Saying So Long To A Great Leader And Friend

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Publisher’s note:  As my readers all know by now, the Tea Party of Ft. Lauderdale as well as the nation and the So. Florida community was dealt a heartbreaking blow this past Sunday when a major leader and our friend Danita Kilcullen stepped into Eternity.

Much has been said and written about this great woman, including this wonderful tribute by Ruth Roman at and I wanted to share it with my readers:

Ruth Roman:  “The South Florida political arena has a huge void with the recent passing of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale (TPFL) co-founder, Danita Kilkullen. TPFL, the longest running Tea Party in the U.S., made world news in 2009, having been featured in the European Times Magazine, after its formation.

Long before illegal immigration became a topic of conversation, Danita attended rallies and protests with FLIMEN, Floridians for immigration enforcement, educating the public of the ramifications of open borders and the loss of American jobs.

Many political careers were launched with the backing of her organization, TPFL, including Allen West, and Marco Rubio, who understood the importance and loyalty of her followers and that an endorsement by them could be a ticket to Washington. However, if the endorsed politician reneged on his promises of conservatism, constitutional principles and limited government, she and her followers had no mercy and would work tirelessly to remove him from office. Marco Rubio was one such example and Florida Tea Parties should receive the credit due for ending his future in politics. After Rubio’s betrayal on amnesty, Danita insisted that every candidate should be thoroughly vetted and that local politics was the epicenter of concern, for local politicians inevitably end up in Washington.”

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The Passing of a Marine…in Honor of Eric Simmonds

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If you drive about 15 miles west of Downtown West Palm Beach on Okeechobee Blvd., before the houses give way to the Cane Fields, you’ll come across a little country church called Community of Hope.

It’s an intimate church where friends and family gather for Sunday Services and during the week for different studies and events.  There are no strangers and mostly everyone knows everyone else, and even if they didn’t know many of the others, everyone had met Eric Simmonds.

For years, Eric greeted young and old alike at the north entrance to the church.  He opened the doors and greeted everyone with a smile and a kind word.  Those blessed to know him could not help but love and respect him.

Eric had been involved in an accident years ago which left him with physical issues; however, being a U.S. Marine through and through, it never stopped him or even slowed him down.  He was always there, rain or shine, week in and week out; he reduced his disabilities to a mere nuisance as witnessed by the fact that he had to rise at 3:00 am to prepare and arrive on time every Sunday…so he could greet and open the door for able bodied people.  I might add, he didn’t stay for one or two services either; he was among the first to arrive and one of the very last to leave every Sunday.  Recently a mutual friend shared how he had asked Eric how he was doing one day, and Eric replied that he was fine.  To which that mutual friend asked, “how are you really doing..?”  Eric just smiled sheepishly and said, “not so good Mr. Larry.”  Because that was who he was; he wasn’t about to dampen anyone else’s day by relaying his own discomfort.  

Eric wasn’t looking to do anything but serve his friends, and by doing so, serve his Lord.

Sadly, Eric’s disabilities took a turn for the worse recently and he was hospitalized with leukemia for what was to be a month long treatment ordeal.  On Thursday evening, the Lord decided that Eric had suffered silently long enough and ushered him into Eternity.  The entire family at Community of Hope is at once saddened for losing our brother, and joyful that he is now Home. 

Eric was a friend, an inspiration, a true witness of the Love of Christ, a U.S. Marine, and so much more.   Rest in Eternal Peace Eric Simmonds.  Until we meet again…

Semper Fi

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Danita Kilcullen…Tea Party Leader and American Patriot

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If you didn’t know Danita personally, but you are a patriot, you might be able to grasp what sort of person she was.

A lot of people talk about what it is to be a patriot; maybe they do some of the outward stuff like wear a flag pin and thank a veteran here and there, and that’s all good, but Danita was a whole different breed of patriot.

She was a co-founder and instrumental in the founding of, and was the glue that held together the Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party; the oldest continuous Tea Party group in America.  When a situation called for it, she was as tough as nails; however she was also as caring and loving as a Guardian Angel.  One could expect to find her either in attendance or as a speaker at any gathering of patriots almost anywhere from South Florida to Washington, DC and beyond; and she never shied away from standing head to toe against the domestic enemies of our beloved country either.  In short, she was in the fight, and was a champion of the cause up to her final breath.

