Florida's 18th US Congressional District: Another Clear Choice

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

With Election Day and all of the political races heating up and drawing to the grand finale, much of the focus has been on the Presidential Race.  However, among the other most closely watched races, financed heavily by the left against Republicans, is the newly created US House seat identified as Florida’s 18th US Congressional District.

In that race, freshman US Representative Allen West is facing political newcomer Patrick Murphy.  I thought I’d take a closer look at that race and share my thoughts.

Make no mistake about it; Allen West is making waves and powerful enemies in DC.  The proof of that bears out in the millions of PAC dollars and attack ads against him.  The liberals hate him, and have accused him of everything from beating up seniors and hating women to torturing an insurgent in a war zone, and twisting lots of other stuff to mar his record and good name.

In reality, Allen West is a proven leader who is not afraid to do what needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.  Case in point is the much ballyhooed incident in Iraq in which a detainee, insurgent, enemy, or whatever else one cares to call him had information concerning an imminent attack against then Lt. Colonel West’s unit.  The ‘sanitized’ interrogation methods being utilized up to the point where Allen West stepped in were simply not working, and the ‘intel’ was desperately needed immediately.  Therefore, Allen West took matters into his own hands; essentially, he removed the insurgent from the interrogation area and discharged a pistol round near his head, likely causing a bit of tinnitus.  Was this an approved technique?  No it was not.  In fact, Lt. Colonel West broke the rules, and he knew it was going to cost his career dearly.  

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A Clear Choice

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

Just some thoughts of mine as the calendar closes in on Election Day and in the simplest terms possible, what it all means.

Putting aside all of the other very important races, we have to ask some questions; starting with, regardless of which presidential candidate prevails, the incumbent president or the challenger, will things really change?  I say they will, but only to the degree of how more or less bad things will be.

Under the current administration, we have joined much of the rest of the world and are currently on a disastrous course economically, have likely already become Greece minus the formality of declaring it, and crashed through the guardrail and well into the death fall off the cliff.  Sadly, too many of the lemmings in this country won’t recognize it until we come to a sudden crashing halt at the bottom and everything goes up in flames, and then they’ll blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror.

To be completely fair and honest, the current president did not start us on this course, (as it has been building up for many decades, since the Wilson Administration even).  However since taking office, he has not only done nothing to steer us off of it, he has accelerated the speed at which we are travelling to the edge, lying about it all the way.  

Understanding as I do his true nature; that of an anti-Colonialist with exclusively anti-American, radical, and communist mentors and teachers throughout his life, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that his goal is and always was to destroy America.  I also believe that he is not only very aware that his policies are driving the final nails in our coffin, he is glad to see it.  

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I'm Not Voting

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I have heard that sort of rhetoric several times this cycle, from what I consider otherwise very intelligent people.  That would be several times too many.  In what may be my shortest Op/Ed article ever, I have this to say.

Not voting IS VOTING!  If you squirm every time you see something from this administration that defies logic; if you gag when you hear them pandering to an enemy; if you recognize that the make-up of the current Supreme Court is in dire straits and will get much worse; and if you’re bothered by what’s going on, and you just can’t stand it anymore, but you just don’t really 'love’ Romney, because he wasn’t your first choice.  I get it!  Really, I do, I get it.

But here’s what I get more than anything else; NOT VOTING, MORE THAN EVER, IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS VOTING FOR OBAMA.  

For God’s sake, this administration has legions of dead people voting for it; please don’t make the mistake of not off-setting a dead person.  Bite your tongue, grit your teeth, eat some crow, hold your nose if you have to; but damn it all to hell, get out and vote for Mitt Romney!  Any other vote or non-vote is a vote for a second term of Barack Hussein Obama; one which we will never recover from.

Don’t even think that somehow voting your conscience and casting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is the ticket.  Neither of them can win, and both of them know that, and I might add, if they truly loved this country, would drop out of the race and support Romney.  Simply put, our nation cannot afford anything less than a Romney victory.  

Think long and hard America, the future of our nation depends on you. 


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"Hey Buddy, can you spare a Billion?"

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Here’s a sobering thought for a Thursday.  We hear a lot about our National Debt being $16 Trillion; in reality after combining Social Security mandates and a bunch of other stuff that is never discussed, the true number far exceeds $80 Trillion.

Anyway, for the sake of today’s thought, I’m going to work with the $16 Trillion figure.  Most people can imagine what a puny thing like a Million or even a Billion is.  However, a lot of people can’t get their arms around such a number as a Trillion, so I’ll break it down; a Trillion is a Thousand Billion, and a Billion is of course a Thousand Million.

Keeping that in mind, I did some fast math.  To make this math work, the US Government would first have to grind to a dead stop and completely stop spending, which is impossible.  If they then got serious and started paying off the debt of $16 Trillion at the rate of $100,000,000.00 a day, (that’s $100 Million) it would take 10 days to pay off a Billion.  

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Conventions are over, time for the real games

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

Well, both of the conventions are over.  We’ve had a chance to hear what each party is thinking, and what they’re trying to sell us; and over the next 59 days we will be bombarded in the press as they slug it out before We the People go to the polls and decide whether we want to continue on the course of destruction that we’re on and plunge over the cliff with Obama at the helm, or give a man with proven ability to fix big problems a chance to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done.

Already, at least one ranking Democrat, in the person of Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman Mark Siegel has hurt his party with remarks so vile that he has stepped down.  How many more such huge gaffs will hurt both parties during the upcoming melee for the survival of our great nation is anyone’s guess. 

In the end, it is incumbent upon all of us to educate ourselves and ensure that the process works to the best of its ability, and that we all get out and work for our candidates, whoever they may be.  We need to make calls, walk the neighborhoods, reach into our pockets, and do whatever else we can to make sure people get out and vote.  

I’ve been around for a long time, and I thought I’d seen things as bad as they can get; but I was wrong.  If we don’t do everything we can to make a change on November 6th, I truly believe we will face and witness an event that will make even the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930’s look like a walk in the park on Sunday.  God help us. 

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