Bundy Ranch...America under siege

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They’re talking about it on the streets, in bars, grange halls, barber shops, little league games, and the malls.  The story that wouldn’t go away is now on everyone’s mind, all around the world.  

Lots of truth and lots of misinformation is flying from both sides of the issue; lines are quickly being drawn in the sand and as the world holds its breath, Patriots from all over America are converging on a ranch in Nevada in support of one man and his family that have had enough of an over-reaching government involved in selective enforcement.  I say selective because far more egregious laws are ignored all the time.  At the end of the day, all that happened was his cattle were grazing; and for that…all of this! 

In case you live in a cave deep in the Amazon and haven’t heard, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have become the unwilling poster children for ‘enough is enough.’  Because, while it is their issue with the government that is raging at center stage, it is merely a symptom of a much larger problem that pits We the People against what has become a bloated, self-serving goliath of tyranny.

Let’s break it down to bite sized chunks here for a minute so it’s easy to understand and wrap your arms around.  First of all, the Bundy’s have been ranching and “homestead” grazing their cattle on that same property in Nevada since at least 1888.

Since the early 1990’s they’ve been in a legal battle with the government concerning not only who owns the land, but also about their right to continue grazing on it after over 125 years.  There is also an issue regarding some sort of per cow grazing fee which they have chosen not to comply with. 

Fast forward to 2014 for a moment and suddenly there are “endangered” Tortoises on that property that the government feels the need to protect from this horrible rancher and his cattle.  Mind you, in all the time and all the cattle raised since 1888, few, if any Tortoises have been harmed or even complained about it.  

So, if you’ll pardon the intended pun, what’s the beef all about?  Glad you asked.  This is not about the tortoises at all; in fact, the “endangered” creatures are so plentiful that, According to an article dated 8/25/13, in the Las Vegas Huffington Post, because of a lack of Federal funding the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center can no longer care for the turtles that they've been caring for since the animals were added to the endangered species list in 1990 and, as a result, "...Officials expect to euthanize more than half the animals in the coming months in preparation for closure at the end of 2014."   Notice that date from last summer.

Now enter everyone’s favorite rat of a senior senator from Nevada, Harry Reid.  It seems that the good senator, like so many in DC, believes he is somehow above it all, and can just do whatever he pleases. Oh, did I forget to mention that Harry owes some favors to a top donor named Harvey Whittemore that happens to be in the Real Estate Development business?

Or that his son is the lead representative for a Chinese concern wanting to build an energy plant on the land?  

Let’s not forget that his former senior advisor, Neil Kornze was recently placed at the helm of the BLM and they purged the real goal from their website in an attempt to hide it.

The corruption surrounding this entire scam reeks to high Heaven; however, as I said earlier, I believe this is a symptom of a much bigger problem.  Sure, a Nevada Rancher is at the center of attention right now, but the real deal is the pushing.

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Frontrunner Republi'crats'....get ready to gag

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Well, it’s official now!  The mostly unseen power brokers who decide every four years, (maybe every 8 years really) which Republican and Democrat good 'ole boy is going to get rammed down the collective throats of We the People, are starting to court the potential front runners.  So, as they sit high in their Ivory Towers, smoking those big fat stogies, inhaling that fine Cognac, maybe patting some evil looking, hissing, white kitties, and sharing their devilish Austin Powers’ "mwahahahahaha’s,” I have to wonder what those conversations must sound like.     

As a note, this will mostly discuss the Republican Candidate decision since, while I believe the same Ivory Tower people actually decide both sides, it’s has become my forgone conclusion that the Democrats will always choose the most far left, Godless, un-American person they can dig up, (can you say Obama?)…with the Republicans running the one that most closely lines up with them while still offending the senses by keeping an ‘R’ after his/her name.  It’s a joke!

I guess since they’ve no doubt already decided who it is, it probably amounts to just a matter of how they’ll roll that person onto the stage and paint them to look less than liberal with a fancy title such as 'moderate’ or ‘middle of the road.’  We’ll hear all the normal terms like, "viability,” "electability,” and lots of other rhetoric.  Never will we hear anything like, "gee, who might the base actually want and like,” or "which of these aligns themselves with the original conservative platforms of the party?”  No matter who it is, they must of course be deemed ready and able to raise an Aircraft Carrier sized boatload of cash. 

