Defend Freedom Tour 2015

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Hi everyone!  We want to let you know about an upcoming event in our area that you DON’T want to miss. The 2015 Concerned Veterans for America  Defend Freedom Tour stop is headed to Fort Lauderdale this Saturday night!

Our good friends, Billy & Karen Vaughn, are both active with CVA. Karen will be one of the featured speakers at this event, along with Retired Navy SEAL, author of The Trident, and founder of Wounded Wear, Jason Redman, Army Ranger and bestselling author of Outlaw Platoon, Capt. Sean Parnell, and Kelsey DeSantis, MMA Fighter and Marine Vet.

This is a family friendly event with free entertainment and free food. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the most patriotic rock band in America, Madison Rising, and one of country music’s newest sensations, Ayla Brown.

Click here for all the details and register today. Seating will be limited!

This event is open to veterans, veteran’s families, and patriots in general. 

Don’t miss YOUR opportunity to join a movement that’s shifting the culture of America back to its rightful place.




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POTUS defends potential jihadis right to bear arms...?!

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Let me make sure I have this right.  Last week, in another brazen attack committed on US soil, a young jihadi, fresh off a trip to Jordan, decided to shoot up a couple of unarmed military facilities and murdered five of our brave young men.  

In response to that, Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply of Inverness, FL made the decision to make his store a “muslim free zone;” effectively banning any muslim from purchasing any firearm from his place of business.  A decision any right thinking American would support.

On the other hand, the Pentagon answered the attack by suggesting that our Marines not wear their uniforms and pull the curtains shut at our facilities, and just the other day, a very treasonous administration signed a “deal” with Iran which essentially gives them free reign to continuing developing their nuclear pursuits unchecked.  In effect, since we dropped the ‘sanctions,’ we’re now paying them to build the weapons they need to destroy Israel and then us, which they’ve been threatening for years.  

Here’s where the whole sordid tale connects.  

We have a guy who happens to be a small business owner doing the right thing in an attempt to maybe prevent another attack, now pitted against the most liberal POTUS we’ve ever had, a man who presided over everything mentioned above and way more outright treasonous acts than I have space to mention here.

Instead of applauding Mr. Hallinan for his actions, POTUS has decided to once again send out his dogs at the DOJ on “civil rights” charges against this man.

This is the same POTUS who, along with the very same DOJ, did in fact engineer the “Fast and Furious” operation to supply illicit weapons to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the deaths of at least one US Agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens.  

Not to mention that this is the same POTUS that clearly would trash the 2nd Amendment and disarm every law abiding citizen in a heartbeat if he could, unless of course they might be a potential muslim jihadi, which he is apparently okay with.

My friends, we now live in a country where how you operate your business is entirely at the whim of an over-reaching tyrannical government.  Whether it is a matter of following your faith or trying to protect your nation, they want to come down on everything.  

If ever there was a time to contact your representatives in Congress and make a fuss.  This POTUS and the juggernaut he has created must be stopped.  In the parlance of Social Media, I’m SMDH.

Conservative Tribune:  “A Florida gun store operator has banned Muslims from his establishment, arguing that he has a right to deny service to anyone he considers a threat. Andy Hallinan made his decision after the shootings at military installations in Chattanooga, Tenn., last week.

Florida Gun Supply of Inverness, Fla., was declared a “Muslim-free zone” in a video Hallinan posted online over the weekend.  In response, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice announced that it would launch a civil rights investigation into Hallinan’s establishment.”

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Too little, too late...shame on WH

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This is beyond disturbing.  It has taken almost a week for anyone in the US Government to order flags flown at half-staff, and those orders did not come from the WH, where they should come from; on the afternoon of the event.

In fact, the silence of this administration in the wake of a violent act of islamic terrorism is deafening.  

Given the posture of the WH, I am given to believe that this POTUS would only order the flags at half-staff if any of the slain personnel were found to be gay; and then I believe this would be called an act of homophobia.

In the meantime, while this is still unraveling, POTUS has seen fit to continue the crumbling of our safety and defenses by making a one-sided deal with the most prominent sponsor of terrorism on the planet, and preparing to let loose scores of criminals now classified as “non-violent.”  All the while, keeping the doors wide open on our southern border.

We are so screwed…!!

Fox News:  “Congressional leaders ordered the flags at the U.S. Capitol lowered to half-staff Tuesday morning to honor the five victims of last week's shooting rampage in Chattanooga, Tenn. -- but no such order came from President Obama, as the White House flag continued to fly at full staff.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement that as Congress returned to session on Tuesday, the flags were lowered for the Navy sailor and four Marines killed.”

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Iran Rally....Wednesday, 7/22/15

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Do you have plans for this Wednesday?  If you do, change them; if you don’t; now you do.

My friends, it’s real simple.  Unless you live in a cave on Fiji, you have heard that the US Government just made a very one sided deal with the devil, otherwise known in this case as Iran.

Just as a recap, the bottom line is this.  We just gave them permission to continue working on a nuclear weapon, we have lifted pretty much all financial sanctions, and we will not be able to inspect any of their facilities to ensure that they are “only looking for an energy source.”

What that means in real time is that we have given them a checkered flag to finish building “the bomb,” and are essentially paying them to do it.  Once they have the capability, they WILL first attack our friend and ally Israel, and then they will set their sights on us.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either blissfully ignorant of reality or is flat out lying to you.

So here is what a whole bunch of Americans are doing about it.

This Wednesday, 7/22/2015, there is going to be a rally in NYC in Times Square which you can learn about here.

On the same day and time, there is going to be a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Federal Courthouse at Broward and 3rd Ave. which you can learn about here.

If you cannot attend either of them, you can gather your Patriot friends and have a rally at the same time in your own town.  Simply gather in front of your Town Hall, Federal Court House, or anyplace you can be heard.

Make a statement.  Let DC know that We the People are fed up with the pandering to our enemies.  

It’s time America.  Let’s roll.






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California Brush Fire Destroys Everything In Its Path

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As the photo shows, this was just a horrific situation on the highway between California and Nevada.

Fox News: DEVELOPING: A fast-moving wildfire torched at least 20 cars and five homes Friday as it swept across the main highway between Southern California to Las Vegas.

The fire swept by desert winds burned on both sides of Interstate 15, the main connector between Southern California and Las Vegas that was crowded with vehicles. Both northbound and southbound I-15 were closed as a result of the fire.

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