A Real American To Linda Sarsour, STHU...

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Publisher’s Note:  Normally, I don’t find the need to open anything by Sybele Capezzutti with a comment of my own, however today I do have something to add, and it is this message to Linda Sarsour.

You have risen to prominence in Western Media through no other means than an all too willing and complicit leftist media who, like you and your brethren, desire nothing less than the total destruction of America, her values, and all Western Culture.  While, like any other right thinking American I am repulsed by everything you say and stand for, I am very glad to see you in the spotlight, because while you are duping a few lemmings, you are waking up vast numbers of Americans to the vile and evil nature of everything you stand for and what the true desired end game result of your “peaceful” religion is.

Newsflash Ms. Sarsour, we are on to you and yours, you have re-awakened the “sleeping giant” and you aren’t simply going to lose, you are going to be crushed and exterminated like the insects that you are.  You see, the “sleeping giant” is NOT the government or even the military of the United States; the “sleeping giant” is We the People, and if I were you, I’d check our history for what we do when we have had enough; and trust me, WE'VE HAD ENOUGH of you and your ilk.     

Sybele Capezzutti:  A message to Linda Sarsour:

So you call yourself a strong Muslim woman?!  Show me!  Instead of fighting our government in the effort to keep your traditions that promote submission of women, why don't you join brave women like Raheel Raza and Ayaan Hirsi Ali fighting against your culture of male dominance? 

Take off your hijab and tell your men that it is not okay to rape you because they can see your hair.  Go to your Imams and tell them that you want to sit in the same congregation with your male counterparts, that you will refuse to perform female genital mutilation on your little girls, that you will not allow your daughter to be given into marriage to an older man as soon as she reaches puberty, that you will not accept being beaten into submission by your husbands, that your word should be enough in a rape and not require five men to testify in your favor.

Be brave and confront these practices, teach young women to be strong and independent....that Ms. Sarsour, would be truly brave!

You see, we western women have fought for our rights, we believe in a God that sees us as equals to men, we demand a government that will recognize our freedom; so forgive me if I find you pathetic and see no bravery in your efforts to keep Muslim women submissive.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Sarsour, I really do!  You have embraced a culture that belittles women and think of yourself as being brave for protecting it.  But I am even sorrier for the millions of Muslim women that, thanks to you, will never be free from their chains, and the western women who you have managed to brainwash into accepting your culture of submission in the name of religious freedom.

Women in this Country and all over western civilization have fought for the rights you gladly give up, so please understand that we will not allow you or anyone like you to use “islamophobia” to intimidate us against your efforts to fight our government so Muslim women can remain submissive.

Remember the old saying "When in Rome, act like the Romans?”  You're in America; women here are free, act like an American.


A free, independent, and strong American woman.

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Happy Birthday America And Thank You

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When I came to America almost 33 years ago a few things caught my attention; the streets were clean and well paved, there was a sense of order, there weren't any beggars on the street corners, people didn't lock their doors during the day or locked their cars.

Americans could criticize anyone and anything freely, they could open a small business and make a decent living, cops were respected, and each state was different with different laws that served its population.

Voting wasn't mandatory but Americans took it serious.  Americans were proud; a good proud..!

I was travelling by bus from St. Louis, MO to Peoria, IL listening to my Walkman, (you can laugh now!) in total awe with the beautiful roads, and as we crossed the Mississippi River I saw a group of bikers; there were twenty or so, they all had jackets with the American Flag on it and the leader had a big Flag flying from his bike....it gave me chills!  I cried, I was in America!  The land of the Free!  I knew then I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to be free also.

It wasn't the kind of freedom that removes physical chains; it was freedom of the soul.  The visa process was a lengthy and expensive one, but to me it was so worth it!  I was glad that this wonderful Country was so demanding and scrutinized its immigrants; after all, the reason it was so wonderful was because of its citizenry and the pride they carry in their hearts, the love they had for this land.

Becoming a US Citizen in those days was a privilege, one that I was very grateful for.  To all of you that were blessed with being born in this amazing Country, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being selective about whom you are willing to accept into your family; that's called self-preservation. Read the beginning of this post again and ask yourself why have things changed so much in 30 years..?1

As we celebrate America's 241st Birthday let's remember that this Nation was made by legal immigrants who embraced it, loved it, fought for it, and died for it....and not by illegal immigrants who refused to assimilate.

I wish all of you could feel what I felt that day when I crossed the Mississippi River....

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people" ~ Ronald Reagan.

Happy Birthday America! And thank you for having me.

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Violence, The New Normal...

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I'm normally very diplomatic when writing about politics because you can't have a dialogue when you take an "us vs them" position.  But today is not a day for diplomacy, today is a day for hard truths.

The same way that Islam will never cure itself from the evil within if its followers don't fight for a fundamental reform in ideology, our toxic political environment will not improve unless we are willing to talk about the evil that found a home within the democrat party.

Extreme left groups, heavily funded, with the unconditional support of the main stream media, have supported and promoted a hateful ideology that has become a cult with an eerie resemblance to radical Islam..."if you don't agree with my way of thinking you deserve to die".

No, I am not putting all democrats in the same bag, I do realize that many do not embrace this new radical and extreme behavior, but sadly a few in very prominent positions do and they need to be held accountable for encouraging chaos.

Democrats have normalized violence.

