Tremors of evil in Oklahoma

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Does anyone with even half a brain still think humanity isn’t on a path straight to hell?!  I wish I could say this was a first; however, it is not, and it is certainly not the last.  There is an infamous, if mostly unknown, statue to the enemy of mankind in Madrid, Spain which has been there since the 1880’s. The placement of that mostly forgotten edifice, only a flutter of an eye in time for the spirit realm, was merely cracking the door ajar a bit. However, it is significant given the 'new’ mindset of many in the culture. 

On a daily basis, we see the work of satan.  Christians and others, tortured, burned alive, beheaded, and enslaved around the planet.  We see violent crime of every type on the rise; rape, murder, pornography, pedophilia, and the list goes on and on.

We are seeing more and more of the thinking that satan and the dark side is cool.  As a perfect example of just how far society is falling, look at the recent display at the Grammy’s.  Among other things, the hosts, (CBS) thought it would be a great idea to allow Katy Perry to perform what amounted to a satanic, illuminati ritual right on stage. 

That 'magical’ moment was just the latest in a long list of depravity aired on television.  It reminded me of something that a friend of my mother said well over fifty years ago during a visit.  We were in the living room, and I don’t recall if we were watching it or not; but he looked at the TV and casually stated that it "was the devil’s eye.”  At the time the comment meant nothing; but I never forgot it, and over the years I’ve learned to fully comprehend and agree with it.  It is one of the most efficient tools the great deceiver has ever had at his disposal.  

By now you’re probably wondering, what in the name of hell, (pun intended) am I talking about?  In case you haven’t heard about this very under-reported story, a satanic temple in New York is demanding that the State of Oklahoma allows a seven foot statue of the great deceiver to be constructed and placed next to or at least nearby the display of The Ten Commandments inside the Oklahoma Capitol.  

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Florida Dems say YES to sharia

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Is it just me or are Democrats, (and RINOs) at every level of government hell bent on the destruction of our country?  There is an endless list of examples that I could cite, however this issue just got into my craw today.

We have a lot of serious problems in our nation, and without a doubt, some are more important than others in their scope.  However, few reach the level of the formerly stealthy and now blatant, out in the open, islamization of our culture.  I know some will write this off right here and now because of that last statement as some sort of "islamophobic” something or other, but to quote my friends over at Bare Naked Islam.."It isn’t Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you.”

This week the Florida Senate finally, after many years, brought the issue of anti-sharia Law to a vote on the Senate floor.  Due to the influence of such political hacks as former Senate President Mike Haridopolos who in one of his infamous final acts in that post refused to allow it on the floor, in part due to pressure from CAIR and other similar groups, such bills have previously been stalled, laid dormant, and otherwise not heard.  Allowing this bill to be voted on would have certainly improved his legacy in the minds of a lot of people, myself included.  Kudos to FL Sen. Alan Hayes for never giving up on it.

Simply put, such bills are designed to ensure that no foreign law of any kind, and especially 'sharia Law,’ which in case you don’t know is the thread and fabric of islam, should ever be used in any American Court…regardless of the preference of the parties involved.  This is after all America and we have a perfectly good Constitution of our own.  

I find it stunning that any elected official, sworn to uphold and defend that Constitution would somehow find it okay to vote against any bill that would prevent the imposition of any foreign law. However, enter the liberal democrat mindset!  The recent Florida vote wound up a strict partisan vote which I believe shows exactly where these cowardly fools stand.  Not a few, or even only a half dozen, but every Florida Senator with a 'D’ after his or her name, voted NO on this bill. 

Some of the reasons offered are stunning for their ignorance of the facts.  Senator Eleanor Lobel was quoted as saying, "the message the Senate was sending out was against a specific group of people,” "and there are no individual cases actually on the record of sharia law being implemented in the courts or in any other state."  Not been used Senator Lobel…really?!  Maybe, just like former Gov. Gary Johnson of NM, you should check some of this stuff before you make such outrageous comments.  It’s happened lots of places, Tampa among them.  Have you ever heard of Dearborn, MI? Are you unaware of what goes on with the Police and in courts in that city?  Do you think your constituency isn’t aware of it?

