Make No Mistake, Know What "No" Means

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Boy is my underwear in a bunch today.  We have a lot of problems in our nation; way more than anyone could list in an Op/Ed.  Today’s issue is going to cause my inbox to fill up with lots of different commentary that will range from agreeing with me to shunning me for casting their guy in a bad light.  So be it.  As always, I call them like I see them; if that earns me an enemy or two, c’est la vie.

I’ll start off with a question for everyone.  How did we arrive at a place where the Congress actually had to vote on whether or not We the People should pay for transgendered military personnel to undergo “gender reassignment” surgery..?!  It seems to me that not that long ago when one started a career in the military; he or she simply joined and did what he or she was told to do, or suffered the consequences.  Uniforms and hair styles were not subject to debate or personal preference; men had their hair shaved off with a number one hair clipper and women wore a short, neat, and easy to manage style.  They ate in one place and no one asked them if they liked the accommodations.  It was the military; they joined knowing what to expect and they sucked it up, or on occasion they got tossed out.  

No more apparently; now anything goes and the security of America be damned.  If one chooses to wear a head scarf or facial hair for “religious” reasons, or anything else that used to be considered out of uniform, it’s okay, because we certainly don’t want anyone’s precious feelings or self-esteem hurt.  No sir, today everything is on the table and if one is so inclined to live a transgendered lifestyle, he or she is not required to seek counseling; instead, everyone else has to take some sort of sensitivity training.  Well you know what, I’m about done with society having to put up with and coddle such behavior that up until about forty years or so ago was, and I might add rightly, classified as a psychological disorder.  I’m even more enraged that some of the geniuses that have managed to get themselves elected to public office think it’s just fine and dandy for you and me to pay for their fantasies.

Look, when I’m not sitting at my keyboard writing the truth about what’s going on and what most sane people think but are afraid to say, (or as liberals call it, “hate speech”) I’m just like most people; I get up every day and do my best to eke out a living and keep a roof over my head and food on the table.  Every dollar I make and have to pay in taxes is soaked in sweat and blood; and while I recognize that taxes are necessary to keep critical services and infrastructure up and running, I am righteously incensed that the Congress would even consider bringing such a matter to the floor.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the text was deliberately twisted and convoluted in such a manner so that like many Amendments that We the People get to vote on, it becomes hard to tell what the correct vote is. 

And that language manipulating is where much of my angst stems from today.  Was the wording of this bill a tad confusing..?  Perhaps..!  Should it really matter as far as the actual vote is concerned..?  No it should not..! 

While every one of them was disastrously wrong in doing so, one of the 24 Republican members of the House that voted the wrong way on this bill happens to be my Congressman, Brian Mast.  I know the Congressman and I like him and his family; I’ve interviewed him and been a guest in his home before he ever ran for office.  However, I cannot give him a pass on this vote and while showing angst at the others; what I have to say overshadows personalities.
Brian, you know me, and you know the group I associate with a great deal of the time; I don’t feel the need to mention their names, but they are all Patriots and people who worked their tails off to get you elected.  You may have noticed that at social and other gatherings, I very often tend stay off to one side of the room and just listen and observe.  While I don’t always say a lot, I do in fact listen intently to my peers and like the majority of them I am extremely put out at how you have handled this matter.

You voted “No” when you should have voted “Yes,” you then suddenly became aware of this inexcusable error and went on record stating that you made a mistake.  Mistake or not, your name is still listed in the “No” column and as far as I know, that won’t change; and even if it does, the damage of it is still done.

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The President And The Swamp...

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Let me start by saying that I have and do support President Trump.  I absolutely never expected to agree with everything he says or does; however I have questions about the swamp.

I won’t pretend to know everything that a new administration has to get done during the transition between Election Day and Inauguration Day.  It has to be a daunting task.  I also know that DC and the surrounding area is a really big swamp with far reaching tentacles and it takes time to drain something like that, but the White House is a very small pond in that swamp, and from where I sit that part of the swamp still has too many critters that enjoyed swimming with the previous administration and are now undermining the current administration.

One of the biggest offenses are the close associates of Huma Abedin, Valerie Jarrett, and Hillary such as Dina Habib Powell, (a Muslim) and known rat who is the current U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor.  Apparently her only qualifications for the post are her connections to the above mentioned as well as Ivanka Trump.  There are other former “obamabots” who are still allowed to hang on, and that’s where a lot of Americans are getting more than a little rattled.

Instead of talking about “draining the swamp,” how about starting with a little focus on draining the local pond of the White House..?!  During the transition, a list could and should have been drawn up and people like DHP should have been shown the door on January 20, 2017.  Even many of the low level staffers, maintenance personnel, and “domestic” staff should have been scrutinized and removed where need be.  They may not be “important,” but they see and hear things that are valuable to those trying to tear down a leader.

Moving on to the other various parts of the swamp; the Pentagon is a cesspool that has been infiltrated with many from the “lone wolf packs and grapevines” I wrote about recently.  How many Muslims still sit in positions of authority in areas of National Security..?!  Until a foolproof way is devised to differentiate between which are friend or foe, any serious strategist not bound by any p/c insanity would remove any Muslim from any such position or involvement in our military complex starting with the Pentagon, and then down through the ranks.

You have a good man in “Mad Dog,” let him do his job and remove those individuals he knows in his gut he cannot trust.

Every Cabinet/department head should be of impeccable character and be given free rein to remove those who remain loyal to the previous administration or any of its allies.

While I never expected the draining to happen overnight, I certainly believed it would have started by now, and it hasn’t, at least not in a visual, tangible way.

