th of December…only eight days before Christmas and I’ve barely seen a Christmas tree in a window; except for Christian Stations, I hear very few Christmas songs on the radio; very few are talking about the season, and the luster of the event seems to be waning faster than the Dolphins chances of making it to the Super Bowl this year.  In fact, Halloween, a day that celebrates darkness, was a day that most people used to simply buy a few bags of candy for, has increasingly become more popular than celebrating the earthly birth of our Lord.  

And that’s the rub I think.  We, that is to say, you and me, all of us…we allowed all of the commercialism, all of the nonsense, to cloud the reason for the season.  It has come to the point that the ‘celebration’ of darkness has now become more prominent than a decidedly Christian event.  Said Christian event now being watered down and proffered using such terms as “winter celebration” and lots of other secular things that are intended to remove its actual meaning.

To be honest, the only thing I really understand about the way we celebrate the season is the giving of gifts. Because Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, the manifestation of God’s love for us, that free gift to all of mankind…we give gifts to each other as a reflection of that unimaginable and undeserved gift of Salvation.

As far as the rest of it, while I still think it’s all very pretty and nice, part of me is at a loss as to the significance of such things as the Christmas Tree, the lights, Santa Claus and the elves, the whole North Pole and Reindeer thing, and all of the superficial stuff that became associated with the second greatest event in the history of mankind.  As important as it was and is, the greatest event was not the birth of Christ.  The greatest event was why He came and His work on the Cross, because without that saving sacrifice, His birth as a man is meaningless.

A moment ago, I said, “this commentary is going to grow a little hair” and “part of me is at a loss…”  Those comments deserve an explanation.  Simply put, I’m not really at a loss, because while I always did love the whole “Christmas” thing, I understand how and why all the meaningless stuff was added to the real story, so much so that over time, “the stuff” has overshadowed the real meaning and message of why He came.  

Folks, not for a minute am I suggesting that we shouldn’t observe and celebrate the human birth of our Creator and Savior, but I am saying that we need to sweep aside all of the stuff that the enemy has put in front of us to cloud and mask the true meaning of His “not of this world” birth.  

After all of the sales have ended, the gifts returned, and blah, blah, blah…we need to rethink the second most significant event in all of history.  That being the birth of Jesus the Christ, Emmanuel, (which literally means God with us) who was the fulfillment of God’s promise to mankind that He would bridge the gap created by the original sin of Adam.

My friends, the human birth of Jesus was not meant to be a reason to buy each other trite gifts, decorate trees with multi-colored lights, bake gingerbread cookies, or any of the other “stuff” we have been blindly led and misdirected by the enemy of mankind to do.  Instead, His human birth was meant for Him to lower Himself to become like us, so that His much more important sacrificial death on the Cross could become our only escape from eternal separation from God the Father, (that is to say…hell).

In the end what I’m saying is this, rejoice in the season and have fun with family and friends, but by all means never lose sight of the real meaning of His birth and more importantly His death on that Cross, and His Deity proving resurrection three days later.  

If you find yourself stuck for a gift to give, the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones today and forever is to accept His free gift and invite Him into your heart and life…right now, in your own words, at this very moment.  

Blessings my friends and have a very Merry Christmas.

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