My Big Fat, Gay, Muslim Wedding

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The title is composed of words that will never be spoken by anyone ever!  I was sitting in my office thinking about all the recent, stepped up maneuvering and lawsuits by Big Gay with regards to forcing Christian business owners to do things against their core beliefs and principles.  Specifically; regarding services provided for same sex weddings and the other faith or moral conflicting events which this will open the door to.  While refusing to render such services based upon religious or personal reasons is not illegal yet for the targeted groups, it is fast becoming a front burner issue in legislative bodies across the country.

A lot of people might say that it’s not just Christians or Jews that are the focus of this; however, I completely disagree and will do my best to briefly prove my case.  

For starters, we only hear of Christian business owners being targeted on this issue.  Never have I heard of a Muslim baker, caterer, function hall manager, or any other such business being asked and/or forced to perform something they would find egregious.  

Nor will it ever happen!  No Muslim baker will ever be forced to bake a gay wedding cake or a cake in the shape of a pig for a special event, nor will a Muslim function manager be forced to allow or serve alcohol, and never will a Muslim caterer be forced to serve non-halal foods. 

Examples abound!  Taxi drivers in MN airports, the overwhelming percentage of which are Muslim, have been known to refuse fares that may be carrying alcohol or other ‘objectionable’ items, and outright refuse anyone with a service animal, (animals are considered filthy).    

Maybe no one remembers that Muslim cashiers in many stores do not have to touch or ring up non-halal products like pork, etc.; or how about all of those driver’s licenses that look like burkas?  What about this video of a young cashier in an Australian KFC who apparently had a little too much coffee before his shift and got very ‘emotional’ after a customer ordered some bacon and then started recording his rant?  Don’t even say it; that could happen here.  

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Patriots Strong!

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Very recently I received an email sent via my circle of friends and readers.  The email highlighted a short letter that was forwarded by a member of a group that I have been honored to be associated with over the past several years. They are an amazing group of men and women that serve as honor guard at numerous events such as military and police funerals, homecomings, honor flights, and an array of other venues which honor men and women of valor of all ages.

When I read the short letter, I was stunned at the author’s shallow position on patriotism.  Essentially, he feels that the only Americans that have proven by their actions that they are patriots are those that have worn the uniform of the US Military.  As he states, “It dawned on me that many of us call ourselves patriots (one of 3 mandatory factors* to being an actual 'American', versus just a US Citizen), and a few of us 'regular' folks are indeed patriots; but please consider this - There is but one group, and one group alone, that can actually PROVE they are US patriots: the men and women of the US Armed Forces.”

Make no mistake, everyone knows that I have nothing but the utmost respect and esteem for our veterans and our men and women in uniform that do what they do, so that all of us can do what we do.  I am humbled every day by their heroism and service on our behalf.  

Of course, the writer is certainly entitled to his opinions; however, speaking for myself and no doubt many millions of Americans, I take extreme umbrage with his vacant assertion on patriotism.

For starters, let’s see what the very word Patriot means.  According to Webster’s Dictionary it means the following; ”a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country,” and “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.”  In neither of these definitions does it specify military service as a precursor for the label.  But that is just to lay the groundwork for my point.

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The Big Apple has a communist core!

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Since its opening, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the So. Florida Fair this year.  The lights, the sights, and the sounds are all very cool.  The people watching is great, and there’s lots of fun stuff to do.  My favorite thing this year has been the sand sculpture in the main pavilion.

Just an amazing work of art has been created from simple sand and water depicting multiple scenes from NYC.  From the prominently centered Statue of Liberty to some of the well-known skyscrapers and bridges, right down to the Wall St. Bull, Broadway, the subway, and a cab.  It’s all there; all the things we associate with NYC!

While I watched the sculptors sculpt and smooth, and do all of the things needed to create such a piece, I talked to them just a bit and asked what would become of it after the Fair was done.  Simply put; by virtue of it being nothing more than sand and water, it will be unceremoniously scooped onto dump trucks and hauled away to wherever the sand is needed.  Temporarily beautiful for a moment and then gone…done!

And then the irony hit me!  For all of its problems, NYC is, or at least was, a beautiful city with lots to offer. However, under the recent city administrations and now the newly seated mayor, NYC has transformed itself into a city made of sand and water, and just like the sand sculpture it is destined to collapse.  

Here’s why!  NYC has just finished the illegal and contentious third term reign of Michael Bloomberg, a very liberal, socialist leader that for much of his tenure he was overly pre-occupied with his desire to dis-arm all Americans.  All the while being protected by a gaggle of armed to the teeth security, I might add.

