Conventions are over, time for the real games

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Well, both of the conventions are over.  We’ve had a chance to hear what each party is thinking, and what they’re trying to sell us; and over the next 59 days we will be bombarded in the press as they slug it out before We the People go to the polls and decide whether we want to continue on the course of destruction that we’re on and plunge over the cliff with Obama at the helm, or give a man with proven ability to fix big problems a chance to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done.

Already, at least one ranking Democrat, in the person of Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman Mark Siegel has hurt his party with remarks so vile that he has stepped down.  How many more such huge gaffs will hurt both parties during the upcoming melee for the survival of our great nation is anyone’s guess. 

In the end, it is incumbent upon all of us to educate ourselves and ensure that the process works to the best of its ability, and that we all get out and work for our candidates, whoever they may be.  We need to make calls, walk the neighborhoods, reach into our pockets, and do whatever else we can to make sure people get out and vote.  

I’ve been around for a long time, and I thought I’d seen things as bad as they can get; but I was wrong.  If we don’t do everything we can to make a change on November 6th, I truly believe we will face and witness an event that will make even the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930’s look like a walk in the park on Sunday.  God help us. 

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America, Imams, and the DNC

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With the Democratic National Convention only a matter of hours away, I decided to express my thoughts about the decidedly un-American plans they have in store.

Already, many prominent democrats have railed against the ‘failings’ of the recently concluded Republican National Convention which included speeches about the greatness of America, what is needed to right the course for future generations, and ended with great promise and distinction.  We got to know a lot about the candidates vying to unseat the current regime and reverse its destructive policies, and they talked a great game; the kind of game we’ve been hoping and looking for since Ronal Reagan. 

The Republican Party and candidates are by no means perfect, far from it even.  However, for all of their faults, there is a basic decency that shines through from them and the party.  They don’t always agree amongst themselves on every issue, and I certainly don’t always agree with them on every issue, but at the end of the day, when good old fashioned common sense is needed, they tend to take the high road and do the right thing.

Case in point.  Regardless of one’s religious/faith affiliation, it is impossible in my eyes to not recognize that large elements and segments of islam, have been in a very long and protracted war with the west, and the United States in particular.  Simply put, they and their minions are focused on destroying our way of life, and replacing it with their brand of forced acceptance, intolerance, and servitude; none of which is consistent with American Ideology.  I believe as a whole, the Republican Party understands this very real threat to our way of life, and is ready to stand up to it and do whatever is needed to quell it.

I was impressed and happy to see that during the opening and closing of each day at the RNC, a prayer was offered up to our creator, and was done so by either Christian or Jewish Clergy.  Certainly, these benedictions by such clergy are reflective of and speak to our core American Heritage and Foundations.

Also, very clearly making a statement, however to the contrary of what America is; not only was the offer by Cardinal Dolan to deliver the opening invocation rejected by the Democrat Party, the opening ceremonies of the DNC will include a reported 2 hour prayer by a muslim imam.  Some people might scoff at that and call me an ‘islamophobe’ or other such ridiculous names, and I don’t care. 

What I know is this.  The DNC takes place just before the anniversary of 9/11; eleven years to the day that 19 men screaming “allahu akbar” crashed planes into the WTC and Pentagon, and murdered 3,000 innocent men, women, and children.  Those men worshipped and prayed to the same ‘allah’ that, because of political correctness or who knows what, will be prayed to during the opening ceremonies of the DNC.  Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and whatever; you need to really think about that.

Wake up America.  The wolves are not only in the hen house, they are warming up the ovens in the kitchen and plucking the chickens.


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Jack and the Beanstalk, a real life Metaphor.

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Like all fairy tales, this story has a moral and is metaphorical, (actually, there are a number of metaphors one could draw).  We’re all familiar with the Jack and the Beanstalk story and it’s multiple, mixed moral messages.  It’s title suggests that it is strictly about someone named Jack and a Beanstalk, but in reality it has little to do with the beanstalk, (except as a method for Jack to get up to and down from the Castle in the clouds).  

It’s really about a ne’er do well kid named Jack who didn’t pay attention to his mother, did something real stupid, and due to, nay, in spite of a series of improbable events, including stealing something, he turns out okay. 

It is of course a fantasy, but a quick read between the lines shows how it parallels real life in a lot of ways.  Of course the premise of the story is as follows:  Jack’s mother sends Jack to market with a cow to trade, he gets ‘seemingly’ swindled into trading it for a bag of ‘magic beans.’   When he arrives home exuberant over his purchase and what the beans can supposedly do, she gets understandably upset and throws them out the window.  Well naturally the beans take root overnight, it wouldn’t be a fairy tale if something ridiculous like this didn’t take place, and grow into a huge beanstalk, which ascends the clouds.

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Elections, Delays, Executive Privilege, and Inaugurations

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I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day and we talked about a lot of stuff; business, life, politics, the coming elections, and other weighty matters.  During our chat, my friend brought up an issue that has just been nagging the snot out of me ever since.

I would guess that most people understand that we have a substantial delay between the time a president is elected and the day he or one day she takes the oath of office.

Putting aside the 20th Amendment, which calls for the delay, for a minute; I suppose it was needed due to how slow communication and travel issues were back then when we went from a full six months delay to the current two and a half months.  

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Chinese Lanterns and Politicians....little difference

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Okay, as previously discussed, I had a fun day on the 4th.  There were some strange things happening and I intend to let you all know about that tomorrow.  However, I saw something last night that I have never seen before and I wanted to share the experience and photos with you.  

I enjoyed some fireworks in Wellington, FL, grabbed the beginning of a great story, and while waiting for the traffic to die down before even attempting to leave the parking lot, we saw some people letting loose some 'Chinese lanterns.'  As you can see from the picture, they are pretty simple devices.  

No bigger than an apartment clothes hamper and made of very lite material with a small tray of burning fluid for the heat, they are basically a miniature, un-piloted hot air balloon.  I definitely thought they were very cool; however I couldn’t help but be reminded of liberal politicians of both parties.  Not much in the way of substance, and held aloft with a bunch of hot air via a spark that quickly burns out and crashes to the ground.   Anyway, enjoy the photo.

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