Had she lived during the time of America’s founding, her name would have been in the history books alongside the likes of George Washington, Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Crispus Attucks, and countless other men and women that she would have certainly been a friend of.  When the real history of today’s Tea Party movement is written, her name will stand out as one of the driving forces among the current defenders of our liberty and freedom.

She was also a wife, mother, great friend to many, and a woman with unwavering faith in our Lord Jesus.  Danita Kilcullen went home to be with Him early Sunday morning after losing her fight with cancer.  While she will be sorely missed by many, I know that she has stepped into Eternity in His Presence and her pain and suffering are no more.

Rest well Danita Kilcullen, job well done.  Thank you for picking up and carrying the torch and leading the way for so many. 

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So long Jodi Fowler...Rest in Eternal Peace

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Of late, I’ve lost a lot of friends to the 'Grim Reaper.’  Most of them I’ve known face to face, had a chance to pray, break bread, or maybe smoke a cigar with; some I’ve only been blessed to know as well as one can know an individual that was met online.

Jodi Fowler was such an individual.  She and I 'knew’ each other for a number of years via the new 'neighborhood’ of Social Media.  We shared stories, thoughts, and friends; we wrote and shared information on each other’s websites; we even talked on the phone a couple of times.

Jodi had often talked about taking a ride to South Florida and meeting me and a whole bunch of mutual friends; however God had other plans in mind for all of us and it just never materialized.

Not even a month ago, Jodi fell ill.  Many of us prayed corporately and did our best to keep our spirits high believing that she would bounce back and be just as strong as ever.

Sadly for all of us, that wasn’t in His planning.  Our friend, our sister in Christ; Jodi Fowler went home just as we were beginning to celebrate Christmas last week.

I know that she is now pain free and dancing with her beloved Rusty; however her passing has left a hole for a lot of people.

Jodi, it could be tomorrow or who knows when on our earthly clocks, but only a blink of an eye in Eternity before a lot of us get to sit down and dine at His table with you.  Until then, you will be greatly missed.

Until we do finally meet and I have a chance to introduce you around, rest well my friend.  Like so many of my friends, you simply got to be with Jesus before me.  

See you 'soon.’ 

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Ole Bach; epitome of the American Dream

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Ole Bach was one of those people that left a mark on everyone he met.  His warm, infectious smile never left his face and he had the wrinkles to prove it.  

When I first met Ole what seems like a hundred years ago, or maybe only yesterday, he had recently arrived in America from Denmark.  You could see in his eyes that he understood what America had to offer a man with his skills and drive, and while at the time he didn’t have two nickels to rub together, Ole went on to make his fortune and mark here.  In fact, if you know horses and racing, you know why his name sounded familiar.  Ole Bach was a pillar in that community.

He would have been and undoubtedly was a pillar in any other business or social community that he chose to be involved with, because he embraced life with zeal and a work ethic that many only think about.  

If you had a problem or just had something good to share, Ole would help you out or wish you well in your good fortune.

I think my favorite memory of him was the time many years ago while I was living in NJ for a very short but special season of life and he asked to see my license because of the photo. At the time, it bore one of those awful DMV photos and made me resemble of all people, Adolf Hitler.  I didn’t really think much of showing it to him at the time until a few months later when he and a whole gaggle of our mutual friends showed up where I was working one evening and kidnapped me to take me out.  You see, I don’t like to share my birthday with folks because I generally don’t do much and they really wanted to know when it was. That’s how they found out…when he asked to see my 'picture’ he was really getting my birthday and that’s the day they 'kidnapped’ me after arranging it with my boss.  I couldn’t even get mad at him; it was a great night and he was a good guy to do it.  

Time moved on, I left NJ, visiting on occasion; I didn’t see much of Ole after that time, however we stayed in loose contact via mutual friends and I watched his career skyrocket.

At the end of the day, Ole Bach was a great guy, a loving husband and father of three, and the epitome of American success stories who will be missed by many.  The complete impact of his sudden and tragic death on Thursday evening may never be realized.  He leaves behind his wife, three wonderful children, countless friends, business associates, and admirers. 

It was a privilege and an honor to know him and be among those friends.

Until we meet again, rest well Ole.

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