A Blessed Event on a Beautiful Day

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in FAITH

A new friend of mine told me and another friend her story of faith recently.  She is a great lady, a single mom, works very hard to make ends meet on her own, and through her boyfriend has come to know our Lord and Savior.  Such stories happen all the time and might not be considered newsworthy by most, however, this past Friday, my new friend shared with us that she was following a blessed mandate of the Christian Faith…she was being baptized the very next day.

As Christians, my other friend and I started welling up a bit because we understand fully what this means.  It isn’t simply a trip to the Baptism location for a sprinkle or a dunk.  No, it is in fact a very public act, a declaration for the whole world to see that she fully understands, accepts, believes, and knows that our Heavenly Father sent His only Son, Jesus the Christ to become a final sacrifice for the sin of the world.  In doing so, He literally took on the burden of the sin of the entire world for all time, and paid the price….DEATH. 

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