When instead of condemning terrorism you lay out a case in order to justify it, you are normalizing it.
When instead of condemning riots and Black lives matter attacks on cops you lay out a case to justify it, you are normalizing it.

When instead of condemning the aggression towards conservatives in college campuses you lay out a case to justify it, you are normalizing it.

When you applaud a so called artist for ranting obscenities against the President, another for saying she wants to bomb the White House, a play depicting the assassination of the President, another for showing the President's severed head on TV, another for calling every conservative a racist and saying they should all die, and lay out a case to justify it, you are normalizing it.

I hold every publication, every TV journalist, every internet site that purposely promote stories they know are false and then make the argument in favor of violent behavior for today's targeted attack on Republican representatives.  The blood of the three victims are on their hands.

Their control is so extensive that there were people cheering the incident much the same as radicals cheer when a jihadi takes the lives of infidels....violence is normalized.

Violence is justified, violence is now embraced.

A violence created and fed through lies.  People like to say that it's a conflict between good and evil and I agree...but what is good other than the truth and what is evil other than lies..?

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Remembering A Hero Named AL..

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Those close to me know my great love and respect for my former father in law, who unfortunately is no longer with us.

We spent hours sitting at his back yard while he smoked a cigar and told me his war stories, he always tried to make light of it as he told them in a very casual and matter of fact way.... but I could feel the deep sadness in his heart.

He was wounded trying to save his platoon and received several medals, including the Bronze Medal and a Purple Heart; all of which sat in a box and he never even mentioned it until I decided to frame them and give him the respect he deserved.

The medals meant nothing to him, the memories meant everything!

For all his life he carried the pain of seeing his friends die in combat, the guilt for being back home with his family while so many didn't return.  They were young men, all from the same neighborhood, and some gave all.

I've learned a lot from Al through the years of spending those precious afternoons with him....

I've learned about friendship, resilience, honor, and patriotism.  There is no glory in war, and oh....how I wish we would never have to fight another war again!

But there is glory in a soldier, in his love of Country, in his dedication to freedom, in his selfless acts to keep his brothers safe during battle, in his heart that aches forever tormented by the memories he has to carry, and in the ultimate sacrifice leaving behind loved ones as his body lies lifeless on the battle ground.

Hate the war, but love and respect the warrior, their sacrifice is for you, be thankful..!

On this Memorial Day let's have a moment of silence with our families and show our respect for the fallen, they've given way more than one minute of their lives for you.


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Progressively Fascist...

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As an Independent I think both political parties leave much to be desired and it appears that their only goal is to promote division so we are too busy fighting each other to point fingers at them.

That being said; I have a much bigger problem with today's so called progressives than any other group in this country.

The word “progressive” is an adjective supposed to mean forward thinking; instead it has become the embodiment of illogical thinking and paradox.

If you are against religion having any influence in government, then why are you supportive of devout Muslims running for office and call it progress..?!  Aren't their beliefs going to affect their judgement the same way it would a devout Christian..?! 

Progressives hate pro-life activists for their beliefs because of the religious connection; for them, pro-lifers are against women's rights because they ignore the fact that a fetus is also a human being deserving of rights.  In other words, they choose to only afford rights to those who can already vote.

It gets better; when the same progressives, who are pro-abortion claiming women's rights as the logic behind it and their desire to keep religion separate from secular law, support the most barbaric and least forward thinking religion in the world calling for their constitutional right to "cling to their religion.”

Progressives will fight against devout Christians every step of the way based on their idea of separation of church and state, while defending sharia law just as vehemently based on freedom of religion.

As if that wasn't paradoxical enough, they've decided to add their own version of what constitutes freedom of speech to the pot.

This one is pretty simple though: anything that does not support their views is considered hate speech.

If you are a fiscal conservative and don't even care to talk about social issues but only want to promote fiscal responsibility, that's hate speech.  If you don't believe that government is the answer to all of our problems, that's hate speech.  If you think Islam has a serious problem that needs to be talked about rationally, that's hate speech.  If you think drug cartels are in cahoots with politicians and open borders has nothing to do with charity, that's hate speech.

And the list goes on.  But I think that the progressives’ new definition of fascism is what bothers me the most lately because too many good people have been duped into believing it.

Fascism is inherently loss of freedom; it does not belong to the right or the left, it can use either side as its vehicle.  Fascism is silencing ideas that are contrary to yours, it is removing any trace of history that doesn't support your thinking, and it is controlling speech, controlling actions, controlling diversity.  So, if progressives are pro diversity, why are they silencing the ones who are different from them..?!

When progressives created the "Antifa" (anti fascism) movement, they themselves became the fascists.  They are the ones silencing people by censuring and attacking. They are the ones forcing people to lose their jobs because of what they believe, beating people up on the streets for wearing a shirt they don't like, vandalizing cars for a bumper sticker supporting a cause they don't believe in.

Their approach to "progress" is total regression to public shaming, violence and intimidation, it is fascism.  Worse yet, it is terrorism.

The definition of terrorism is "The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

The "progressive movement" is clearly heavily funded by those who have no interest in peace, because the elite thrive on chaos.

And what better way of promoting chaos than by infiltrating some paid pseudo human rights activists into a population..?  Sadly, it will get worse before it gets better..!

On the bright side, I know I'm not alone and there are millions of people out there who have been able to keep their ability to think logically and don't subscribe to political identity as their alternative brain.

The emotional being is only useful when the logical mind is in control.

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