President Trump's Legacy...

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I have been loosely watching and listening to the Inaugural Events via friends who are there, news reports, and social media, and a really cool thought struck me.  When Ronald Reagan was sworn in back in 1981, I was twenty-six years old and just getting started out in life.  A lot of changes took place in my life during his presidency, not the least of which was the birth of my son; and my son grew up watching President Reagan, at least enough to form an opinion.  That opinion was one that has lasted to this day; my son loved him and still admires his legacy.

Remembering that, it occurs to me that my grandchildren as well as all of the sons and daughters and grandchildren around the country and to a large degree, the rest of the world will “grow up” with President Trump at the helm.  I won’t get to meet more than a handful of those young people; however I will be interested to watch and listen to see if they grow up respecting and admiring President Trump as much as many Americans still revere President Reagan. 

I think it is very cool that we very likely have a new hero for them to look up to and I can only hope that my vision and that of so many more who supported this man can indeed look back one day and say “I miss Trump” the way many of us now still say “I miss Reagan.”

Mr. President, beginning the restoration of this nation will be your legacy to our children, and it will take many more years than your time in office.  I don’t envy you your task nor will I always agree with how you approach it, but I always have and always will respect you.  

Lay down a great foundation for recovery and pave the way for those who will follow you by making sure the wrong people are removed and replaced with the right people.  

Godspeed to you Mr. Donald J. Trump, the forty-fifth President of these United States of America.


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Voting And Counting, Stalin Was Right...

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What a year 2016 was.  Everyone is going to have something to say about it, and especially the election. Only time will tell, but I believe we got a reprieve, a final chance to right some wrongs and turn away from our national sinful decline.

I don’t know how long we’ll have to maintain this reprieve, but one way I’ve considered and shared for a while is a major change in the voting infrastructure.  Many years ago, long before most of us alive today were even born, Joseph Stalin was famously quoted as stating something along the lines of “it’s not the vote that counts, but who counts the votes.”  I don’t know for sure if he said it or not because not everyone had a smart phone in their pocket back then, but it is never the less true and plays out in almost every election, both here in America and abroad.

I also know this, before, during, and after every election there is what has become the normal spate over cheating and voter fraud.  I might add, much of it is warranted.

I suppose I could add to the fray of those bitching about it, but instead, I have come up with at least two viable ways that I believe would drastically reduce it.

What we have now…

To the best of my knowledge, every voter jurisdiction in the United States, be it a county seat, parish, territory, or whatever, has a singular Supervisor of Elections, or SOE.  That singular SOE controls everything to do with voting in his or her jurisdiction.  That includes maintaining and updating voter records, relocations, deaths, absentee and provisional ballots; making certain that all polling places are compliant with all voting laws, all machines are operating correctly, training of staff, etc.  In short, the veracity of the vote falls squarely on the shoulders of the SOEs and quite frankly, many, if not most of them are far from being paragons of virtue and ethics.  For my money, some of them should be in prison.

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The Next POTUS...Father, Your Will Be Done

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So here we are; as I write this we are about 48 hours out before the polls close here in Palm Beach County, (aka, Corruption County”).  We have been through probably the worst election cycle in our history and it has brought out the worst in some people as well as the best in others.  Friendships have been made and severed, and people have actually died.  

While I think one might not be as bad as the other, in the end, my faith and hope lies in neither candidate.  The history of mankind is and has always been temporary, and not at all what our Heavenly Father ever had in mind.  I recognize that His ultimate plan is unfolding right before the eyes of those of us who understand His Word and can see prophecy being fulfilled daily, and I therefore continue to put my trust and faith in Him.

A huge part of my thinking is that the USA is not present at “the end” in my understanding from my studies of “end times” prophecy; certainly not as a major player on the world stage. Therefore, while I believe we are very near “the end,” I cannot predict what His specific timetable is, and it boils down to this in my thinking.  

