American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter Talks of a Cancer-free New Year and Reminds of Upcoming Hope Gala

Written by Starla M. Brown on . Posted in Health/Fitness

The American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter leadership wishes The Patriots Press readers a good year filled with excellent health.  Jamie Lober, Public Relations Chairman stresses that taking care of your general wellbeing and safety can help you stay cancer-free.  When she is not in the swimming pool or catching up with her best friends, you can find Lober applying her master’s in health psychology and decade of experience in health education to offer up health advice and promote the local American Cancer Society.  “One of the many reasons I feel the American Cancer Society is great is their dedication to teach people how to get well and stay well and it is a misconception that doing so is such a big commitment,” said Lober.  Getting healthier in 2013 does not have to be a time-consuming resolution.  “Wash your hands with soap and water for fewer than twenty seconds and that is less than a minute right there,” said Lober.


Hygiene is not the only thing that you can control in under a minute.  “Put on sunscreen, seek shaded areas and cover up so you do not get sunburned or even worse, skin cancer,” said Lober.  Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of injury that can be avoided by taking precautions which take less than a minute.  “Put on your seatbelt and if your child is under twelve years-old, put him in the backseat,” said Lober.  Kids tend to engage in risky behavior without thinking.  “Never leave someone in the pool unattended and if you go boating, be sure your child has a properly-fitted lifejacket to reduce his risk of drowning,” said Lober.  Resisting negative cravings like smoking does not take much time either.  “Try deep breathing, chew a piece of gum or just do something else because nobody wants to breathe secondhand smoke,” said Lober.  The list of what you can do is endless.  “Read food labels, test smoke alarms every month, do a skin check, know your numbers, recycle, wear earplugs if you will be somewhere loud, do not be afraid to ask questions of your doctor and know the signs of heart attack and stroke,” said Lober.  


Staying healthy means taking time out to participate in fun activities, which leads the American Cancer Society to remind us that their Hope Gala will take place on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 6:30pm at the luxurious Woodfield Country Club.  Claiming she could give a sermon on the reasons to attend, Lober emphasizes what a gratifying experience both personally and professionally her involvement with the American Cancer Society has been.  “It will be nice to see the amazing result of all of our hard work, take a day to relax and then it is on to the next one,” said Lober.  Each member of Leadership has stepped up to the plate for a different reason.  “Everyone has a connection of some sort and for me, I am in this for my father and I will be in this organization until his rare cancer is cured,” said Lober.

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