What A Disgrace

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What the hell happened up in St. Lucie County before and since Election Day?  That is a question that has been fought both in courts of law and in the court of public opinion.  It is also a question that will never be satisfied.  

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t completely understand all of the legal twists and turns; however I was a front row witness to a lot of lies, cheating, and what I believe to be out and out fraud.  

Let me be clear; questions about the integrity of the vote, and especially the early vote in St. Lucie County arose from the very beginning.  The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, did not respond to those questions; not to the media, and certainly not to the public.  

Rallies took place, letters were written, time and energy was spent, and the situation was watched, (mostly thanks to social media) from around the nation and world.  Promises were made and broken by the SOE.  

For starters, if there was only one, there were too many cases where votes cast outweighed voter registration; and there were dozens.  In one such case, Precinct 93, it has been widely reported that 900 votes were cast, and there were only 7 people registered.  The percentages of other precincts are equally outrageous, as are the convoluted answers for most of the higher numbers which revolve around the ‘two card’ system used.  

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Death Knell For America

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In a sad day for America, Obama has been re-elected.  The takers have won, and our once great nation has been dealt a final death blow. We The People will continue to strive and fight to overcome, but the reality is, the United States of America will not survive this second term.  

Here’s why.  The Supreme Court will now become a complete bastion of radical liberalism, and will remain so for decades; the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments will be watered down rendering them useless; Obama Care will never go away; the debt will spiral completely out of control; our natural resources will all but completely cease to be tapped; the price of fuel, goods, and services will skyrocket, the financial markets will crash, the administration and all his minions will continue their crimes; Israel will face its enemies alone, the UN Small Arms Treaty and Agenda 21 will come at us full bore, all illegal trespassers will be given amnesty, our military will become a total shambles, we will become ‘flexible’ with the Russians, and the list goes on and on.

By this time next year, the nation will be unrecognizable, and by the end of the second term, the country will be in complete shambles and we will be at the complete mercy of our enemies.

God help us. 

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Integrity....Who Really Has It

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Last night, I saw a TV ad in which the Obama Administration took aim at Mitt Romney and his integrity.  Loosely paraphrased, it started out defining integrity as “….doing and saying what you believe when you think no one is watching;” and then using that to further twist Governor Romney’s “45%” comment of several weeks ago.  I found it interesting that this administration has the gall to attack the integrity of anyone, under any conditions; but especially given the president’s discussion in March with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  As a reminder, the trans-scripted conversation went as follows:

Obama says, "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it's important for him to give me space." 

Mr. Medvedev replies: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you …" 

Mr. Obama retorts: "This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility." 

How’s that for integrity Mr. President?  All you were doing was, among other things, discussing selling our country out to more of our enemies.  And of course this is merely one example of the ‘integrity’ of this administration.  The list of his ‘acts of integrity’ is long and ruinous.  Some examples are Fast and Furious, Benghazi, supporting drilling in So. America while preventing drilling our own, bowing to foreign kings, disrespecting our allies, increasing our debt to the $16T mark and rising daily, aiding the muslim brotherhood in the mid-east and on the home front, and circumventing congress at every turn, etc., etc.

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What's a Conservative....What's a Liberal?!

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I was having a brief chat with a young lady yesterday; all of about 20 years old, and from what I can tell, a very nice girl.  She has asked me questions about what I do with this publication and what it’s all about, so I gave her a brief outline.  When the conversation got to my very conservative leanings, she asked me what that meant.  I didn’t quite understand the question; but she really didn’t know what being ‘conservative’ means.  I gave her a very fast thumbnail explanation of the term citing smaller government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations; and she kind of understood…sorta.  

Well, that chat inspired some thought, and I decided that it’s more than likely that many of her age group, (all age groups really) may not really understand the differences between conservatives and liberals, and all those in the middle, etc.  

So, Cherisse, thank you for bringing this to my attention; this article is addressed to you, and the many others, mostly younger people like yourself, that have never been taught or heard anything different than one might expect from the agenda of a modern public school system.  I hope it will give you some sort of real insight as to where ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ are coming from.  As you’ll see, you have to consider your own values and principles, and balance them between what happens, what you might like to happen, and what should happen according to the law of the land, (i.e., the US Constitution).

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Florida's 18th US Congressional District: Another Clear Choice

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With Election Day and all of the political races heating up and drawing to the grand finale, much of the focus has been on the Presidential Race.  However, among the other most closely watched races, financed heavily by the left against Republicans, is the newly created US House seat identified as Florida’s 18th US Congressional District.

In that race, freshman US Representative Allen West is facing political newcomer Patrick Murphy.  I thought I’d take a closer look at that race and share my thoughts.

Make no mistake about it; Allen West is making waves and powerful enemies in DC.  The proof of that bears out in the millions of PAC dollars and attack ads against him.  The liberals hate him, and have accused him of everything from beating up seniors and hating women to torturing an insurgent in a war zone, and twisting lots of other stuff to mar his record and good name.

In reality, Allen West is a proven leader who is not afraid to do what needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.  Case in point is the much ballyhooed incident in Iraq in which a detainee, insurgent, enemy, or whatever else one cares to call him had information concerning an imminent attack against then Lt. Colonel West’s unit.  The ‘sanitized’ interrogation methods being utilized up to the point where Allen West stepped in were simply not working, and the ‘intel’ was desperately needed immediately.  Therefore, Allen West took matters into his own hands; essentially, he removed the insurgent from the interrogation area and discharged a pistol round near his head, likely causing a bit of tinnitus.  Was this an approved technique?  No it was not.  In fact, Lt. Colonel West broke the rules, and he knew it was going to cost his career dearly.  

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