Leathernecks and muslims...Tripoli to now

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Publisher’s note:  In less than three minutes, Wild Bill lays out the real history of muslim assaults on America since the early days of our nation. What a lot of people may forget is the beginning line from the USMC Hymn whose lyrics are as follows; "From the Halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli, We fight our nation’s battles…”

"The shores of Tripoli…”  That is where the first skirmishes we had with islam were fought.  They became necessary because muslim pirates from Tripoli and the surrounding areas were attacking our merchant fleets, robbing and murdering our crews.  To stop, they demanded ransoms, which increased in amounts as they were paid.  

We sent in the Marines, who gave them a sound thrashing and they stopped bothering us.  That is until we ‘forgot’ what they were capable of and they started again back in 1979 when our embassy was taken hostage.  As this short list shows, they haven’t let up since.  

We’ve learned nothing from this history.

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Wild Bill speaks to the GOP

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Publisher’s note:  Make no mistake, what Wild Bill has to say lines up with the vast majority of clear thinking American Patriots.  The ‘conservative’ party was given back the reins with majority control of Senate and bolstered control of the House.

They’ve had it before…this is their last chance to stand up to the liberal Democrats and undo some of the wrongs done in the past six years.  

As Bill says, We the People don’t expect them to work with the left, we expect….nay, we demand that they concentrate on doing what’s right.  

Speaking for myself, I believe it is high time that Speaker Boehner hands that gavel over to a real Republican…one who believes in the original conservative platform.  As far as Mitch McConnell is concerned, he’d serve us well by letting a real conservative take the helm in the Senate.  

We the People are watching and 2016 is right around the corner.

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Wild Bill points out democrat/liberal flaws

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Publisher’s note:  I have been a friend and a fan of Wild Bill for America for a number of years, and I always appreciate his solid conservative, Christian perspective which he delivers in his ‘Video Op/Eds.’  I believe that this particular video numbers among his very best.  Not because it simply points a finger at one political party or the other, but because he highlights, point by point so many of the issues embraced by the liberal left.

I am very happy that his voice is being heard and accepted by so many across the nation and in the west.  Well done Bill, well done indeed.

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