The secular side of me hopes and thinks we are very likely about to witness the biggest political upset in the history of the United States with a Trump landslide, or at very least a strong and uncontestable win, which would suggest to me that He is giving us a final chance to come to repentance because with a Trump presidency, we would still be able to enjoy many of the freedoms we would steadily be denied under a Clinton presidency.  However, the side of me that views things from a Biblical perspective and thinks He could be about fed up with us believes that we might be facing final judgement as a nation, because a Clinton presidency would be the end of us.

By the way, my reasoning for those statements is not difficult.  If Mr. Trump should win, we will hold on to a glimmer of hope that perhaps we can remain a viable nation and retain our freedoms long enough to repent as mentioned above.  Maybe some of the some of the big issues such as the deficit and our weakened military would improve; maybe we would regain the respect of our allies and enemies; maybe our entire judiciary would not completely fall to the left.  We have a huge mess, and I think Mr. Trump is the only one up to the task of starting the fix, if it’s possible at all. 

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton should succeed in cheating her way to victory, (which is the only way she wins) our military would become a complete shambles, our sovereignty would be diminished and we will fall under the thumb of our enemies via submission to the UN in her first term.  Our borders will be blown wide open and she would welcome hundreds of thousands of unvetted enemies with open arms, allowing them unrestrained ability to commit whatever jihad mayhem they have in mind, all while restricting our ability to defend ourselves by appointing judges who would diminish or outright eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights and then the rest of the Bill of Rights.  Already, she has loudly voiced that “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”  Um, excuse me, but that sounds a lot like forcing the will of the state on the church.  Additionally, she has demonstrated a callous lack of regard for our men and women in uniform and has been criminally negligent in the handling of proprietary information critical to the security of this nation.

Well, there you have it.  A very short discussion of how and why I don’t trust the systems of men, but I do trust Him, and whatever He has decided will come to pass.  

In the meantime, I’m doing my part and casting my vote for Donald J. Trump.

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Four Minutes To Launch, Years Of Aiding The Enemy…

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The final debate of the 2016 Presidential Cycle on Wednesday can be summed up in one brief statement…Hillary Clinton has yet again aided and abetted the enemies of our country.

In case you missed it or haven’t heard by now, she casually mentioned that our nuclear response time is four minutes.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know whether the real number is something different, or the actual number she threw out; but that isn’t the point.  The real important thing is that she has a bad habit of being very careless and casual where it regards proprietary information surrounding the security of this nation.  

You may recall that due to the egregious orchestration and collaboration of the DOJ and an obviously very corrupt FBI director by the name of James Comey, her husband and others, she recently skated being charged criminally for her handling of classified emails on unsecured servers.

Back to her “four minute” remark though; it reminded me of when on May 3, 2011, that babbling old fool “Uncle Joe,” (aka VPOTUS Joe Biden) decided to tell the whole world and our enemies that our Seal Team 6 was the unit that took down OBL, which immediately painted a huge target not only on them, but also on the individual members of their families back home.  By the way, that very real threat still exists to this day, regardless of the fact that that unit was sacrificed and murdered by our government just over three months later in a feeble attempt to make it look like a “lucky” shot from the ground during the Extortion 17 incident.

Before you get your underwear all bunched up about that last statement; consider if you will just some of the facts surrounding the downing of Extortion 17.  Not only was no suppressive fire laid down when it was known that the area of the drop was a beehive of enemy activity, we had a gunship flying above and the suppressive fire was DENIED; let me say that again, it was DENIED..! The unarmed Chinook used that evening was not the normal aircraft used for such a deployment; all of our boys assigned to that mission were on the one single chopper while another was flying empty nearby; there were several very questionable Afghanis on board Extortion 17 that absolutely should not have been; for some reason, the chopper hovered above the area way longer than it should have allowing for precise aim from the ground.  Let’s not forget that the initial investigation showed that several of our men had been shot; then an apparent mass cremation took place to destroy that evidence and thus any ability for further investigation.  

