Social Issues are God's issues

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

I am deeply troubled lately by a subject of grave concern to America.  The problem has been brewing for a long time and not nearly enough people really grasp it.  

I don’t think any clear thinking person would disagree that America has a problem with leadership at all levels of government; and despite what many think, it’s not really a party issue.  The lack of leadership, and specifically the lack of leadership by God fearing men and women has brought us to our knees and we are facing judgment for it; yes the kind of judgment that comes from above.  If anyone doubts this, I would suggest they read 'The Harbinger' by Jonathan Cahn.  

Before anyone scoffs at that, look at what we’ve done and become.  Since the early sixties when the culture started working on our youth by removing prayer from schools, we have been removing the name and mention of God from all public venues.  We have turned our backs on our roots and the very real place God held in our founding; we have forgotten that there was a time when our children were taught to read via the Bible; that so many of our 'figures of speech’ are squarely rooted in Scripture.  In the name of 'tolerance’ we have allowed good things to be called bad, and vice versa.  Over 50 million babies have been destroyed, sexual depravity and immorality, as well as corruption at every level of government is rampant.

Every election cycle brings out the rising empty suits, the new or repackaged darlings of the elites in both parties, who dance around the real issues, spew the same broken promises to rebuild, be stronger, and try to sell us the lie that we can rely upon this or that party’s weak answers to our problems.  As a culture, we refuse to recognize the real problem is that we’ve allowed special interests to completely erode our foundation, and as a result, we refuse to demand God honoring, God fearing leaders that will embrace the 'social issues’ that should be foremost in our thoughts.  You can bet that the 'social issues’ of abortion, same sex marriage, the sexualization of our children, drug and alcohol abuse, the rise in the occult, and a whole host of other 'social issues’ are foremost on God’s mind, and that’s why I believe, nay, I know, we are being judged.  An analogy I often use when discussing this is the repair of a building.  When it gets damaged, it must be fixed with the same materials it was built with.  You don’t fix steel and concrete with anything less than steel and concrete.  Our nation was built on a Godly foundation, and must be restored in the same fashion.

Without a doubt, throughout history there have always been devious men and women that have committed heinous acts.  However, as a culture, we have been steadily returning to ways that have wrought the very judgment I mentioned above many times in the past.  Examples include in the days leading up to the time of Noah, mankind had become completely corrupted and debased in every way imaginable.  There was demon and idol worship, sexual depravity of every kind, murder, rape, and so much more; and mankind incurred God’s wrath.  Only a handful of centuries later, mankind had once again become totally depraved and corrupted in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and once again God brought down His wrath and destroyed those cities and everyone within.

I mention this because we have not learned from those examples or any others, and maybe in His planning, we aren’t meant to.  I don’t know.  However, if we are ever to regain the favor of God that our nation once enjoyed, we must find and elect men and woman who are not afraid to boldly proclaim faith in Him, and be willing to lay out and set in motion a plan that reverses the set-backs on our 'social issues.’  As a nation and as a culture, we must have leaders that will lead us in a much needed revival.  If we don’t, we will continue to face judgment after judgment until we become merely a footnote in whatever history is left.  What good is winning elections if we lose the favor of our King?

For quite a while, my friend, Wild Bill for America, has been ending his excellent daily videos which tackle every social issue we face with the message, "America, bless God again.”  I couldn’t agree with him more, and it’s time we as a nation elected some leaders who will do just that.


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"Inciter of hate and violence...extremist"!

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

As the publisher of a patriotic, conservative website, I keep a close ear to what is happening in our country and on the world stage in the arenas of the culture at large, faith/religious issues, politics, and much more. When and where I see things that are counter to our civilization, I do my very best to distill it in easy to understand language and bring it to the attention of my readers.  

My style is very much no holds barred and I am not afraid to tackle any topic.  Be it the constant open attacks on Christianity and Judaism, the shredding of our Constitution and the many other forms of treason that have become rampant in our government, the shoddy treatment of our troops and veterans, the spreading islamization of our country, the horror of abortion, the increasing sexualization of our children and the never ending sexual depravity that we are constantly bombarded with, same sex marriage, the emerging evil in places like Oklahoma, and any number of issues that are fraying the fabric of our society. 

Sometimes the truth of my brutally direct, honest opinions is questioned by the occasional detractor, of which I have my share.  I might add, I am very excited to have them, because it means that while people may not always agree with me, they are reading and thinking about what I have to say; and that is critical.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s monologue.  Normally I am unfazed by negative comments; however, on Thursday, my day started with a message from a 'reader,’ which stated among other things that, "…your periodical, while you stand behind your freedom of press, insights hate and violence.”  It went on say, "…your column posts half-truths and young impressionable people unfortunately get caught up in it.”

