McCartney Rocks Boston

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Boston, MA – The Red Sox weren’t in town, however Fenway Park and Kenmore Sq. in Boston were alive and rocking on Tuesday.  Living legend Sir Paul McCartney was in town and delighted the crowd of around 45,000 which was made up of every age range from ‘tweens to youngsters in their 70’s.  

No matter where you were in Kenmore Sq. the classic tunes from the Beatles, Wings, and so many more were emanating from the Park just as sure as the aroma of garlic and bread wafts from the No. End on the other side of town.  

Starting with ‘Eight Days a Week,’ and running the gamut of just about every song he is known for, the ageless Paul McCartney sounds as good today as he did in the 60’s.  

As the finale of ‘Live and Let Die’ thundered out of Fenway with the pyro show that accompanied it, the crowd was up on its feet cheering and applauding, and somewhere through the mist, smoke, and appreciative fans, I just couldn’t help but think that John and George were sitting on top of the ‘Green Monster’ smiling down on their old friend and enjoyed the show as he and they belted out one encore after the other leaving the crowd in a gleeful frenzy.

Sir Paul, generations of fans from Boston and all around the world thank you, and I just know that your timeless tunes will be around for generations to come.  Keep on rocking.

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Nikko Capria: South Florida's Entertainer of the Year

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Nikko Capria is President/CEO of NIKKO Entertainment and an Owner at Event Studio Productions.  Already holding a stellar reputation and career that spanned over two decades, Capria strove to do more.  In addition to a job that often calls for working both days and nights, Capria opted to serve on the Leadership of the American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter’s Hope Gala.  It was a decision that led him to further notoriety and acclaim in the business, political, healthcare and multicultural communities predominantly through eye-catching remarks by the American Cancer Society’s Public Relations Chairman, Jamie Lober.  Lober makes light of Capria’s continued star power having risen herself on what she refers to as an equal playing field.  “My job as Public Relations Chairman is to get the facts out about people and events related to our Society whether good, bad or indifferent and Capria’s recognitionis well-deserved,” said Lober.


Lober is an established source of reputable health information and has received recognition for her successful business Talk Health with Jamie, Inc., bestselling novel Pink Power: We Girls Can Do Anything!, women’s health education initiatives she has headlined and as a leading lady in the conservative political area.  She agreed to speak of Capria’s businesses as she put her ten years of experience in the media industry into perspective.  “You become hardened as you tell what you think of someone and then have to sometimes face them the next day but with Capria it has been easy,” said Lober.  Lober describes her professional relationship with him as fun and exciting and the personal one she has built as lucky.  “I have probably become as biased as him about his talent and ability to stand apart from the rest but that is because he is an all-around great guy,” said Lober.  


While there is a misconception that many entertainers sleep all day and party all night, quite the opposite is true – at least for the best of them.  “Capria has a highly demanding job in an extremely competitive field,” said Lober.  He spends days meeting with clients in his office talking about their needs, whether it is music, lighting, décor, models, performers or just a simple MC and at night, it is show time.  “He is self-confident, has good judgment and if you can dream it, he can do it,” said Lober, recalling that just the other day she met a gentleman who said that Capria threw the best party he ever had.  “I am very into self-improvement, health promotion, disease prevention and repairing our country by removing one Democrat at a time, but I am open to talking about NIKKO Entertainment and Event Studio Productions because I believe Capria is one in a million in his trade,” said Lober.  Many cuts above entertaining doing magic tricks or cranking out tunes, Capria does things professionally and has made his mark on cruise ships and big cities across the country.  “That means he is consistent, reliable, meets clients’ expectations and delivers events you can be proud of and talk about for years to come,” said Lober.


Lober offers her two cents on what people should look for when hiring an entertainer.  “He should have a lengthy list of corporate clients, work for big companies, have referrals or testimonials, current marketing materials, guarantee satisfaction, answer calls promptly, make you feel good about choosing him, belong to professional organizations and just give you a gut feeling that he is the best for your needs,” said Lober.  Assessing Capria against the terms she has named, Lober says he flies off the scale and that companies in particular should consider planning a beginning of the year bash with his help.  She takes her several years of experience on staff with Business Journals, Inc. and her years running her own small business to rattle off some benefits.  “Planning a party outside of the corporate environment can help you learn more about your colleagues which will guide you in relating in and out of the workplace as well as send the message that you appreciate what they do everyday,” said Lober.  


Coordinating a beginning of the year bash also lets you celebrate achievements in a relaxed environment.  “You will probably find that people are more open to giving feedback about the company or sharing about themselves than they would in the regular office setting and it is a good window of time to reinforce the way the work your employees are doing is positively impacting the company,” said Lober.  Explaining in a forward fashion the difference between an entrepreneur starting up a business like herself and an entertainer starting up a firm, Lober tells that the entertainer has to have a little extra.  “Both the entrepreneur and entertainer should be quick on their feet, have some charisma and be fast learners to do well but the entrepreneur has to work hard for people to believe in him whereas the entertainer can charm people into it,” said Lober.  Still, the entertainer does not have an easy way out.  “Entertainers like Capria have to adapt to any situation and modify things for each audience to make every business situation go smoothly,” said Lober.   


Speaking of what keeps him relevant after so many years, Lober says there is an “element of surprise” about Capria.  “His content is always new professionally and that is how people judge him and of course he has a strong stage presence because otherwise people could just buy a CD or call him and would not yearn to see something special,” said Lober.  Like Lober, with Capria, what you see is what you get.  “He’s natural, real, daring, intuitive, passionate about his career and ready to take out his microphone on a moment’s notice,” said Lober.  While it is safe to assume that Capria connected with Lober as a result of her cuteness, enthusiasm, spunk and playful but go-getting demeanor, Lober affirms that he is not so bad either.  “There are very few guys that are cool enough for me to waste my time talking about particularly in an industry like entertainment where you either have it or you don’t and Capria has it going on,” said Lober.

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Tenth Avenue North to Main Stage the S FL Fair

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West Palm Beach, Fla. - South Florida’s own Christian rock band, Tenth Avenue North (the group took its name from a major road in the West Palm Beach, Florida area where the band was originally formed) has been selected to main stage the Pepsi Stage at the Party Pavilion on January 29, 2013 at 8:00 PM.


The band, led by vocalist Mike Donehey, released three independent albums between 2002 and 2006 before signing with Reunion Records to release 2008‘s Over and Underneath as well as 2010‘s The Light Meets the Dark. The Struggle, the bands sixth album, debuted at No 1 on Billboard’s Christian and Rock album charts.


Tenth Avenue North, despite being on the nationwide ‘Struggle’ tour, spent most of November 2012 in South Florida and performed in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton’s Spanish River Church.


Mike Donehey, along with each Tenth Avenue North band-member, each sponsor one or more children as a part of the Christian organization, Compassion International and often tout the organizations authenticity and successes during their two hour concerts.


If you weren’t able to catch Tenth Avenue North in November, now is your chance! Admission to the concert is free after having purchased a South Florida Fair ticket which is available at The South Florida Fair website.

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