The only reason I can conjure up for allowing this ambush is uglier than the ambush itself; the Obama administration was likely put under immense pressure from countries friendly with OBL to avenge him, and their wish was granted.  Thanks “uncle joe” for getting our people and their families set up like sitting ducks.  Maybe you and Hillary and a lot of others have forgotten that “loose lips sink ships.”  

Not to mention that the whole element of surprise idea of telling our enemies when we're going to bomb, attack, and then withdraw is more insanity from the left that has caused countless lives on both sides, but I digress.

By the way, who do you suppose was Secretary of State during the Extortion 17 debacle…?  The same ruthless, power mad woman who sat idly by up to and during the massacre of our people in Benghazi just over a year later, and then she lied to the faces of the families of those lost by trying to blame it on a video that she KNEW had nothing at all to do with it.  She and Joe Biden should both still be arrested for these incidents; they weren’t just mistakes, they were high crimes.  

Before you stop reading to the end because you figure I’m some sort of hater, consider that every man on Extortion 17 and in Benghazi had a name; they had families and friends back home who loved them, they had children who will never get to play catch, go fishing or hunting, have a tear wiped from their face by a loving dad, walked down the aisle on their wedding day, and a million other things they would have been able to do if their dad hadn’t been wasted directly due to the political ambition of a few very corrupt individuals at the very highest levels of our government. 

So yeah, telling the world about our “four minute” nuclear response time, the Extortion 17 ambush, four dead in Benghazi, untold thousands of lost emails; those are just some of examples of her dirty dealings involving national security.  

What will she say or do next to further weaken us besides importing hundreds of thousands of “refugees;” many of whom will commit horrific acts of carnage...?  This isn’t some vast “right wing conspiracy,” this is just a snapshot of her track record and what she plans.

Can anyone who supports her please explain to me how you can turn a blind eye to her deceit, lies, corruption, and trail of dead Americans…?!

Do you really feel she can be trusted to suddenly become less careless with our national security..?!

Finally, take a good long time and think about this final question; will you really trust her with the lives of you and your families..?!  

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Do Black Lives Really Matter...?

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It was just like any other morning in any other police department, in any town across America.  Outside the walls of the station, the general citizenry were already going about their daily business of working, going to school, shopping, or any one of countless activities that keep people busy.

Of course what most people are not aware of is the deliberate and unholy plotting and daily reminders to all police officers starting their shifts that they are to target and randomly kill unsuspecting minorities during routine enforcement activities, especially black men, whether they are armed or not.  It does not matter if the officer is male or female, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever; the bottom line is to find a minority and kill them with the ease of playing “whack a mole.” 

Conversely, in countless black neighborhoods across this great land, black “leaders” must be holding similar meetings which warn everyone about these instructions and tell their members that if and when confronted by a police officer, they are to ignore all orders given by said officer and attempt to gain the upper hand, because they haven’t done anything wrong and have only been detained because they are black.  Therefore when told to keep hands in the air, such things as reaching into windows and ones’ pockets are acceptable behavior.  Grabbing for a LEO’s gun is also okay since he or she will use it on you if you don’t.  Also, and very likely the most important thing, always, always be combative during the initial interaction with any officer; give them as much foul language laced back talk as you can.  Such things as moving quickly, swinging your arms all over, getting out of cars when ordered not to are necessary because since this interaction is going to get very bad anyway, it is prudent to get down to the nitty gritty as quickly as possible.  After all, if we do have drugs or weapons, what business is it of the “po po” anyway…?!  If they mind their own business, we will mind ours; except that since “po po” has obviously declared open season on us, we should band together in the early evening to loot the businesses of our neighbors, destroy everything in sight, and if possible, absolutely kill a random police officer to even the score as much as possible.

While those types of meetings are going on, apparently, given the relatively few times we hear of a fatal interaction between a white person and a LEO, white community leaders must be instructing their members to actually obey the orders of police officers and behave opposite of what is being taught in those black neighborhoods described above.  

Okay, cool your jets and listen to some reality.  

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