No change at VA...More scandals

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Publisher’s note:  The endless cycle continues.  The agency responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of our veterans remains scandal ridden and corrupt.  It seems like yesterday that we heard about the cover up of men and women dying while awaiting treatment, but here we are only a year and one new VA boss later and conditions have gotten worse.  

Fox News:  Nearly a year after a scandal rocked the Department of Veterans Affairs, revealing that the agency's centers nationwide were manipulating records to hide dangerously long patient wait times, the bad news just keeps on coming -- calling into question the agency’s promise to clean house.

Ignored claims, manipulated records, cost overruns and even one facility infested with insects and rodents are among the latest issues uncovered by a blistering VA Inspector General’s report. The auditor's probe found that more than 31,000 inquiries placed by veterans to the Philadelphia Regional VA office call center went ignored for more than 312 days, even though they were supposed to be answered in five. Perhaps even worse, claim dates were manipulated to hide delays, $2.2 million in improper payments were made because of duplicate records, 22,000 pieces of returned mail went ignored and some 16,600 documents involving patient records and dating back to 2011 were never scanned into the system.

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Nebraska State Sen. Chambers on cops: says he'd "...shoot him first"

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Publisher's note:  It is stunning that we have arrived at a place where an elected official can get away with comments like this.  This is the fruit of the rhetoric of race baiters like Al Sharpton, AG Holder, and POTUS.  

This self identified "nonviolent" man is just as guilty of the violence that is sure to ensue from his statements as he would be if he pulled the triggers himself when the carnage from what will be taken as permission from some starts in the coming warmer months.

Fox News:  “LINCOLN, Neb. — State Sen. Sen. Ernie Chambers isn’t backing down.  The state lawmaker from Omaha defiantly stood Thursday on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature and rejected many of his colleagues’ calls for him to apologize — or even resign — for comparing cops to ISIS terrorists and suggesting he’d shoot a cop if he weren’t nonviolent and had a gun.

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant,” Chambers said.”

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Spiritual warfare in Lake Worth

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By now, you may have heard something about a brewing and fluid situation in the small town of Lake Worth, FL.  In case you haven’t, let me bring you up to date.

It really started back on December 2, 2014 at the City Commission meeting when atheist Preston Smith was allowed to stand and utter what can probably best be described as blasphemous drivel as he offered a “prayer” to, among others, zeus, allah, and satan, in the place of an invocation to Almighty God.  You may read more on that incident by clicking here for the coverage by

To their credit, Mayor Triolo and several other commissioners left the room before he began, and returned when the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  

That “prayer” did leave a looming problem and precedent however.  By allowing Mr. Smith to be there, the door has been left ajar for other “alternative” invocations and Chaz Stevens of the “Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole,” citing “a spirit of understanding (and equal protection under Federal law) has requested to give a satanic invocation at the next available meeting.  While I have tried to ascertain the town’s decision of his request, several calls to Town Clerk Pamela Lopez have gone unreturned as of press time.

Interestingly, since the “prayer” by Mr. Smith, the City of Lake Worth has been less than friendly toward the Churches in the City, and is now sending “spies” to attend and report on at least one church known as the Common Ground Church which holds two Sunday services in Pastor Mike Olive’s coffee bar known as “Common Grounds Coffee Bar.”  

The city is doing this “spying” because they started trying to force the churches in the city to obtain business licenses, then maybe changing to Certificates of Occupancy because of “public safety” and some other nonsense that has been changing since this story has been gaining more and more attention in the last several days.  While I don’t know as of press time what other changes may be occurring, and in spite of the fact that a couple of churches have acquiesced and filed for the licenses, I’m guessing that the growing attention and the lawyers are making the city wish this had never happened and would just go away.  

Additionally and significantly, on Tuesday evening, March 3, 2015, almost all of the parishioners of Common Ground Church and many others from the community gathered for a little less than an hour on the east side steps of City Hall.  

While some might have guessed they were doing so in protest, nothing could be further from the truth. Led by Pastor Olive, they arrived; men and women, toddlers and teens, and others with many more years of experience. Instead of offering a word of protest, in very Christ like fashion, they started by singing a chorus of “Amazing Grace,” and then breaking up into small groups of about a half dozen or so, they offered prayers beginning by reciting 1 Timothy 2:1,2; praying for those in authority.  

After praying in those groups for around twenty minutes; praying for all involved, the community and churches, members of the commission, for friends and foes alike, and many other things, the group ended the gathering by reciting The Lord’s Prayer in unison.

From there, Pastor Olive invited everyone to join in fellowship at the Common Grounds Coffee Bar.

This story is far from over.  There are Constitutional and other legal issues that need to be settled.  Pastor Olive, a man of outstanding faith and character, understands spiritual warfare and that this is only a test. He knows and believes that not only will the 1st Amendment prevail, but so will his flock and the other flocks in this little town called Lake Worth, and this great county called America. 

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Testing the 1st Amendment in Lake Worth

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Publisher’s note:  My friends, some very dark clouds are gathering over Lake Worth, FL and are trying to rain on the First Amendment and, in this case, Christianity itself.  

In case you haven’t heard, the City of Lake Worth, FL is attempting to force Churches to obtain business licenses.  And while that in and of itself is bad enough; it comes on the heels of the December City Council meeting being opened with an invocation to satan himself.  You read that correctly…in an apparent effort to offer equal time to the enemy of mankind, the City Council allowed such a thing to occur in December.

Whether they realize it or not, the City Council allowed lucifer to kick the door wide open and spread his evil in the town.  To bear witness to that, a scant two months later, the city is now attacking the local churches.

In the center of this controversy is the little Common Ground Church, a Christian church that holds services at the Common Grounds Coffee Shop on South J St.  Pastor Mike Olive, who happens to own the coffee shop, holds two services each Sunday morning for all who wish to attend.  This is nothing new, pastors have been holding services in public meeting places since the beginning of our Republic, including those held in the lower chamber of the US Capitol.

Over the coming days, I intend to gather a lot more facts and information, however for right now, it doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or anything else…because while this certainly smacks as an attack on Christianity, it is very much a 1st Amendment issue. And if they are successful with this in Lake Worth, it will spread to every belief system across the nation.

Folks, this is our freedom on the line.  Tomorrow night, Tuesday 3/3/2015 at 6:00 PM, there is going to be a gathering on the steps of Lake Worth City Hall; not to protest, but simply to pray that the City of Lake Worth and the rest of the country by extension, will recognize that that the rights of American citizens to gather and worship whenever and wherever they choose is not subject to the whims of any government, local or otherwise.

Whatever your faith, you should attend, because if they get away with this, no one and no faith is safe.

My friend Wild Bill for America has had something to say about this developing story and I welcome you to view his commentary here.





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