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Social Media 'friends' and Critical Issues

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As publisher of The Patriots Press my goal is to keep things as interesting as possible for all of my readers and I try to cover as many areas and topics as possible.  I also use my personal perspective to condense what I consider to be the hottest news items of the day or week into brief, easy to understand, laser Op/Ed articles that are designed to make the reader think.  There is also space on every article for reader comments, which as long as the content of those comments remain on point, clean, and without abusive language, I do not invoke my right to remove or edit them.

I don’t ask for agreement, but I usually challenge my readers with my opinions and have witnessed some very colorful open dialogue between them.  

As a result of this, I am often invited via the various social networks, like minded media, and by individuals and groups to voice those opinions in the broader public arena at various speaking events and on occasion via live radio broadcasts.  I might add, I am always humbled and honored to do so.    

As often as not, my topics have generally centered around faith and political issues, and I often combine them where I believe necessary; and that brings me to the gist of this very brief article.

I won’t deny for a minute that sometimes I offer something frivolous on my personal pages of the various social media with which I am associated; maybe a clean joke or two, or even the occasional photo of a cute animal. However, on The Patriots Press pages, I try to remain completely focused on the task at hand, and use those pages to distribute my messages, resorting to frivolity only when I consider it pertinent to a recent story.  

Very recently, within the last 48 hours really, a social media group that had solicited my membership quite a while ago decided that my work was no longer welcome on their page.  Then, instead of politely asking via a private message, they made it public on a post of mine that I should stop posting the very information that I would venture prompted them to solicit my membership in the first place.  That post and their comment have since been removed and I have been removed as a member of said group.

Well, I thought about that for a moment.  Some folks might be highly offended or whatever by such an unprovoked action, however I wear such ‘rejections’ as a badge of honor.  Apparently, things I’ve had to say did make some people, at very least the administrators, think about things and issues they find very uncomfortable, and for that I offer no apology.  My writings, warnings, and opinions of world events are regarded by the vast majority of my readers as very important and very timely, and as long as I’m able, I have no intention of slowing down their frequency nor toning down the content.  

I also want to make it very clear that I have no problem with sanitized discussions about girl scout cookie recipes, reminiscing about the good old days of one’s hometown, and all of the other trivial items bandied about as topics of the day, because they are necessary to help us wind down from the harsh realities of the world.  I would however, consider it a great dis-service to my readers if I didn’t attempt to remove their heads from the sands of frivolity and keep them reminded and focused on the really important issues that affect us all. 

That said, I would invite, nay insist, that any group or individual on any of my distribution lists or channels that finds my observations and commentary too painful to read and be posted where they can see them, to please block, un-friend, and or remove me by whatever method is applicable to the media used.  Additionally, while I would appreciate anyone doing so to “man up” and send me a private message as to your intent, it isn’t absolutely necessary as I know who my friends are.

In closing today, I would like to thank all of my faithful readers and and friends for your continued support and encouragement. 


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Cliven Bundy...minor Hoof 'in' Mouth Disease

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Cliven Bundy is a rancher; he works around other ranchers and cattle, and until very recently has probably not been much of a public anything, let alone a public speaker.  Therefore, I believe it safe to say that he isn’t real smooth with his words.

I don’t know Mr. Bundy, and I don’t expect that I ever will.  However, while he obviously lacks polish, it seems to me that he didn’t state anything different than a lot of other people, including myself when it comes to the ‘plight’ of minorities.  

In a nutshell, I don’t think anyone would argue that one of the darkest chapters of America’s history was the era of slavery.  However, no one that knows history should fail to see the similarities between the Cotton, Tobacco, and other plantations of old to the dark chapter of Government Welfare Plantations. 

In the former, those in bondage were held on the plantations with literal whips and chains, and provided with just enough shelter and sustenance to stay alive; it became such a way of life, that many were fiercely loyal to their ‘masters’ for the provisions they had.  

