Joseph Lee Schiro, Laid to Rest

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It’s never easy to know how or where to begin such a report.  No words are ever adequate to express the sadness I feel whenever I attend the funeral of a fallen hero; it simply gets harder every time.  The day it starts getting easier is the day my heart turns to stone and I will have ceased to be human.

Did I actually know Joseph Lee Schiro or his family?  No, no I didn’t; and it just breaks my heart to have met even a few of them today, however briefly, under such circumstances.  However, Joseph, his wife and children, and all of his family are part of my bigger family; our bigger family, the family of Americans that love our country, that send our sons and daughters off to distant lands to do violence on our behalf on foreign shores, so that maybe it doesn’t make to our shores.  So that maybe we can go about our daily lives mostly unscathed.  Because of that, I share so much of their pain.  

A quick study of the highlights of Joseph Lee Schiro’s life tells the tale of a man, just starting out really, but one who loved his Lord, his family, and his country; so much so, that he didn’t hesitate to be on the front lines defending her during multiple tours of combat.  His list of military citations include (3) Bronze Stars, (1) Purple Heart, (2) Army Commendation Medals, and a long list of others.  

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Former Army Corporal Richard Molnar Laid to Rest

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Earlier today, The Patriots Press was invited by The Patriot Guard Riders to join them in honoring a veteran of the Army during the Korean War era, as he was laid to rest at the So. Florida National Cemetery.

Corporal Richard Molnar was born in 1932 and served in the US Army for two years during the Korean War, and was assigned stateside. 

One of 15 children of Hungarian Immigrants, Mr. Molnar had been active in sports. 

After the flag was presented by the Honor Guard, Jeff Molnar, (one of two sons) spoke to the intimate gathering.  During the brief talk, Jeff mentioned that Mr. Molnar had reached out to his family and expressed how much he loved them.  Jeff also felt that Mr. Molnar had made his peace with God and received forgiveness before succumbing to a brief coma, and that his family is very thankful for that and for their many blessings.

The service was attended by Jeff Molnar, Steve Molnar, Steve’s wife Leta, and several friends.

The Patriots Press wishes to express our sincerest sympathies to the Molnar Family for their loss.  May our Heavenly Father keep you in His loving embrace.

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Officer Bruce St. Laurent

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Sunday afternoon, September 9, 2012 was just another beautiful day in South Florida.  On this particular day, Palm Beach County was hosting a campaign visit by President Obama, and that means just about every police officer not on regular duty was called into service for presidential security details.

Jupiter Police Officer Bruce St. Laurent was among them.  On that tragic day, Officer St. Laurent, a much respected and beloved twenty year veteran of the Jupiter Police Department, was assigned to traffic control and was redirecting traffic along the 95 corridor when his motorcycle was struck by a passing vehicle, and he was fatally injured.

The funeral service, which took place at Christ Fellowship Church on Northlake Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens, was a heart wrenching scene with family and friends surrounded by close to 2000 Law Enforcement Officers from Jupiter and Police agencies all over Florida, and a number of Federal Officers on hand to pay their respects.  

Everyone that took to the stage and spoke knew him personally and there was no mistaking the genuine love and respect shared by everyone as they said goodbye to this great and much admired man.

It is never easy to find the right words and report about any funeral, and it is even more difficult when it concerns a fallen hero such as a police officer or service man or woman.  On Friday, the family, co-workers, law enforcement community, and citizenry came together to honor a loving father, husband, co-worker and friend.  We at The Patriots Press join the entire community in offering our deepest and sincerest condolences to the family of Jupiter Police Officer Bruce St. Laurent.  

I just know he’s still riding his motor on that Heavenly Highway embraced in the loving arms of Our Savior Jesus Christ.    

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