The Problem with Christianity is....The Christians!

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This is an issue I've been meaning to write about for months.  To lay a little ground work, I'll describe myself and my basic thoughts on Christianity.  I call myself a Christian because I believe and know in my heart that Jesus was and is the promised Messiah foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament.  From His birth, to His death and resurrection, He fulfilled every prophecy concerning the coming Messiah.  I believe and understand that He came to earth to bridge the gap between God and man which was created way back in Genesis with original sin known as the fall. 

I believe God bridged this gap by sending Jesus, the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb as a final atonement offering for the sins of mankind, and that final atoning sacrifice washes away the sins of all who accept it.  I'll talk about this a little more in a few minutes, but let's have a look at something regarding original sin, because I think it escapes many people.  God doesn't grade sin as we do.  That is to say, all sin is against His will, and it is punishable by death.  To back that up; in Genesis, Adam and Eve had only one, (1) rule to obey and live by, and that was not to eat the fruit of a certain tree, under penalty of death.  Death for eating a certain fruit!

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You really do!

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Publisher's note:  Leah is a friend of mine and The Patriots Press, and is about as gentle and kind a soul as you will find anywhere.  I hope her words and meaning hit you as they did me.

Leah:  As I was backstage last night, unplugging my charger and packing my things, a friend came in and I asked her to sit with me a moment.  Ninety-nine percent of Academy staff, students, family, etc., had gone home.

We chatted and she asked me how I was.  You know how a conversation pauses...and the words you just exchanged are hanging in the air, and you and your friend are sitting there, looking at one another pleasantly...?

Well we were in that atmosphere when she opens her mouth and asks me, "how are you?” Just like that.

Sigh...I really don't like answering that question, so I said I was fine.  And she of course, looked at me with a more penetrating gaze and said whatever it was she said while I squirmed beneath her scrutiny.

She continued speaking and then a phrase came out of her mouth that stopped my ears from hearing anything else.  Do you know how your mind stops when something really good happens to you?

You don't hear a word anyone says because for you, time has stopped.  Well, that's what happened last night.

"How are you?"  I smile and answer.  She gives me the hard look and continues..."okay, because when I pray for you I get the impression that..."  And that is when time stopped for me. Time!  Thought!  Even emotion!  I was stunned.  Truth seeped into my intellect slowly.  "She prays for me."  It is difficult to explain how I felt inside upon that revelation.

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Billy Graham Speaks

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Publisher's note:  The Reverend Billy Graham has been 'America's Pastor' for decades.  As he nears what are likely his last days and years, he is still doing his amazing work and is sounding the alarm for the imminent return of our Lord.  As a follower of Christ and an observer of our ever degrading, immoral, and Godless culture, I could not agree with Billy more.  I wish him many more blessed days and years of service.

WND and Billy Graham:  Just as Noah did in ancient times, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is sounding the alarm that the Second Coming is “near” and signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly “biblical prophecies are being realized.”

And last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., claimed the world has entered the last days.

“When you see up is down and right is wrong, when this is happening, we were told this: that these days would be as the days of Noah,” Bachmann said.

The remarks by Graham, Netanyahu and Bachmann come amid a steadily rising wave of public interest in the end times, as demonstrated by recent polls and New York Times and bestselling books such as “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change,” by Pastor John Hagee.

In September, a poll by the Ventura, Calif.-based Barna Group found 4 in 10 Americans – and 77 percent of evangelical Christians – believe the “world is now living in the biblical end times.”

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Lest we forget, we are His servants.

Written by Dawn Ellen on . Posted in FAITH

Publisher's note:  Once again, my friend Dawn has been inspired and inspired me with a very basic and simple article.  She is absolutely correct, many of us do seem to make demands of Jesus when we pray as if He should drop everything else and tend to our perceived need.  Amazing insight.

Dawn Ellen:  Jesus is not our servant, we are His servants. He is not at our beckoned call, so we must seek His face no matter how long it takes for Him to answer.  Dare we demand anything from our Lord?  Never!  

In the Churches today there seems to be arrogance. Christians are demanding that the Lord answer their prayers.  They reject the Lord’s will and try to force the Lord to abide by their will.  I see the Lord’s people shaking their fists to the ceilings in Church saying, “Because it is in Your Word, You HAVE TO do it."  

Actually, He doesn’t need to do anything.  Yet, He looks down on us and pours His mercy upon us. He may not answer your prayer the way you want, but He answers it according to what you need at the time.  

Your life is not about “answered prayer,” but about the Lord growing and enriching your faith.  It’s about humbling yourself before the throne in recognition that you are nothing in His sight but for His blood, He sees us as His Redeemed.  I refuse to assume I know the Lord’s mind or His will in my life.  I refuse to be arrogant and demand He answer my prayers the way I want Him to. Yes, I have unanswered prayer in my life for 35 years now, but I am a changed person, a grounded in the Word person, and a person with unimaginable faith in my Savior.  I dare not go before the throne with an arrogant spirit, but a spirit of complete humility knowing I could have been thrown into the depths of hell for all eternity.

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Ancient Jewish Prayer Book found

Written by Fox News on . Posted in FAITH

Publisher's note:  I for one am very interested to find out what this amazing find reveals.  Will it prove to be a hoax dreamed up by either side of the historical faith issue, or will it contain yet more proof of the earliest prophecies and the history of Judeo/Christian faith?  Time and study will tell.

Fox News:  Scholars are calling a rare Hebrew text dating back to the 9th century the earliest known Jewish prayer book, predating the world's oldest Torah scroll.

The 50-page book is 4.3 inches tall and about 4 inches wide and is written in an archaic form of Hebrew, on pages of aged parchment. The text includes 100 Jewish blessings and discusses topics such as the apocalyptic tale of the End Times and the Passover Seder.

Carbon testing dates the prayer book to the year 840, which is 300 to 400 years before the oldest known Torah scroll from the 12th and 13th centuries.

"This find is historical evidence supporting the very fulcrum of Jewish religious life," said Jerry Pattengale, executive director of the Green Scholars Initiative, the group that announced the find. "This Hebrew prayer book helps fill the gap between the Dead Sea Scrolls and other discoveries of Jewish texts from the ninth and tenth centuries."

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