The Cult Called Progressive Leftism

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The progressive left only exists to further globalism, it falsely proclaims to defend the interest of minorities and the less fortunate.

Is this statement just my opinion?

In a way yes, but this opinion is the result of some hard observation.  One would think that Countries that have very little in common in terms of culture and demographics require political activism tailored to their needs.

The population of Brazil, Sweden, Germany, England, and the US are very different. Their economy is different, their culture is different.

But one thing is exactly the same....the progressive left.  Exactly the same agenda regardless of demographics, how is that possible?

Some will say that some basic principles apply everywhere, which is true.  But some don't.  In Brazil 43% of the population is multi- racial; not a place where people care what color you are, yet the progressive left insists that they are racists.  In Sweden and Germany they are already socialists so the progressive left now wants them to spread the wealth across the world and keep inviting foreigners into their robust welfare system. How does that benefit their own citizens?  Answer, it doesn't. 

The undeniable fact, if you take the time to observe different cultures and their politics, is that the progressive left carries an agenda that does nothing to benefit the citizens of the countries in which they operate.  They have a fail proof strategy that is easily applied to any country with any demographic...use compassion and kindness as a tool to convince people to give up their own prosperity, identity and safety, making them less self-sufficient more vulnerable and more dependent on the government.

A world without borders is the ultimate goal of the progressive left, one that can only be achieved if the identity of every culture is erased.  Definitely not an agenda that has each individual in mind; the biggest scam in world history!

It is amazing what one can convince people to do by using compassion as the logical argument.  To me the progressive left uses the Cult Evangelist technique; tell them that to go to heaven they need to give up all that is important to them and give it to the pastor, the pastor will then bless them and they will reap the benefits after they die while the pastor lives a life of luxury right here in front of their noses and they never, ever, question his intentions..!

Think about that..!

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Outrageous Outrage Over Gen. Flynn

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To everyone outraged with General Flynn...spare me!

Where was your outrage when Americans died in Benghazi as the result of a bad gun deal and Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Obama all lied that the attack was the result of a ridiculous video?

Where was your outrage when Obama was caught on a hot mic saying that “after the elections he would have more flexibility” to the then Russian President?

Where was your outrage when 400 million dollars in cash was sent to Iran in the middle of the night without Congress knowing about it?

Where was your outrage when Hillary made a deal with Russia selling 20% of our uranium production after her husband was paid half a million dollars to speak in Russia?

Where was your outrage when prisoners released from GITMO returned to the battle field to kill Americans?

Where was your outrage when leaked emails showed that Hillary was working on an oil deal for a friend in Libya so Qaddafi had to be killed for that to happen? This one didn't even make the news, I might have been one of the few people who took the time to search through the emails and found this little pearl.

We had the most treasonous administration ever for 8 years and the media was complicit by either hiding or minimizing the gravity of the facts.

So please take your selective outrage and.... you know what to do.

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Ignorance Is Bliss Until It Kills You....

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I always say that in today's world being ignorant is a choice, you don't even have to leave your house and go to the library anymore; information is at your fingertips! Buying into the political game that keeps some people from suffering the consequences of their bad choices is not only naive but extremely dangerous, that is called "false knowledge". 

Islamic extremism was NOT created by western countries through war. Those interferences certainly destabilized some regions, (we tend to take down dictators that are then replaced with much worse) but did not create the mentality that plagues the world today. And please, climate change is the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard in my life for killing people! There are people living in drought and poverty conditions in the northern part of Brazil for two centuries and they kill no one. 

Islamic genocide started way before we invaded Iraq, if you have no knowledge of that then you need to inform yourself before accepting the "new truth" being spewed by the so called journalists who will say anything to protect their sponsors. 

The following are just a few examples of Islamic extremism and murder.

Between 1915 - 1917 the Muslim controlled Ottoman Empire of Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide.  The total casualties were 2,700,000 Christians which included 750,000 Assyrians, 500,000 Greeks and 1.5 million Armenians.  This was done for two reasons; ethnic cleansing and Islamic Jihad.  

Then again between 1953 – 2005 in the Sudan, a total of 3.5 million, including 2.5 million between 1983 – 2005.  The reason again was Arab Islamic “supremacy” over “inferior” Southerners wherein jihad was declared by Numeiri in 1983 and again by al-Bashir in 1991.

