Les Misérables Delivers

Written by Starla M. Brown on . Posted in Movies/Theatre

Les Misérables delivers from Victor Hugo's 1862 novel to stage musical to the motion picture screen has now come alive as never before on the big screen.  With a cast of stars known more for their popular culture films than musical talents, Les Misérables brings some of Hollywood's best into roles that entertain even the faint musical fans.

The film revolves around the redemptive life of convict Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman and the lifelong quest of prison guard Javert played by Russell Crowe.  Javert is obsessed with finding and punishing Jean Valjean for breaking his parole.

As the lives of the characters wind throughout the setting in France's 1800s era, we meet Fantine played by Anne Hathaway and her illegitimate daughter Cosette who forever changes Jean Valjean as he redeems himself by caring for Cosette in a promise to the dying Fantine.

The emotional performance of Hathaway's fall from grace and dignity to ensure her daughter's care is by far one of the best performances of the film.

Other notable performances are Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the shady innkeepers, the Thernardiers.  Providing musical entertainment and comic relief, both Carter and Cohen make an excellent pairing in their roles.

Be prepared for excitement, laughter and tears in this beautifully produced film.  It is at the end of the day a musical, however even if you're not a fan, Les Misérables offers a great production that takes the musical stage to a greater level through film.

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