Thanksgiving and College Football...Americana at its best

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Publisher's note:  As most Americans are preparing to sit down with family and friends over Thanksgiving Dinners, College Football locker rooms are starting to heat up with adrenaline powered rivalries all across America.  Let the Turkey and games begin.

Fundamental SEC:  SEC Thanksgiving Weekend includes Egg & Iron Bowls.  Once again SEC college football fans will be treated to a bounty of games over the Thanksgiving Day weekend starting with in-state rivalry between Miss State (7-4-0) and Ole Miss (5-6-0), better known as the Egg Bowl.  

Kickoff today is 7:30 p.m. ET (ESPN) and a win gives the Bulldogs their 4th straight bowl game.  The Bulldogs are also looking to bring the Egg Bowl trophy back to Starkville after a 17 point loss last year to Ole Miss.

For Dan Mullen it would boost his efforts and recoup his 2010 "Never losing to this team again" statement.  With QB Dak Prescott listed as doubtful, Miss State may look to the Ole Miss record on the road and claim Davis Wade Stadium as a key advantage.

Friday, November 28th Arkansas vs #17 LSU will likely be a win for the Tigers (8-3-0) as the Razorbacks (3-8-0) are 0-7 against SEC teams this year so why break a record now?  Hang in there guys remember Auburn's 2012 season?  Kickoff time is 2:30 p.m. and CBS will carry the game for those not shopping on Black Friday.

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Focused on Football..Saban has no time for Sports Illustrated

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Publisher's note:  Magazines are nice and Sports Illustrated is up there with the best of them, and it's really cool that Alabama QB AJ McCarron is gracing the cover of it this month.  However Coach Nick Saban is focused on winning games and the weather conditions on the field be it practice or game day.  

As far as this publisher is concerned, I'm waiting for the Swimsuit Edition to roll out, or should I say "roll tide' out. 

Fundamental SEC:  Alabama's Coach Nick Saban seen here at a recent press conference, lets a reporter know he has little time to follow the news or read magazines, including a recent cover of Sports Illustrated featuring the Tide's quarterback, AJ McCarron.

Saban who has always exhibited a focus on success quips, "I watch the Weather Channel for 10 minutes in the morning while I have a cup of coffee so I know what the weathers gonna be so if we can practice inside or outside."

While Coach Saban commented, "I'm happy for AJ" and "I'm sure he looks great", Saban did not seem impressed with the reporters question.  In a recent 60 Minutes interview on CBS, Saban talked about everyone "buying in" to a well defined standard, expectation and team effort.

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Red Sox Strong

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Publisher's note:  As if they really needed to, the Boston Red Sox cemented the end of the so-called curse last night, proving once again that they are a team to be reckoned with, and winning the coveted World Series will be a not so irregular thing for them. 

Boston has had its share of tragedy this year, and with the memory of the Boston Marathon still fresh on everyone's mind, the Sox got down to business early on and kept up the heat the entire season, culminating with last night's trip into the history books at Fenway Park.  I have to believe that the 'Babe' was watching with pride as they won in his house last night.

The upcoming parades and celebrations will be just the shot in the arm that city needs to complete healing the wounds inflicted.  The Patriots Press offers our congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for another stellar year and World Series Victory.   

Fox Sports:  AMHERST, MASS. –  The Red Sox have now won three World Series in the past decade — but not since the days of Babe Ruth had Boston won a fall classic in its beloved Fenway Park.

The victory sent Boston fans spilling into the streets Wednesday night to celebrate the team's 6-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6. Amid the cheers and high-fives, the white lights of Boston's Prudential Tower read "GO SOX."

"Words cannot describe how I feel," Red Sox fan Sam D'Arrigo said. "This is what being a Boston fan is all about."

The win capped an emotional season for the Red Sox, one heavy with the reminder of the Boston Marathon bombings in April, which left three people dead and more than 260 wounded. Players wore "Boston Strong" logos on their left sleeves and a giant "B Strong" logo was mowed into Fenway's outfield.

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Game 4 of World Series is History

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Bright lights and temperatures in the low 50's met the fans at Busch Stadium in the City of the Gateway Arch tonight.  Game 4 is now history and the series is even at 2 each.  Which means both teams have their work cut out for them going into game five.  In the end, it will come down to who wants the edge that could make game six the last game of this series. 

There was a touching moment after the 5th inning when there was no baseball rivalry, just a whole lot of great people holding signs and 'Standing up for Cancer' in a tear jerking show of solidarity, each with the name of a loved one on their sign.

One thing is for sure, game five from St. Louis is sure to be riveting.

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Are you kidding me?!

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Outrageous!  This will go down as one of the most egregious calls in World Series history.  Bottom of the 9th in game three; Red Sox and Cardinals tied at 4 apiece, the Cards had men at 2nd and 3rd base.  An infield blooper fielded by Dustin Pedroia found its mark and threw out Molina as he approached home plate.  No one could contest that! 

However, as the play was unfolding, Red Sox Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia attempted to throw out Allan Craig coming in from second base; third baseman Will Middlebrooks missed that throw, and the play was made by Left Fielder Daniel Nava who threw to home to stop Craig from scoring.

Incredibly, Craig tripped over Middlebrooks and continued toward home, plate umpire Dana DeMuth called him safe signaling to third, and the throw to home for an easy and undeniable out was called due to obstruction.

Bottom line is the Cards have walked away with a very questionable win in game three of the World Series.  It is going to get very ugly up in Amherst, MA.


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