Over 100,000 in Papua New Guinea since 1963 have been slaughtered by Muslim Indonesians: both government and Jihadists.  More ethnic cleansing and jihad, only this time with the added element of apartheid. 

From 1966 – 1970 there were 3 million IBO Christians killed by Muslim, (Hausa) dominated forces. From the 1970’s – 2000 another 300,000 Lebanese fell to Syrian 'Palestinians.'  Let’s not forget the 3 million in Bangladesh murdered by Islamic Pakistanis in 1971 because of contempt for “impure” Bengalis.  In every case, Muslims on Christians and others.

I could go on, but the list would be too long. This is not something new or caused by the Iraqi war or the Syrian civil war; we're just seeing the result of pretending this has not been a problem for decades.  And since now that we've included political correctness and climate change to how we deal with the problem, I don't see it getting better any time soon. 

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." ~George Bernard Shaw


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America, I remember when...

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When I came to America 32 years ago..

You didn't even know who was illegal because they were afraid of being deported, today they march on the streets waiving the flags of their country of birth and are protected by activists.  Patriotism was admired and respected, but today patriots are called right wing extremists.

Immigrants kept their traditions at home with pride but assimilated to the American culture, today they want Americans to assimilate to theirs and if they don't, they are labelled racists.

Back then, it made no difference what political party you voted for; today that defines your circle of friends. Protests that turned violent were called riots, today they are called activism.  Journalists delivered the news, today they deliver opinions.  A President who kept the Country safe by enforcing strict immigration laws was respected; today he is called a xenophobe.

If people disagreed with each other they debated the issue, made healthy jokes, even peacefully protested.

Today they riot, attack, create false stories, shut down any possibility of a dialogue, and intimidate.

These changes did not happen in a week or a month, or even a year; nor are they the result of one election or one President.  Just like the person who starts with one drink a day, then two, then the entire bottle....the change was gradual.

Americans allowed all the small changes and one day woke up like an alcoholic trying to understand how they got there.  It's hard to sober up, the process is painful.  There is denial, anger, depression, and for some it's easier to just accept their fate and blame everyone else for their demise so they don't have to go through the painstaking process of being in control of their lives again.

I look at what is going on in our country and I see half of the country determined to get it together and the other half breaking the bar because the bar tender said no more drinks.

It's going to be a long, bumpy, and costly ride!

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Is Trump The "New" Hitler...?

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Equating Trump to Hitler for the travel ban from terrorist infested countries shows not only lack of historical knowledge but most importantly lack of analytical thinking.  Hitler used the xenophobic concept of a pure race to get rid of Jews because they had the economic control of his country.  Hitler had the help of the Shah of Iran to come up with the idea of the yellow star to distinguish Jews from everyone else...which was taken from Sharia back in the days when Muslims took over Jewish land and forced Jews to wear a yellow waist band.

Jews were not all over the World murdering people in the name of their God, Jews did not commit any mass murders in Germany or anywhere else, Jews did not form an army of brainwashed soldiers dedicated to eradicate all other faiths from the face of the earth, Jews did not go on recruiting young gullible minds to rape, torture and kill anyone who didn't accept their faith. They were singled out exclusively for their faith because they were a political threat to Hitler economically. 

There is absolutely no moral equivalence between Hitler's actions and the travel ban proposed by Trump. Furthermore...there are 50 Muslim majority countries in the World and the travel ban lists only 7 of those countries; so clearly it is not focused on religious affiliation but terrorist activity.  

Ironically, many American Jews seem to have no clue of their own history; they are the victims of the same ideology that has made many white Americans hate themselves after being successfully convinced their “privilege” is the root of all evil in this country. The suicidal empathy of the left led by protestors who seem to always be ready to leave the house with signs in hand within hours of any announcement made by President Trump or anyone else who offers an opinion contrary to theirs, and a sponsored media who carefully chooses its words to manipulate the collective thinking are the real danger to our National Security. 

They are determined to force all of us into accepting their illogical fear of a media created “Hitler” by using cultural Marxism without even realizing they are the ones acting like the gullible Germans who fell for the very well elaborated mind control tactic of Adolf Hitler.  

Make no mistake, in today’s world, radical Islam is Hitler, and it seeks to make itself the only “pure” race. How ironic that groups such as CAIR and ISNA have been able to use the fear our society has of becoming intolerant like the Nazis to convince so many that they should be more afraid of rejecting a culture that has for centuries openly declared their desire to dominate the world than to fight for their own survival..?!

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