Enter Barack Obama’s dream come true; Bill DiBlasio, the man that will no doubt be scooping up many of the headlines while Obama and his minions use those distractions to continue their destruction of America.  Frankly, I expected NYC to elect another wishy-washy liberal, (independent or democrat) with socialist leanings; however the voters have outdone themselves this time by electing an avowed communist.  By the way, that isn’t just a bunch of hype; even the Washington Times has his number.

Since all the failed socialist policies didn’t work, I guess they figured, “…what the heck, let’s give full blown communism a shot.”  I’m guessing that either there are no refugees from Cuba or China, or even the ‘old’ Soviet Union living up there, or they’ve been very silent; because I sure didn’t hear anyone sounding the alarm bells about this guy and his ideology.  Socialism always softens the path for its big brother Communism.

A simple Google search of this guy should have sounded as many alarms as checking the president’s credentials should have done back before the election of 2008.  In both cases, neither man would pass even the most basic FBI background check for access to either of their respective offices, but there they sit, elected by foolish lemmings that won’t do even a modicum of research before pulling the lever in the voting booth.  

New York, you’ve been duped by lots of wolves with sheep’s skins over the years, however this time the wolf wasn’t even attempting to hide his true colors.  Although his tenure may only last a term, he will set things in motion that will see NYC wash out to sea like one really big sand sculpture.  Socialism always softens the path for its big brother Communism, and NYC has been softening for a long time. God help them.

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Pedophilia....soon to be accepted by culture?

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You cannot imagine how much I want to be proven wrong about this article, but I believe in my heart of hearts that Western culture is preparing, one small step, one legislation, one whatever at a time, to rapidly embrace, or at very least overlook and tolerate, the evil scourge of pedophilia as part of the increase in sexual and humanistic depravity in general. As a precursor; while reading, please try to envision this as a recipe, with the separate, factual pieces of information added into the same sifter, at the same time, and mixed into a batch of “what the hell?”  Just like any recipe, no one ingredient can get the job done by itself. Please note when reading, letters in RED are links.

To start with, I cannot help but reflect on all the times in history when children were in such grave danger from pedophiles, predators, and murderers of every kind, while their parents, without so much as a whimper of resistance, did nothing to protect them from obvious, if accepted, evil.  

Among those evil times are the centuries leading up to and during the time of Noah, when mankind’s bloodlines had become so corrupted by demonic interaction with humans that God chose to destroy all but Noah and his family.  Then, soon after the time of Noah, during the times of the Canaanites, Ammonites, Babylonians, and other 'evilizations’ such as Sodom and Gomorrah, throughout the near east and North Africa; beyond sexual perversions of every stripe, there were burnt offerings of living children to molech.  

We may no longer see graven stone images with the likeness of molech, nor the blazing ritual fires used to devour those helpless infants; however, whether many recognize it or not, to a very real extent, our culture continues to offer children to this demon via the horror of abortion.  I might add, this article as well as this one came to my attention just before press time.  Both show clear evidence of the ongoing attack on Christianity which is contributing to the evil described in this article. 

The later Egyptian, Greek and Roman Empires also offer strong examples of such vile conditions; when sexual perversion, bestiality, and immorality of every kind were rampant before their respective falls.

Clearly, depravity and sexual degeneration are not new phenomena.  However, Western culture and our children have been mostly protected from it for many centuries, at least on the scale of the Biblical proportions mentioned above.  That is, until very recently! There is a rapidly growing resurgence of the destruction of our youth, and the following recipe is how I see it unfolding and sifting together.

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New focus ahead

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Well, here it is.  As quick as you can say “what happened,” another year has come and gone. As this year closes and is reviewed by the pundits and talking heads, we will hear the normal barrage of what was the most important story, who was the most influential person, the best and the worst, and so forth.  I’ll leave all of that to them because frankly, there’s work to do and I just don’t have the time.

Starting with a new Op/Ed which will be published right after the New Year, The Patriots Press will be renewing our focus on what we consider to be the most important cultural issues. Some hard facts are going to be  exposed and fingers are going to be pointed at those responsible, and while I will never intentionally offend anyone, I recognize that some of what I’ll have to say over the coming months may very well do that.  Oh well!  Keeping our mouths shut over the last several decades has cost We the People a lot of lost ground in different arenas and on various fronts.  In short, it is time for conservatives everywhere to band together and get very busy.

The elections are right around the corner and we MUST make Obama a lame duck by cleaning house not only in DC, but also on the local level. We won’t win every race, but we have to win most of them to tip the scales, and we must be vigilant to ensure that the cheating is minimized.  That means we have to really wake up, get our butts off the couches and get to work.  And that starts on January 1, 2014.

Over the coming months I’m going to have a lot to say about a lot of things and I’m looking forward to the challenges; so for now, and from the bottom of my heart, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, let me offer you my very best wishes for a joyous, blessed, and merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones, and a prosperous New Year.

Stay safe and well my friends.  

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