Bill answers 'Baatman'

Written by Bill Finlay on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Publisher’s note:  As always, Wild Bill and I could not be more on the same page.  I have been devoting a lot of time and effort to his message today, and he answers a letter from “Baatman” very concisely and to the point.

To view this video, one of Bill’s best ever, please click here…  

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Common Core graduates to "Badman"

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Publisher’s note:  Think 'common core’ is bad?!  In a lot of places, 'common core’ is rightfully being shot down for what it is, and the libs, both Democrat and Republican can’t stand it. Apparently that was just put upon us locally in the USA to test the waters to see just how much We the People would take.  So, what to do?  Simply come up with something that is even more egregious and far reaching than the original indoctrination vehicle to almost make us miss it.  

I can’t even point the finger at either political party since both are in cahoots with the despots in the UN on this "Badman” project.  The world-wide, globalist, elitist powers that be are hell bent on indoctrinating the children of We the People and the world, and especially those that are being home schooled, and our own leaders simply dance along to the music.  

Wild Bill for America tackles this issue and spells out in no uncertain words what a load of "horse pucky” this initiative is.  Check out today’s video by clicking here and if you are so inclined and able, please do what you can to help Bill continue getting his message out by clicking the top right of any of his videos. 

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America under assault by administration in Nevada

Written by Bill Finlay on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Publisher’s note:  By now, most Americans should be aware of what is happening on the ranch of Cliven Bundy down in Nevada; sadly, too many don’t know because the “Lame Stream Media,” y’know, the same group that are in cahoots with the current administration, are trying to squash this.

Please keep in mind, this isn't just a rancher in Nevada being assaulted....this is We the People being assaulted by an administration gone wild.  

As of now, there are snipers in place; cattle, and other property have been removed, some of Mr. Bundy’s family have been arrested, and they have set up a “1st Amendment Zone” perimeter to suppress the media as to what is going on.  

All in the guise of protecting a species of turtle on land that has been ranched by this man’s family since 1888!  

My friends, please pray for cool heads to prevail, please pray for the LEO’s to do the right thing and not enforce this very unconstitutional situation.  If you can get to Nevada, please go and join the growing number of Patriots amassing in support of this man.  

Please click here to have a listen to Wild Bill for America explain in quick detail what is going on.        



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