No one will bother to look at the conservative credentials of the choice; y’know, the credentials that used to identify what it meant to call oneself a republican?!  Now of course, the candidate must be an Ivory Tower approved name brand, even, nay, especially, if that brand reeks with the un-removable stench of liberalism.  They’ll try to perfume it up and give that stench all sorts of pretty names, "tolerant” and "progressive” to name a couple, but in the end, it has the odor of an open sewer leading from a landfill full of excrement.  The sort of stench that causes seagulls and vultures to hold their noses when flying overhead; but We the People be damned, the political favors and all the rest have to be considered, and then it all rolls down to the local REC’s and DEC’s.  If you don’t know, those are the Executives Committees for each party.  

That’s where the party faithful on both sides, the guys and gals that do all the heavy lifting in the trenches, will once again don their party’s hats and get behind the candidate that the party bosses tell them they’ll get behind.  However begrudgingly, they’ll make the calls, walk the neighborhoods, attend the various events and make the surrogate speeches, and they’ll even start believing a lot of the manure they have chosen to be bullied into spewing.  Enough of them on one side will most certainly commit fraud again to ensure the victory of their candidates, not that it really matters who wins because we’re screwed either way.  The only real difference I see between the parties anymore is the rate that we reach the ultimate disaster we’re headed for.  I don’t even mind spelling that out for you.  We’re either going down very fast with a 'moderate’ Republican; or greased lightning fast, with a 'liberal’ Democrat.  If ever there was a time to man the lifeboats?!

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Malaysia Airlines 370...Poker or Chess?

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The information, misinformation, and theories circulating about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 abound.  This tale has all the makings of a Tom Clancy novel; international intrigue, likely soon or future terror, scores of passengers hanging in the balance, exotic locales, and the military might of many nations joined in the fray.  Just like those great Tom Clancy novels, we're probably not going to know any answers until the last few paragraphs of the final chapter are written.  

Having said that, I have some thoughts on the subject that I’ll share here; most of what I have to say has already been said one way or the other, but I think we should be considering all scenarios.  Anyway, this is my two cents.

While I am still clinging to just a faint glimmer of optimism for the passengers, I am a logical thinker and a realist, so the pessimism outweighs the optimism for the following reasons.  

My fraction of an ounce of optimism stems from the fact that by all accounts this aircraft continued flying for many hours after contact was lost and no sign of a crash has been discovered, which suggests to me that it had to land safely somewhere.  That poses the question of where it could possibly have landed undetected when every sophisticated piece of detection hardware on the planet and in space would or at least should have been searching for it almost immediately after losing contact.  

In light of the above, being undetected seems impossible to me, so I therefore believe that all the major world powers, (certainly every military) know exactly where the plane is.  They may and may not know the fate of the passengers, as unlikely as that would be, but they definitely know about the plane.  The bottom line is we are not being told anything resembling the truth, and there may be reasons for that which I cannot fathom at this time.

Of course, I’m speculating here, however, my pessimism outweighs my optimism because for starters, it looks like both of the pilots were muslims, and, excuse me, but there is just something about muslims and airplanes that don’t mix well in my mind.  There is also no way such an undertaking was conceived on a whim just before the plane took off either, (i.e., a simple hijacking, which would be over by now).  Indeed, I would suggest that this was many years in the planning, and it is very scary for me to think our normal channels of intel didn’t pick up on any of what must have been and must be very loud ‘chatter’ in terror circles.  I also believe that it is very possible the masterminds may have restored and camouflaged one of the many remaining, abandoned, WWII and other airfields in the region just enough to maybe hide it in plain site; with a natural ‘hanger of brush’ to cover the plane.  

So, continuing to speculate; it looks like this plane is now in the hands of some really bad guys, who may have decided to keep the passengers alive as hostages or not depending upon their end game.  Certainly, the Assyrian ancestors responsible for such heinous terrorism have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to any clear thinking individual that they have no regard for life.  

For sure though, there is no way in hell they intend to return it peacefully, and I can only imagine that they are plotting some very unimaginable stuff with the plane itself; and I dare say if they are sophisticated enough to pull off stealing a plane out of mid-air and making it disappear, they will likely do a great job of changing its appearance and arming it before using it for whatever nefarious purposes they have in mind.  

