Need to see a Dr.? There's an APP for that.

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I guess we should have seen this coming.  It wasn’t that long ago that your phone was a big clunky machine confined within the walls of your home probably with a separate equally as large answering machine.  So, over the past 20 years or so, the vast majority of people have gotten away from old fashioned land lines in favor of better, vastly more functional, cell phones and smart phones.

Now that we’re all used to our high tech phones getting us from point A to point B, finding favorite foods and ordering as well as paying in advance, and all of the endless tasks they perform with the touch of a button, they are about to bring us to new heights of wow.

And as this video with Dr. Eric Topol shows, the main force behind the technology shows, those new heights of wow are in the field of medicine.  Everything from heart rates to ultrasounds and more can now be monitored with our smart phones and sent directly to our health care providers with the click of a button.

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There's Something 'fishy' about this Salmon

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Publisher's note:  'So So' Salmon?!  Not in my kitchen. So, this is what our food supplies are coming to.  A company in Massachusetts, (huda thunk it) has developed a genetically modified salmon that grows to maturity in half the time of their farm raised counterparts.  I don't think so; these swimming chem labs don't have a chance of landing on my plate.  However, if it works for you...break out the tarter sauce.

What's next "eFood2007?"

Fox News:  It’s taken almost two decades, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may be close to a ruling on the world’s first genetically modified animal protein.

AquAdvantage salmon is a product of the Massachusetts-based biotech firm AquaBounty Technologies. Designed to reach market size in about half the time of standard farmed salmon, the fish would be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. Producers say the salmon is safe to eat, environmentally friendly and can feed more of the population with less resources, compared to other farmed fish.

But last week two major store chains, Kroger and Safeway, joined a growing list of supermarkets that say that they will refuse to sell the salmon -- dubbed “frankenfish” by critics -- raising questions about whether consumers will buy it, even with the FDA’s approval.

The issue is highly controversial. Environmentalists, consumer watchdogs, select supermarket chains, Alaskan fishermen and various other groups have been voicing strong opposition to the potentially game-changing product since AquaBounty applied for approval in 1996.

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Pile on the Pork

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Publisher's note:  It looks like one of America's favorite foods is contaminated across the board.  Besides opting for the 'other white meat, this publisher would prescribe rinsing any chicken or poultry with hot water, and then cook it very thoroughly.  

Yahoo News:  New York (AFP) - Almost all of the raw chicken sold in the US contains potentially harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli, according to an analysis by Consumer Reports published Thursday.

The magazine tested 316 raw chicken breasts in 26 states and "found potentially harmful bacteria lurking in almost all of the chicken, including organic brands," it said.

The analysis found that chicken from the four largest brands (Perdue, Pilgrim's, Sanderson Farms, Tyson) "contained worrisome amounts of bacteria" and that more than half the chicken breasts were tainted with fecal contaminants that can cause blood and urinary-tract infections.

The research analyzed chicken from major brands, including Wal-Mart Stores, Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader Joe's.

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More Turkey, Less Butter

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Publisher's note:  When you sit down at the Thanksgiving Table next week, you might want to consider this sensible advice.

Fox News:  Want to make sure you'll be able to button your jeans after Thanksgiving dinner? Limit your exposure to stealth fat bombs. See, while you're trying to go easy on the turkey and the pumpkin pie, it's the Turkey Day side dishes that'll really do you in—we're looking at you, stuffing, mashed potatoes, buttery Brussels sprouts, and marshmallow-covered candied yams. 

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New Toothbrush...simply print and brush

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Publisher's note:  This looks kind of bizarre, however it sounds promising.  Let's see how the ADA reacts.

Fox News:  Forget electric toothbrushes using 3D printing, engineers have developed a new kind of toothbrush tailor-made to fit a person's mouth. All a person must do to brush is bite down.

At first glance, the "Blizzident" looks a bit like a hairy pair of dentures. The brush's makers say it cleans teeth completely within six seconds, though independent studies have not yet verified its efficacy.

To tailor the brush to a person's mouth, dentists take a digital scan of the teeth (or take an impression that is later scanned). The makers of Blizzident use that scan to determine the optimal placement of 600 bristles by simulating biting and chewing movements. The bristles resemble normal toothbrush bristles but are much finer and tapered to reach under the gum-line better.

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