Obama's Parting Gesture "Read Between The Lines America"

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

Publisher’s Note:  As our regular readers know, Sybele Capezzutti has been a frequent guest on these pages, and it seems that her fingers never get tired of dancing around the keyboard.  Earlier today, those fingers did another magnificent foray around the dance floor of Op/Ed excellence and I am very pleased to announce that as of today’s article, she now has her own dedicated column.  

Please join me in congratulating this amazing and talented word smith who I am honored to call my friend.

Sybele Capezzutti:  During the last eight years anyone with the slightest conservative view has been attacked by celebrities, the media and our President.

If you didn't like being forced to buy insurance you were not caring for the people who couldn't afford it. If you didn't like something that Obama did you were a racist.  If you were worried about the refugee resettlement and the possible terrorist attacks you were a xenophobe and heartless.  If you cared about the environment but felt that climate change was a natural occurrence and not caused by human activity you were a climate change denier.

If you didn't care who marries who but felt that people who have strong convictions against gay marriage shouldn't be sued into compliance you were a homophobe.  If you knew that there were bad cops but not all cops were bad and they still need to do their job you didn't care about black lives.  If you thought that school choice was better for every child you were against education.  If you wanted Christians to be given the same respect Muslims were being given you were told to get off your high horse.  If you are white and you said you were a conservative you were automatically a white supremacist.

People were ridiculed, harassed and sued for their beliefs.  They were told day after day that they were scum by their own President, speech after speech.  So they got out of the house and voted against the oppression that they felt for eight years!  You would think that the election result sent a clear message that people have been pushed too far...but no, instead they go for one last spit on the collective face!  Not only people were once again accused of being racists, homophobes, xenophobes and white supremacists merely for voting to be free from their eight year misery, but they are also being told that they are completely irrelevant because the election was the result of Russian influence.

Accusing Russia of being responsible for the election result doesn't only de-legitimize Trump, it de-legitimizes his voters.  Obama never made the slightest effort to reach out to the people who didn't share his views, quite the opposite; he used every opportunity to mock them.  And he is leaving office exactly the same way he carried his entire presidency, showing contempt for all the Americans who did not view America through his eyes. 

This is the ultimate "you didn't build this" by Obama. 

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