A note from the Publisher

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

Mitt Romney!  Where do I begin?  Except that maybe the current president, his machine, and the democrats wind up doing a better job of cheating than the republicans and their machine do of real dogged campaigning; Mitt Romney will almost certainly become the next POTUS.  Here's why I say that. 

Do I think that cheating only happens on the democrat/left side?  Of course not.  But ask me if I think the democrats/leftists will stop at nothing and cheat harder than ever to get their man re-elected.  Now I recognize that a lot of democrats will take exception to that, but please let me point out that some of the biggest cheater groups on the planet are aligned with the democrats; seiu, new black panthers, the president himself, and a host of others that time and space do not permit mentioning here.  A whole of dead democrats seem to come back to life on election days and continue to vote.

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