So there you go; President Trump, slogans like “drain the swamp” and “lock her up” cannot go down in history as just slogans.  They need to take place, and people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, and so many others need to be investigated like anyone else and be punished accordingly for their insidious crimes.  The blood of their victims from Extortion 17, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and Seth Rich, to name a few, scream for justice.  I might add; Eric Holder is now mulling a run for 2020; good grief, I would hope he is behind bars by then.

The time for talking about it is over.  Drain the swamp and fill the jails; let’s get this done..!

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Lone Wolf Packs And Grapevines...

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It seems like every other day some jihad driven Muslim “lone wolf” commits some sort of attack somewhere on the planet and we are told not to jump to conclusions by all of the talking heads, only to find out in the ensuing hours how the perpetrator was a “home grown” this, or someone that was “on the radar” that.  And of course, whether they are directly involved or not, the good folks over at ISIS rarely miss the opportunity to take the credit. 

Of late, the UK and France seem to be the preferred targets.  Part of me thinks that those areas are targeted due to the inability of the citizens of those countries to arm and defend themselves; and while we certainly see such attacks occurring more and more in America, there are fewer due to the fact that said “lone wolves” know that the guy or gal standing next to them might very well be armed and ready to drop them before they can finish their chant and say “ackbar.”  However, another part of me thinks that given the huge Muslim populations of those nations, a point is being made that they are strong and in control; points strengthened by the limp, placid responses issued by those governments.

My point today really has nothing to do with the place or the reasons for the attacks; what I really don’t understand is the whole “lone wolf” terminology regarding the offenders.  It is almost as if the government/media complex is trying to somehow convince the masses that the problem isn’t as big as it is, giving people some sort of a false sense of security. 

In the animal kingdom, there are lone wolves that for one reason or another are not part of a pack.  Maybe they got forced out by a stronger male, maybe they got sick or lost their mother and somehow survived.  In any case, those four legged lone wolves lead their dangerous solitary existence fending for themselves by foraging and killing without contact with other wolves until the day they finally succumb to illness or other predators.

Are there loners in the world we live in..?  There absolutely are; there are those who for various reasons have chosen to isolate themselves from society and keep to themselves even as they live among us.  Certainly there are others who take isolation to the extreme and escape to the wilderness, live far off the grid, and fend for themselves come what may.

However, the idea that any jihadi ever acts as a “lone wolf” is preposterous.  They learn what to do and how to do it via their networks.  Even when they strike “alone,” they are still doing so as part of a vast connected group, which is why I refer to them as a worldwide “lone wolf pack.”

It is only after the fact, we check to see where they’ve visited and who they might have been in contact with; we check their social media profiles, their homes, and their computers.  Too often we find they are or recently were in contact with and/or followed the teachings of some very sinister individuals.

I liken their closeness to a bunch of grapes on a vine; while each grape is a separate fruit by itself, they all cluster very closely and draw their nourishment from the same source.

If we in the West don’t get serious and chop down the “lone wolf grapevine” and destroy its roots very soon, the consequences are very easy to predict. 

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President Trump's Legacy...

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I have been loosely watching and listening to the Inaugural Events via friends who are there, news reports, and social media, and a really cool thought struck me.  When Ronald Reagan was sworn in back in 1981, I was twenty-six years old and just getting started out in life.  A lot of changes took place in my life during his presidency, not the least of which was the birth of my son; and my son grew up watching President Reagan, at least enough to form an opinion.  That opinion was one that has lasted to this day; my son loved him and still admires his legacy.

Remembering that, it occurs to me that my grandchildren as well as all of the sons and daughters and grandchildren around the country and to a large degree, the rest of the world will “grow up” with President Trump at the helm.  I won’t get to meet more than a handful of those young people; however I will be interested to watch and listen to see if they grow up respecting and admiring President Trump as much as many Americans still revere President Reagan. 

I think it is very cool that we very likely have a new hero for them to look up to and I can only hope that my vision and that of so many more who supported this man can indeed look back one day and say “I miss Trump” the way many of us now still say “I miss Reagan.”

Mr. President, beginning the restoration of this nation will be your legacy to our children, and it will take many more years than your time in office.  I don’t envy you your task nor will I always agree with how you approach it, but I always have and always will respect you.  

Lay down a great foundation for recovery and pave the way for those who will follow you by making sure the wrong people are removed and replaced with the right people.  

Godspeed to you Mr. Donald J. Trump, the forty-fifth President of these United States of America.


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Voting And Counting, Stalin Was Right...

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What a year 2016 was.  Everyone is going to have something to say about it, and especially the election. Only time will tell, but I believe we got a reprieve, a final chance to right some wrongs and turn away from our national sinful decline.

I don’t know how long we’ll have to maintain this reprieve, but one way I’ve considered and shared for a while is a major change in the voting infrastructure.  Many years ago, long before most of us alive today were even born, Joseph Stalin was famously quoted as stating something along the lines of “it’s not the vote that counts, but who counts the votes.”  I don’t know for sure if he said it or not because not everyone had a smart phone in their pocket back then, but it is never the less true and plays out in almost every election, both here in America and abroad.

I also know this, before, during, and after every election there is what has become the normal spate over cheating and voter fraud.  I might add, much of it is warranted.

I suppose I could add to the fray of those bitching about it, but instead, I have come up with at least two viable ways that I believe would drastically reduce it.

What we have now…

To the best of my knowledge, every voter jurisdiction in the United States, be it a county seat, parish, territory, or whatever, has a singular Supervisor of Elections, or SOE.  That singular SOE controls everything to do with voting in his or her jurisdiction.  That includes maintaining and updating voter records, relocations, deaths, absentee and provisional ballots; making certain that all polling places are compliant with all voting laws, all machines are operating correctly, training of staff, etc.  In short, the veracity of the vote falls squarely on the shoulders of the SOEs and quite frankly, many, if not most of them are far from being paragons of virtue and ethics.  For my money, some of them should be in prison.

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