Series Tied

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After a crushing 8-1 defeat of the Cardinals on Wednesday evening, the Red Sox failed to muster the needed fielding and runs to take a much desired two game edge.  Tomorrow night, they'll face off against the Cardinals in their own bird cage down in St. Louis.  

I think it's going to get ugly in the college dorms up in Amherst, MA before this is all said and done.

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Red Sox headed to the World Series...again!

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Publisher's note:  What a season!  Even if the Sox should somehow not ultimately prevail in the World Series, their season has been just about flawless.  Down by federal budget sized scores in final innings has meant nothing to them on many outings.  

On Saturday, they decided to once again WOW the crowd at Fenway Park with Pitcher Koji Uehara delivering a magnificent final defense coupled with a come from behind 'surprise' grand slam by Shane Victorino to end the series with Detroit.

The final leg of this year's World Series between the Sox and the Cardinals, which starts this Wednesday in the Back Bay, should prove to be both record breaking and breath taking.

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Detroit Tigers rip defeat from jaws of victory

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Early on in the game it looked as if Detroit might get one up on the Sox tonight; however, the Sox have been on the back end of a lot of games this year and come back shining.  Tonight was no exception.

A rally in the bottom of the 8th climaxed with a 4 run dance around the infield by David Ortiz to tie the score at 5-5 going in to the ninth.  

From there, it was a simple matter of lulling the already dazzled Tigers to sleep before the Sox finished it off in the bottom of the ninth with Johnnie Gomes, who was on third base at the time, scoring off a base hit by Saltalamacchia.  Final score 6-5 Boston.  


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MADD not Glad about free beverages for tickets

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Publisher's note:  Apparently the Jacksonville Jaguars thought it would be a good idea to offer some complementary adult beverages to drive ticket sales.  MADD couldn't agree less.

Fox News:  The Jacksonville Jaguars tried to increase their tepid attendance last week by offering the chance to get free beverages -- including beer -- with a ticket purchase for Sunday's home game against Indianapolis.

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocacy group hopes the Jaguars and other NFL franchises don't make this a regular practice with alcoholic beverages.

"MADD partners with the NFL to promote a safe fan experience. However, we're concerned that the recent Jaguars promotion may run counter to those efforts," MADD spokesman Anna Duerr told FOX Sports in a Sunday email.

"Research indicates that reducing the price of alcohol leads to increased consumption, intoxication and drunk driving. Some states even ban the distribution of free alcoholic beverages as a part of their dedication to responsible serving practices. It's our sincere hope that other teams don't duplicate similar promotions."

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