Once disguised, it should be able to blend into any major controlled air space undetected long enough to close in on a target without ample time to mount an adequate defense. They may even have installed air traffic controllers years ago when it became ‘intolerant’ to not allow muslims access to high security jobs; those plants would now be part of whatever plan they unfold.  Additionally, if they do keep the passengers alive, it would be just like them to have them on the plane as human shields.  My best guess is that any such attack will very likely be another American target because they know our military has been severely weakened from within and we have an equally weak, anti-American, muslim sympathizing potus that would almost certainly not issue or allow a ‘shoot down’ order of a passenger laden commercial aircraft, no matter how disguised or how grave the threat.  It is for just those reasons that I doubt they’ll try to hit Israel because of their strong air defenses, and their leadership would rightfully not hesitate to issue a ‘shoot down’ order when faced with such a choice.  It may and should be a standing order anyway. 

The bottom line here is this, I believe our enemies are getting ready to hit us with a very hard sucker punch that will make 9/11 look like a day in the park by comparison.  This enemy is known to be very patient and to lay low when the heat is on, so they may very likely wait a good while until the sheeple get lulled back to sleep.  Only time will tell.  

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My Big Fat, Gay, Muslim Wedding

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

The title is composed of words that will never be spoken by anyone ever!  I was sitting in my office thinking about all the recent, stepped up maneuvering and lawsuits by Big Gay with regards to forcing Christian business owners to do things against their core beliefs and principles.  Specifically; regarding services provided for same sex weddings and the other faith or moral conflicting events which this will open the door to.  While refusing to render such services based upon religious or personal reasons is not illegal yet for the targeted groups, it is fast becoming a front burner issue in legislative bodies across the country.

A lot of people might say that it’s not just Christians or Jews that are the focus of this; however, I completely disagree and will do my best to briefly prove my case.  

For starters, we only hear of Christian business owners being targeted on this issue.  Never have I heard of a Muslim baker, caterer, function hall manager, or any other such business being asked and/or forced to perform something they would find egregious.  

Nor will it ever happen!  No Muslim baker will ever be forced to bake a gay wedding cake or a cake in the shape of a pig for a special event, nor will a Muslim function manager be forced to allow or serve alcohol, and never will a Muslim caterer be forced to serve non-halal foods. 

Examples abound!  Taxi drivers in MN airports, the overwhelming percentage of which are Muslim, have been known to refuse fares that may be carrying alcohol or other ‘objectionable’ items, and outright refuse anyone with a service animal, (animals are considered filthy).    

Maybe no one remembers that Muslim cashiers in many stores do not have to touch or ring up non-halal products like pork, etc.; or how about all of those driver’s licenses that look like burkas?  What about this video of a young cashier in an Australian KFC who apparently had a little too much coffee before his shift and got very ‘emotional’ after a customer ordered some bacon and then started recording his rant?  Don’t even say it; that could happen here.  

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Patriots Strong!

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

Very recently I received an email sent via my circle of friends and readers.  The email highlighted a short letter that was forwarded by a member of a group that I have been honored to be associated with over the past several years. They are an amazing group of men and women that serve as honor guard at numerous events such as military and police funerals, homecomings, honor flights, and an array of other venues which honor men and women of valor of all ages.

When I read the short letter, I was stunned at the author’s shallow position on patriotism.  Essentially, he feels that the only Americans that have proven by their actions that they are patriots are those that have worn the uniform of the US Military.  As he states, “It dawned on me that many of us call ourselves patriots (one of 3 mandatory factors* to being an actual 'American', versus just a US Citizen), and a few of us 'regular' folks are indeed patriots; but please consider this - There is but one group, and one group alone, that can actually PROVE they are US patriots: the men and women of the US Armed Forces.”

Make no mistake, everyone knows that I have nothing but the utmost respect and esteem for our veterans and our men and women in uniform that do what they do, so that all of us can do what we do.  I am humbled every day by their heroism and service on our behalf.  

Of course, the writer is certainly entitled to his opinions; however, speaking for myself and no doubt many millions of Americans, I take extreme umbrage with his vacant assertion on patriotism.

For starters, let’s see what the very word Patriot means.  According to Webster’s Dictionary it means the following; ”a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country,” and “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.”  In neither of these definitions does it specify military service as a precursor for the label.  But that is just to lay the groundwork for my point.

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