In the latter, those in bondage are held by the metaphorical whips and chains of various programs including just enough shelter and sustenance to stay alive, and it has become such a way of life that many are fiercely loyal to their ‘new masters’ for the provision they have.  

The only real difference is the boundaries of the plantation.  The ‘masters’ are the same and use the same methods of control.  The slaves; old and new, have all been bought with any combination of money, food, shelter, and now cell phones and votes.  The resulting bondage to the ‘masters’ is the same.

That’s what I think Mr. Bundy was probably trying to say.  Sadly, because he now has a huge target on his back, Mr. Bundy is going to be demonized anyway the ‘master’ can find, and this was a prime example.

Be careful Cliven Bundy.

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They're line dancing in hell

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I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat for this little tome, but so be it.  You know that story about the woman in Utah that killed a heavy half dozen of her children that isn’t getting nearly enough notice in the main stream media?  Well, I’ve been doing some thinking about it and naturally I thought I’d share those ponderings. 

The only thing about the Megan Huntsman story that really shocks me is the number of her victims that no one knew about!  Some pretty bizarre facts surround this case; such as no one, not the three grown children living in the house with Megan Huntsman during the events, not one nosey neighbor, not her husband, not even a passing stray dog ever picked up the scent of death?!  No one took notice that not one, not two, or even three, let alone all seven of her babies were missing?!  

I won’t belabor all of the bizarre twists, as the reported story is just too loaded with unanswered questions.  However, what really shocks me is the double standard.

According to the story, there are only six counts of murder, so I’m thinking that one of the babies may have been stillborn.  However, in light of the intense lobby constantly pushing for more 'reproductive/abortion’ rights, including late term and post-partum abortion, which potus is apparently all good withthe question I considered is why is she being charged at all?

In another case that I’ve always considered a very extreme example of post-partum abortion, coming up on 4 years ago, Casey Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2 year old baby Caylee.  Whatever actually happened to that precious child, we’ll never know, however Casey at very least knows more than was ever divulged.  The bottom line in that case was Caylee was found in a trash bag, like so much garbage, in a wooded area.  God knows the real story, and it’s now between Him and Casey.

Getting back to Megan though; had she visited Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider, those babies would have been destroyed 'legally’ with no murder charges attached right up to the moments just before or just after any of the births.  The way I see it, she simply eliminated the middleman as it were.  Either way, clinic or kitchen sink, those babies would be no less brutally butchered and dead. 

How is it that the abortion rights camp is silent on this?  Where is it written that the brutality of abortion has to be performed in a clinic?  Was Megan not simply exercising her 'right’ to abort unwanted pregnancies?  In a world where criminal trespassers are called "undocumented immigrants” and drug dealers are treated like "unlicensed pharmacists,” not to mention a Federal Government that has reduced itself to a crime syndicate via events such as Fast and Furious and Benghazi, why is this woman not getting a similar pass?

For real, I do not understand murder charges against this woman when approximately 3500 or so babies in the US meet their maker via abortion providers every single day without earthly penalty.  Does a medical degree or licensing from a state somehow lessen the degree or horror of the carnage?  Was the stuffing of her 'home abortions’ into cardboard boxes and leaving them in the garage any more or less gruesome than the recent heating of hospitals in the UK by incinerating 15,000 or more aborted babies?

Friends, I think you get my point by now.  It’s not so much about the deed, as it is who sanctions it. The silence from both sides of this issue is deafening.  On the left, we have Planned Parenthood, a group with huge taxpayer funding which was founded by racist Margaret Sanger whose intent was the extermination of the “negro” race.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry as a whole, if the truth be told of what they do, should be rushing to this woman’s aid since she was doing the same thing they do.  Baby murder is murder no matter who sanctions it or the method used.

On the right, no one that finds abortion, pre or post natal, as abhorrent as I do should be silent.  This entire story lends a lot of credibility to my recent and continuing study of the growing destruction of our youth, whether via abortion right from the start or via the rapidly increasing scourge of pedophilia.  

As I have previously written aboutwe have resorted back to offering our children to molech via their destruction, and I have to believe that he and satan are joining their demons doing the happy dance together in the bowels of hell.

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