Being confused, I politely questioned this, and the response was merely a repeat of the original with some added comments, "…you insight hate, post false information…you are a right wing extremist and your type is dangerous.”  "You remind of the KKK.”  

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America screwed by potus with a pawn/infantryman

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

These will be my final thoughts and comments on the Bowe Berdahl issue.  On Sunday, I wrote and published my thoughts about the case and what I’ve known about it for years.  Based upon everything I had known and understood during those years, I suggested that he be allowed some time with his family, because up until and during the past 48 hours or so, many of the ‘rumors’ are now being backed up with solid evidence.

I will never cease to be amazed how something like this could occur because the information is NOT new; simply the level of scrutiny and investigation.  

Many questions remain for me.  For starters, why was a thorough investigation not conducted from the very beginning?  While Mr. Bergdahl would still be entitled to his day in court, this could and should have been handled much differently.  That is to say, he absolutely should have been called out as a traitor and deserter the minute it was known without a doubt by our military five years ago, and that should have been made general knowledge so that he could have been arrested if he were released without anyone raising any public eyebrows.  Instead they sent men in to die looking for him?!  I believe no real investigation was conducted for the same reasons our government won’t investigate Benghazi or the many other crimes committed by potus.  The truth does not work with their agenda.  I might add, if he had he been publicly shown to be a traitor, the Taliban would have probably had little use for him and finished him off long ago.

The nature of his release suggests to me it was the plan all along.  No amount of political hyperbole can change this for what it was; they call it a routine “prisoner swap” and it absolutely was not.  A normal prisoner swap is what occurs when two or more sovereign nations get together and trade mostly equally important prisoners.  For example, a couple of years ago, we apprehended two Russian spies operating out of Cambridge, MA…we connected with the Russians and did an even trade; two of theirs for two of ours.  

Clearly, the Taliban, a rogue terrorist group, is not a sovereign nation, and even more clearly, this was very lopsided; one low echelon infantryman, (that we now know our military KNEW all along was a deserter) for five very important and dangerous men?!  Our government knew exactly what they were doing, and they used the treason of an obviously very weak-minded deserter to turn him into their pawn, creating a cloud of confusion and misinformation, so that all fingers would point at him.  Yeah, he is definitely a deserter and a traitor, but he is no more or less so than many at the highest levels of government right up to the Oval Office and its occupant.  This was another case of treason upon treason, with some added treason.

The release of Gitmo prisoners was a declaration to all of our enemies that we will negotiate anytime, anywhere.  They are now free to grab any hostage, military or otherwise, of their choosing off any battlefield, city street, public school, assisted living community, bank lobby, or whatever; then simply state their demands and get what they want.  This administration is hell bent on closing Gitmo…regardless of the carnage that will surely come of it.  It is not a matter of IF these men will do us harm, it is a matter of when, where, and how.

The bottom line is that we have been duped since the very beginning.  The administration has been systematically weakening our armed forces and stacking the high command with men and women that will do its bidding, and removing those that will not.  

Finally, I’m still okay with Mr. Bergdahl being able to see his family, however only from behind a glass prisoner window, and preferably seated next to potus and a number of other members of his administration.

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Bergdahl...Pawn or Traitor? Let the military decide

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

So the circus starts.  Without allowing he or his family a moment of privacy or a meal together, or even so much as a welcome home hug, all of the 'experts’ in the blogosphere, some of whom never even heard of this until yesterday, are starting to chime in with their two cents, hoping to be able to claim bragging rights that they "knew all along,” "said before,” and "blah, blah, blah” as the court of public opinion once again rears its ugly head.

I don’t know the specifics of how and why Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl managed to get himself captured, or even if he did simply walk away, turned traitor and switched sides as some have and are suggesting; and to be completely honest, for right now, I don’t care.  What I’d like to see just for a week or so is that he and his family be offered a little dignity, privacy, and respect, and be allowed to have some time together to be thankful that he’s okay and home safe. 

As I have been saying since I first knew of his case years ago, all of the possible desertion stuff and the ugliness around it, which except to those who haven’t been following this case, is by no means new information, is a separate issue.  The first and most important thing was to get him home safely and reunited with his family.  Then, if the government has a case showing wrongdoing on his part, he can and should be charged and tried based upon whatever evidence they have.  If he is found to be a traitor of some sort, so be it; he will be given the proper punishment

However, as a caring American Citizen, Patriot, and the dad of a soldier, all I want to know right now is this; is it asking too much to allow the Berdahl’s a chance to be a family again just for a few days?  Can we not let them rejoice in his safe return before we throw down the gauntlet?  Let’s face it; he’s not going anywhere anytime soon that we won’t know about…that is to say, he does not pose a flight risk.

All of my regular readers know where I stand on such matters.  Just the other day, I discussed my angst at Speaker Boehner calling Edward Snowden a traitor.  Not because I think Mr. Snowden is or isn’t, but because I believe that our leadership has and does commit highly treasonous acts on a daily basis without repercussions.  It’s a ‘look in the mirror’ thing for me.

As far as Sgt. Bergdahl is concerned, let’s leave him alone for a week, allow an investigation to be conducted, and then, if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that he’s done wrong, I’ll be one of the strongest voices for him to face the music and pay the penalty.

Treason is the most serious of offenses.  It puts our country and countrymen in danger, and it cannot and must not be tolerated anywhere.  However, we cannot allow our government to simply hand pick who they deem as such to advance their political agendas, while ignoring the ongoing treason at the highest levels.

At very least, let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt and not try this in the court of public opinion before Bowe has a chance to tell his side of the story.

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Boehner, "Edward Snowden a traitor;" The Pot calling the Kettle black

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

"Edward Snowden is a traitor to our country,” "he damaged our ability to keep Americans safe here and abroad.”  “No other word describes him other than traitor.”  So spoke Speaker of the House John Boehner yesterday with cameras rolling.  When I heard this, I was taken aback for several reasons. In the first place, it doesn’t really matter which side of the hero/traitor fence you find yourself on regarding Edward Snowden.  

What I find galling is that anyone in the House or the Senate has the gonads to call anyone a traitor. Let’s start with the meaning of the word; most dictionaries define 'traitor’ thusly:

"a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.” 

That is to say, a person who causes by act or omission something very bad to happen to his or her country.  That is the label that the US Speaker of the House is laying upon Edward Snowden.  

My questions to you Mr. Speaker, based upon your statement, "…damaged our ability to keep Americans safe here and abroad,” are as follows: 

How is it that you and your colleagues…

…sit by and allow POTUS and his un-elected minions to devastate our military? 

…allow him to turn his back on and insult our allies while appeasing our enemies with money and weaponry?  

…allow our borders to continue to go unchecked with thousands of people including countless OTM’s crossing every day?  

…allow our dependency on foreign energy to grow at an alarming rate?   

…have allowed the overall criminally abysmal treatment of our veterans even before this latest VA tragedy?

Why is nothing done… 

…to secure the immediate release by the Taliban of the only US POW in the Afghan war, S/Sgt. Bowe Berdahl?

…when members of the muslim brotherhood are given positions of high authority in areas critical to our national defense?  

…about the out of control wasteful spending which continues to go unchecked with our debt ceiling continuing to be raised?

…to stop the lingering threat the ACA poses to our economy and health care industry?

…about the total incompetence in every area of government including Congress?

But for space limitations, there are so many other important questions I could add to this list; however every one of them weakens us and “"damages our ability to keep America safe here and abroad,” and they are all directly or indirectly National Security issues.

So Mr. Speaker, my final questions and statement to you today are as follows: 

How is it … 

…you find it so easy to stand there and point the easy, distracting finger at Edward Snowden?  

…none of the leadership in DC offers anything more than lip service to the issues stated above?  

…you all took the same oath to "protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic” while these conditions exist and thrive in the corrupted waters of DC?  

Mr. Speaker, Edward Snowden may and may not be a traitor; however the way many millions of patriotic Americans, including me see it, by allowing all of what I’ve listed above and so much more to continue, you Mr. Speaker, and the vast majority of your colleagues and cronies on both sides of the aisle are the real traitors!  

With rare exceptions, in the name of political expediency and getting re-elected to your cushy, do nothing, part time, wallet fattening jobs, you all turned your collective backs on We the People long ago.  

The same We the People that have been descending on DC by the millions!  The same WTP that say NO to the way you are trying to run roughshod on cattle ranchers and all of our rights!  The same WTP that are sick to death of our government allowing God to be removed from our schools and public venues.  The same WTP that are tired of seeing our precious Constitution shredded!!  

You’re all laughing at us Mr. Speaker, however I’m here to say that We the People are waking up to you and your colleagues; we’ve had it, and we are not going to put up with it any longer.  You and they are on notice!       

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